Froggy Fresh - The Baddest
The baddest of them all

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Jughead Fuentes : The only rapper Eminem wouldn't dare to diss on Kamikaze 😤😤😤😤

Wholesome Lad : Eminem is sweating as he watches

Apatis Productions : This dude got 400 mouses, no cap yall ain’t even close to his status

Top 10 Archive : I remember seeing this guy on Tosh.o.. It took me this long (6 years) to realize he was trolling..

Matthew Clark : when your cousin says she only dates rappers

Shaneece CandieCane : "If u ain bout money, then I don't mess wit JAWL"😂😂

ilikecows21 : Who else thought of Money maker Mike when they heard about Mac Miller?

Halochief 716 : top 10 rappers eminem is too scared to diss

AnnMarie May : “I beat up every single person in jail”....YOU HIT MY DAD😂

The 'your' Police : If it weren’t for Money Maker Mike, I would’ve never looked up “Mac Miller” on youtube six years ago

Arturo Rodriguez : This is genuinely better than Gucci Gang😂

flyingpanda6969 : And thus, a legend was born...

bill cipher playz old name is emo boy : when ur finally old enough to get a bb/airsoft gun

beesting26 : Money Maker Mike sad today,, RIP Mac Miller

Morten Madsen : 2019. And still the baddest of Them all

Satch Boogie Man : Lil snotty is spittin double plywood bars

TEDDY D Jr : is that a booger hanging out his nose? NICER

Reagan Butler : 400 cars 400 scars 400 guitars 0 kleenex

Keegan Bushouer : Didn't he yell "Krispy Kreme!!!" In the beginning?

Mike Pennington : This guy trolled me so hard for years. This past year I found out he's from Michigan, has no accent, and is a talented musician outside of this.

Sugar Ray : This new Eminem album fire

august ramstad : now, this is rap in its purest form

Black Boy Chevy : I been subscribed since this dude almost got sued for naming himself krispy kreme

Maddhater79 : This frickin guy made out with my girl 😒 I'd fight him but he'll fight me alooooot!

Brandon Franklin : Better than any SoundCloud rapper

Dc 5 : This is pretty much every rap song simplified💀

Flash Lizard : A rapper Eminem would not dare go off on in kamakaze

Kieran A : I thought the home videos from columbine were classified?

DJ BroniX : I can't believe I forgot about infinity knives lmao

kevin upton : pray for money maker mike 🖤 rip mac miller

Karl Bouyer : Og’s will know he’s really krispy cream

Nocturnal G : News Report: Rapper Froggy Fresh punches hater 40 feet into the air, faces up to 6 years in jail. Every single person in jail: *chuckles* Im in danger

Brooks Surber : Krispy Kreme like if you remember

DominicanKidHd : This was the first CountryxRap song in my eyes 👀 Before Old Time Road

FJ Nemo : Still flames 5 years later. NO CAP!

HaZy : someone get this man a Kleenex please

Y0USEEMUPSET : Blow ya nose before you scare off the hos

Reuben Joseph Magbanua : "And I don't even carry a gun," said while carrying a gun. BEAST.

Awesome - O : I only have 1 house with 1 mouse Damn Froggy that dude

Benny Cornelissen : Rip Mac Miller

Jewel the Sapphire : This is modern art. Krispy Kreme 2012!!! 400 scars and 400 guitars

bombmanize : Thumbs up if this is how you feel 20 seconds after a line of coke

ArtyFarts : The side effects of fortnite

Conor Callaghan : What a banger😂

Frappe : Damn this boy got 400 mouses he aint no joke

HunterThePerson : Rip Mac Miller

CUSTOM The One Eyed Gamer : he's so ill he's got a runny nose

mostly true : So this is what goes on after lacrosse practice

Moe 100 : 2019 and it still sound Good 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯