New Zealand Today - Guy Williams takes on his haters

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Aaron Mitchell : Guy Williams is definitely the only reason I subscribe to Jono and Ben

RhiannonJane ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : Guy is the best part of Jono and Ben. His segment is the only thing I find funny on the show. I used to find Joni and Ben funny back in 2013, but they have kinda gone a bit stale

Regan Littlewood : I wonder how many more likes that page will get after seeing there is actually a page

Kimemes / EmptyWiz : Who the hell actually hates Guy though

Jorgen Pakieto : 3:19 summarises my viewpoint of Guy Williams on comedy

MissKawaiiCanine : me and my friend last year hand wrote a letter to guy williams for a homework, and 3 weeks later he sent one back :)

Richard 999 : Guy looks a lil chubby now, so he must be doing well for a c grade comedian

tmesisz : Jono and ben like their own video!

djbutterchicken : I just watched this and thought it was pretty funny but then my wife asked if i could use headphones because she hates guy williams voice so much so i told her to subscribe to the page and she is going to

HarbourMaster11 : Hilarious!

amber kingsbeer : I love guy so much 😂

Ultra Madness : He sucks I'd coward punch his mug if and when i see him.

imma NZ blindman : I'm sure they smoke pot

Flame : New Zealand first is better then the news!

Filipo Tialata : Bro go to whanganui

chud babies : let me guess.

Jeff Goldblum : There should be a Richard fan page

Nate Palmer : The facebook page just got another like, its gonna get great publicity now

Josh Roberts : 0:30 Wait, what?

Jay Cooper : *DAB ON THE HATERS*

tmesisz : *_FIRST_*

Lukas : Dang I really like the song at the end does anyone know what it's called?

Josue Munro : Yes guy

Lindon Paora : I would drop kick his teeth in for being a awesome prick.

Dan : Richard's a Dick