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Bobby Duke Arts : You sir, are brilliant

Snubby J : Loved the ending 😆 Brilliant work, sir!

NochSoEinKaddiFan : Who said a happy ending would be okay on Halloween? Oo Regardless, I like this fella, he has character. And I may have mentioned it before, but your voice has a very nice ring to it. :) Also, bugger of is so much nicer than fuck of, yay for British ^^

Pebbled.dragon : How come those puppet’s movements are smoother than how I walk Edit: omg thank u for all the likes :D

Auz Payeur : Holy hell Matilda's gotten big

bob ross : I feel like that character should be the villain in the series

Ground Pound69 : Most underrated channel ever.

AbsoluteMadlad : Man you are quite the singer and puppeteer

JayEzOweEnn : those 35 dislikes are elves

barnabydixon : HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOLKS!!! Here's my cover/performance of 'Oogie Boogie's Song' from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. I hope you like it!

SeekerPsycho1 : Best cover of the song I've heard, and with your voice and this video, you've made it so much your own.

Roy Does Stuff : imagine if he had no puppets. just his hands.

Conor Winterburn : THIS IS SO SO SPOOKY AND A GOOD RECREATION (Oogie boogie turns green in uv lights too)

Sin Tunstall : "Who let the cat in?"

kremit the frog : Santa got mega Oofed down the stairs

# cringe : Actually a great cover though?

William Phang : 1:30-1:42 favorite part

Dank - a - licious : 2:28 *_I LIKE TRAINS_*

pineappleorenge : "this. is. epic." - My Mom After She Saw This

Mistah E : As if the kick wasn't enough, you got Santa mauled by a cat.

Harris : You should be a Disney Voice Actor

DJFelixChester : Do you have to over accentuate your mouth movement for it to come across well on the screen or is that just how you sing?

Simon Roman : Your Voice for the creepy puppet/boogie man is as quite as villainous, like the way Tim Curry does it👍

Andrew Wells : I can't like this enough. Truly a work of art! You captured the spirit of the character while making him look and sound completely different. No small feat.

Mistah E : Jeez, your puppet is brutal

Remigus Ker : I can't remember if I already posted on this or not, but if I didn't I've got to say this is absolutely awesome. The puppet and how well he's worked are really cool and your singing brings so much charismatic menace, ooohhhh I love it! Seriously, awesome, awesome work!

Pufferfish 2074 : I am legally obligated to watch this due to the 420th amendment; "If your eyes falls upon something potentially memeable you have to find the meme." but seriously this is a great video

Faith : The camera work for this video was amazing!

Nuno Conceição : Well, I don't usually comment videos... I just like them, or I don't ... but this is an amazing video and I feel that I have to... Brilliant. Awesome interpretation. Great talent. If this was in a theater I would be standing up, clapping my hands, thanking you for this outstanding performance. Camera, movement, the song, and even the cat... Awesome. Great work.

Camo Gaming YT : I can't stop coming back to this song it's too good

Willows Millow : omfg twist ending 😂😂😂

Sapphire The Rain-Wing : This was amazing! The puppet movement is so smooth and realistic! You have a great voice btw!

Your Local Dubstep Dealer : you are one of the most talented individuals i have ever seen. this creativity is amazing.

barnabydixon : SHARE IF YOU DARE!!!

Janmaverick Inguillo : On this day. I loose my "shit" i thought i was the god of the puppet but the eyes and the mouth MOVED! And i have anxiety.

Christopher Wheeler : You need to do a collab with Andrew Huang!

TheFlerffyBurr : I love how deadpan and serious the "best I can" line was delivered

Confucius K : Damn, you have such a great voice, little bit in love with that 😍

Witte Artistry : This is too good for this world 😍 Happy Halloween everyone !

Thedumbturtle : Hecking love ur voice 👌👌👌👌👏

Angel Chavero : This keeps me smiling the whole time

Davi Dubeux : amazing! I just think you could use more the "blinking" effect

ThePixelGamer : You are brilliant puppet maker sir

Angel : Whoa, how are these video's not trending?! Incredible in every way!! So much talent in one person, subbed!

Codemeister 1000 : How can there be people disliking this extraordinary content!? This guy is a genius and is surely going to be noticed by big names soon. Please keep doing this, man, you are awesome!

Twig_the_turtle : This is 👍

Sally Goodwin : Thanks for the video barnaby keep up the goood work! 👌👍👍👍👍👍👌

MrOozeOtaku : Oh the puppet would go great with the song “I got friends on the other side” from princess and the frog😁👌

WITH3R3DBR0 DRAWING/GAMING : I can't stop watching this.

Paul Shewmaker : Me and the Oogie Boogie man literally didn't see it coming. Brilliant!