I'm 69 & Still Trying To Make It In Hollywood | L.A. Land | Refinery29

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Refinery29 : What's your dream career? Let us know in the comments below :)

Britt Brat : *WOW!!! I'm speechless... What an inspiration! Also, there's NO WAY she's 69 yrs old?! Absolutely stunning! Thank you Refinery29. I don't think you know how much you're changing my life, or at the very least affecting it, one video at a time. Thank you. XO*

Mz Kegz : If the 92 year old women from Atlanta can get a role as an elder in Black Panther (a significant part). I don't see why she can't get her big break too. She clearly loves doing what she is doing. Don't stop Lady!

s scott : Is Sandra on the gram or Twitter? Does she have a YT channel? I’d like to keep up with her to see how she progresses....

Romae Daley : First of all she does not look 69 wow. Good luck to her, it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

Kristina Truong : Please keep this series going!!

Edie N. : She’s good but Hollywood is so superficial she might need a makeover

Nadia Bingham : This is dedication

Luca Cimaao : Omg this is one of the most amazing epsiodes, she’s so full of joy. When we’re young we lose all the joy because we’re so worry about the future if we will succeed or not. We should keep the joy like she does even if it’s hard.

Diane Pancel-Pierce : This speaks to me on so many levels.. Keep going Sandra! Big hugs.

Cristina Vasquez : This series is so brilliant and beautiful— from the way it is shot to the way it is edited. It allows the viewer to really connect with the subject in such a raw emotional way in a very short amount of time. Please make more of these!!

BTassie : I love this. We should have more videos / stories showing women following their dreams at any age! Maybe a youtube series. It's important to see this inspiration. She is so joyful and glowy :)

Nick Ronaldo : She acts better than Meryl Streep

Xiaver Tovar : I'm sooooo inspired by Sandra! Go, Sandra!!!!!

You are Loved : She is really good! Love from Finland

pewpewlazers : Holy shit she looks fantastic for 69...I thought she was 55

t : This makes me so emotional. So heartwarming to see her follow her dreams, something most of us would be too FEARFUL of doing. I hope she makes it- she's inspiring!

Ida C : Such an inspiration 💕 she is so honest about her journey, the choices she has to make as a mother and the struggles she has to go through as a woman chasing an acting creer. I truly wish to see her in movies.

Jes Doh : This is gonna sound mean but enough already! She should be kicking back, relaxing and doing all the local theatre/small stage acting she wants. She could be creatively fulfilled without 'making it' in Hollywood. I think she's amazing, but maybe it's unrealistic to have this Hollywood award(s) winning career dream at this stage in her life. I'm honestly not trying to hate. I just think she could do that for years & get dejected. I hope it goes well for her & wish her success at her next auditions.

Rainy Sundays : if we can make the yodeling Walmart boy famous we can help this women in hollywood !

Hannah B : I've just made the move to LA to make it as an animator. It was an hard decision to make. But even with the struggle I don't think I've been as happy and inspired as I do now.

samuraijoo7 : She is so inspirational !

Almira ElB : That was really beautiful

Fatma Atma : Wow she looks 55 at most to me. Hope she gets the break she is looking for

faten Sham : Im in love with this series

Brownie8986 : She reminds me of my ex's mom only taller. Very sweet soul. We all deserve to do something we're in love with. God bless her journey.

Robert Cujic : Buy Joanne on iTunes. Thanks.

Gr8ceful Gr8ceful : Note to self: DON'T QUIT!

Betsy : I Love these mini profiles. But these documentaries need to be longer! We want to see a complete journey :(

Bigboy123 : Inspirational.

Kate B. :) : i love her so much

Michael Cheung : Go girl! #goodvibes

BLACK VINEGAR COLLECTION BVC : She has a beautiful spirit.

William McLellan : This series is Excellent- female actors are fascinating; a life of faint hope and constant rejection. Inspiring to all!

Kurliz Makara : *reads title* nice

lepetittournesol : She seems so happy!!

Francie O'Brien : Inspiring!

naturalw33 : I am hooked on this series. And yes my dream job would be acting!

Calvin Rock : dreams come true by will i'm sure she'll get there one day 😄

esther williams : She has such an amazing story. I loved watching her. I truly hopes she makes it.

Piper Twist : Out of all the ladies, I think Marta has a good chance of booking a series.

love.C.a.R : Excellant!!!! Never stop! Much luck and love to you!

lady _e11 : So inspiring. I am so grateful that she shared her life and passion.

Mark Pfluger : 5th comment

Nayla F : Oh my god, these are just getting sadder and sadder. I don’t get it. She’s amazing and as long as she’s happy then sure go for it. But they always seem so unhappy and so unfulfilled. It’s just so sad cause when you spend your life chasing an unrealistic goal, you simply forget to live your damn life. I’m 28 and I understood a long time ago that I would never make it in the business but I have a band that I play with twice a week and I have my dance classes also twice a week. I get to sing and dance, have a career, travel. Again, if they were happy this wouldn’t bother me but every episode the person seems so empty and lost.

PrincessKLS : SO I guess I don't have a feel bad about being a 34 year old aspiring actress :D

Pdunzelman : I'm in the mom years you are inspiring and full of light !

Karim Bennett : Don't give up! Don't give in!

OnetrueGirl : Soo beautiful and inspiring! It’s about the journey to the goal 😍😍😘

Nicole Robinson : She’s too old? So, there are no roles for parents, grandparents, neighbors, housewives, supervisors? She’s not trying to be the next Emma Stone.