Jackie Chan's funny interview about his son

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Naveen Neeli : Discipline is very important in life ... Lol at his imitation of his son

mr thompson m : In reality this is sad you can see the disappointment in his son

Sir Hooks : Now I see.... he wants his son to be like him and have values yet he sends him to US private schools and doesnt see his dad for 6month periods....while the mom is prob pill popping in the bathroom....its all coming together now

Ali Alhashimii : I love it when children respect their parents that much ,I pray that our children to love and respect us beyond our imagination

elbones1982 : Dissiprin is soo importan! Espeshuary when write!

Fabian del Rosario Baldur : Welcome to the neverending parents vs child conflicts xD :D

NadeemHayek : The thing is there are some subtle pupils who would be destroyed with tough discipline and some ill-psych pupils who would be ruined by soft discipline.. pupils differ and the true tutor is the one who knows each individual pupil psych and treat accordingly. In general, old days tough discipline schools are better than modern days soft discipline schools. Modern theories methods are mostly ruined because they are detached from reality, they treat children as a poor innocent creatures and this is wrong, child is an evil undirected instinct who should be disciplined by both soft and tough, mostly tough.

Asma Ch : Great person

maheshwari sonar : Very funny

Ack Ack : funny very