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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And big thanks to my Patrons over at for this fun suggestion! Music: (Cover) "Oogie Boogie's Song" - Danny Elfman © Barnaby Dixon


Harris : You should be a Disney Voice Actor

Jordyn-Does-Art : The cat was like *NO I NEED THAT*

TheFlerffyBurr : I love how deadpan and serious the "best I can" line was delivered

Andrew Wells : I can't like this enough. Truly a work of art! You captured the spirit of the character while making him look and sound completely different. No small feat.

kremit : Santa got mega Oofed down the stairs

Simon Roman : Your Voice for the creepy puppet/boogie man is as quite as villainous, like the way Tim Curry does it👍

I Need Help Studios : "this. is. epic." - My Mom After She Saw This

William Phang : 1:30-1:42 favorite part

Nuno Conceição : Well, I don't usually comment videos... I just like them, or I don't ... but this is an amazing video and I feel that I have to... Brilliant. Awesome interpretation. Great talent. If this was in a theater I would be standing up, clapping my hands, thanking you for this outstanding performance. Camera, movement, the song, and even the cat... Awesome. Great work.

Javinshki : those 35 dislikes are elves

Pufferfish 2074 : I am legally obligated to watch this due to the 420th amendment; "If your eyes falls upon something potentially memeable you have to find the meme." but seriously this is a great video

Your Local Dubstep Dealer : you are one of the most talented individuals i have ever seen. this creativity is amazing.

Javier : now THIS is the type of content YouTube was made for. absolutely amazing! well done!

Bacon Casey : *Nostalgia.EXE is not responding*

Davi Dubeux : amazing! I just think you could use more the "blinking" effect

Levi Ackerman : This was amazing! The puppet movement is so smooth and realistic! You have a great voice btw!

OfficiallyDead Inc : *Amazi-Balls* Someone get him to voice act in a Tim Burton Movie fast!

Snubby J : Loved the ending 😆 Brilliant work, sir!


*Insert Unoriginal Name Here* : You're joking You're joking I can't believe my eyes You're joking me You've gotta be This video can't be that fine. seriously, nice going man.

Midnight The Failed Experiment : Marvilos work Mr. Puppet Master! I'm thinking of getting into puppets in the future and how you work your puppets I look up to you! Your awesome!

Michael Fixedsys : Puppets. Not stop-motion, which my brain immediately goes to. Really good

Bobby Duke Arts : You sir, are brilliant

Thedumbturtle : Hecking love ur voice 👌👌👌👌👏

Christopher Wheeler : You need to do a collab with Andrew Huang!

ohboi 123 : (well i mean technically it was already made with puppets :o)

Camo Gaming YT : I can't stop coming back to this song it's too good

AbsoluteMadlad : Man you are quite the singer and puppeteer

Chris Orchard : The cat at the beginning that moment endgame is released

Joseph : Oggie boogie became Patrick Stewart and had a stroke lol

Maymay Flaris : Your voice is phenomenal!!!!! And I absolutely love your puppets!!!!!

Vodhin : The real question here is... Why the hell hasn't Tim Burton signed you on for his next big project?!? Your voice. Your performance. Lighting. Set design. Photography. Matilda the Unexpected Cat. And how the hell did you get the puppet hit by the train? That... is truly genius! The only way I could see that being done is with you lying on a bench above the track on screen right, arms stretched out and convoluted in very painful ways to walk the puppet as if you were behind it.

Auz Payeur : Holy hell Matilda's gotten big

askbramble dive : What are you going to do? I'm going to do the best I can... Why is that relatable

Can Dy : Man Tim Burton's German expressionism will never match up to this puppet hand movement

ThePixelGamer : You are brilliant puppet maker sir

Natalia : The game devs of life gave this man all the talents ever, too OP plz nerf.

Mistah E : As if the kick wasn't enough, you got Santa mauled by a cat.

nathan grant : No doubt one of my favorite videos on YouTube The work and creativity involved makes me so inspired to do anything and everything I’ve ever wanted to I love this video and the creator; keep doing what you’re doing, man. You’re absolutely brilliant and deserve much more exposure than you have rn

lolbomb gamerpants : Will you do more of your puppet acts? There wonderful!

Mitoki : You sound a bit like scar! I'd love to hear a cover of be prepared XD

SoniLOID : So. Many. Thoughts. And. Feelings. This. Is. Amazing. That cover, that puppet, that voice. Just.. _wow._

Pebbled.dragon : How come those puppet’s movements are smoother than how I walk Edit: omg thank u for all the likes :D

PinãColoda Fam : This is how many days you will get off school 👇

Andrew Bocast : More pmv, a.k.a. puppet music videos.

Orion Miller : Your puppet reminds me of the movie 9

Just a boy : This keeps me smiling the whole time

barnabydixon : HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOLKS!!! Here's my cover/performance of 'Oogie Boogie's Song' from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. I hope you like it!

Alexia Pickens : 293k views and half of them are mine. Sheesh 😂