Eminem - "Rap God" (Cover By The Animal In Me)

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Light of Life Studios TM : How did you make that background. Please i need it

cayson diddle : This cover must've taken some time damn killing it on 4:25 damn!

Adolf : OMFG amazing eminem will be proud

Azazul Soulmeister : Dude sscreaming fast is soooo difficult, it takes some crazy endurance because of all the air you have to push out. Would be even more impressive if he did it all with lows.

Unknown Person : Someone’s high

M. Fakhripaz : i realized thats a "rock god" not rap god

Zebon Rosk : Eminem Needs TO SEE THIS!

Oliver-Vic Carquinn : Holy fuck. I never knew this existed

Lowdog : Man this guy can scream at supersonic speeds. Awesome cover!

PotXDragon the threshold : lmao i think its good dont get me wrong with this comment but he sounded like taz from the old wb cartoons going off

Lee D'Agostino : He's a ginger

Mizter Meschie : Absolutely insane, amazing job you guys, but please move around or bounce a bit, you look so sad when you are seriously killing it!

SKattered : 4:24 dudes lungs have to start in his anus. that's the only way he can get that all out in breath lol

Jakub Ondruš : 5:04 it even includes a legitimate breakdown wtf this is way too sick I love it

TheRhalf : Oh god i love her :(

Matt Kooser : Dude, Yall should mix something up with Leo Moracchioli!!

I d o n t m a t t e r : 4:25 what u came here 4

Amber T. : If Eminem hasn't reacted to this, he must. I shouldn't be the only one requesting this. People, please, help me reach him. I'm sure if he gets a bunch of people to send him the same stuff, he'll see at least one of them. If he starts to see more, he'll probably do it. Even though it'll probably never happen.

Kevin Harmse : 2:31 I gotta hell yeah from Gaben

ParalyzerT9 Gaming : I don't care if you dislike metal, this is incredible.

MrPatrickbuit : r.i.p throat

Donald Smith : when the emo white kid in class snaps with them bars

It's Kal : How many times did you fuck up whilst recording this?

Szamot97 : 4:25 here's the part you all came here to hear

CRZYNIK : Him Vs. Fronz of Attila: Scream Rap Off

White Mage Benoni : 4:24 So... let us begin this rampage...

nuke ramadhan : just watched many of ur vids and starting to know u guys ! nd i love u ! u guys r awesome !

Gingekko : I'd love to hear a metal or metalcore cover of Mockingbird!

Steven Metzger : If it wasn't for your cover, my company on base wouldn't appreciate metal. Just gotta say you guys are epic. Keep on rockin' and banging out awesome covers. PV2 Metzger, E Co 795 MP BN US Army

Coleton Grove : Metal God!

Amir Wasli : atilla feel threatened

Vengeance By Venom : I do acknowledge the effort it takes to pull this off, this is insane. But I wanna listen to Dickie Allen, CJ, and The vocalist from Shadow of Intent to do these. I'm not sure if they can pull it off like this guy did.

Dragonsova : Seizure Warning at 4:24

TheSpittingSkeleton : please do a cover of gasoline by Halsey

olpdragon : Usually I find metal covers of songs that are not metal to be talented, but not so great. THIS WAS FUCKING AWESOME. It was hard for me to find the rap connection even though you are rapping it, it, you guys made it truley metal, and not just for fun, this is a VERY great. What a true personal cover should be. This is AMAZING. THANK YOU!

Gina Victoria : SUBSCRIBED.

Dovah kiin : no sir you have it wrong....YOU ARE A SCREAM GOD! jeez how the heck you got that much stamina....

Brandon Keel : Dude at beginning looks like Jeremy from AH

-l- EQUAL -l- : I give you props you made 4:25 twice as hard to do 😱

Dennis Freeman : this is amazing!!! the last line "why be a king when you can be a GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" gave me chills that was dope

rwmovies : a combination of 2 of my favorite genres, metal and rap :)

aditya aute : Rip headphone users

bdd y : what?

WAYAU WAYAU Tech Support : scream god not rap gof

Ryan Meyer : This band just flat out owns unconventional covers.


NeCacaluXuxultic : hahahah it sounds really nice!!! I hate screamo but this is good!!!

Epoch The : Fking awesome

supersnake151 : That's amazing he can rap just as fast but is screaming too.

Extreme_ Life_ : Someone give this man a glass of water