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kremit the frog : Santa got mega Oofed down the stairs

Bobby Duke Arts : You sir, are brilliant

Snubby J : Loved the ending 😆 Brilliant work, sir!

NochSoEinKaddiFan : Who said a happy ending would be okay on Halloween? Oo Regardless, I like this fella, he has character. And I may have mentioned it before, but your voice has a very nice ring to it. :) Also, bugger of is so much nicer than fuck of, yay for British ^^

bob ross : I feel like that character should be the villain in the series

barnabydixon : HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOLKS!!! Here's my cover/performance of 'Oogie Boogie's Song' from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. I hope you like it!

Pebbled.dragon : How come those puppet’s movements are smoother than how I walk Edit: omg thank u for all the likes :D

AbsoluteMadlad : Man you are quite the singer and puppeteer

JayEzOweEnn : those 35 dislikes are elves

Francis J. Munoz : Most underrated channel ever.

Auz Payeur : Holy hell Matilda's gotten big

SeekerPsycho1 : Best cover of the song I've heard, and with your voice and this video, you've made it so much your own.

I Need Help Studios : "this. is. epic." - My Mom After She Saw This

Harris : You should be a Disney Voice Actor

Simon Roman : Your Voice for the creepy puppet/boogie man is as quite as villainous, like the way Tim Curry does it👍

# cringe : Actually a great cover though?

Andrew Wells : I can't like this enough. Truly a work of art! You captured the spirit of the character while making him look and sound completely different. No small feat.

Nuno Conceição : Well, I don't usually comment videos... I just like them, or I don't ... but this is an amazing video and I feel that I have to... Brilliant. Awesome interpretation. Great talent. If this was in a theater I would be standing up, clapping my hands, thanking you for this outstanding performance. Camera, movement, the song, and even the cat... Awesome. Great work.

DJFelixChester : Do you have to over accentuate your mouth movement for it to come across well on the screen or is that just how you sing?

Mistah E : As if the kick wasn't enough, you got Santa mauled by a cat.

Jordyn-Does-Art : The cat was like *NO I NEED THAT*

William Phang : 1:30-1:42 favorite part

TheFlerffyBurr : I love how deadpan and serious the "best I can" line was delivered

Remigus Ker : I can't remember if I already posted on this or not, but if I didn't I've got to say this is absolutely awesome. The puppet and how well he's worked are really cool and your singing brings so much charismatic menace, ooohhhh I love it! Seriously, awesome, awesome work!

Pufferfish 2074 : I am legally obligated to watch this due to the 420th amendment; "If your eyes falls upon something potentially memeable you have to find the meme." but seriously this is a great video

Faith : The camera work for this video was amazing!

Willows Millow : omfg twist ending 😂😂😂

Jan Maverick : On this day. I loose my "shit" i thought i was the god of the puppet but the eyes and the mouth MOVED! And i have anxiety.

barnabydixon : SHARE IF YOU DARE!!!

Confucius K : Damn, you have such a great voice, little bit in love with that 😍

Camo Gaming YT : I can't stop coming back to this song it's too good

Maymay Flaris : Your voice is phenomenal!!!!! And I absolutely love your puppets!!!!!

Midnight The Failed Experiment : Marvilos work Mr. Puppet Master! I'm thinking of getting into puppets in the future and how you work your puppets I look up to you! Your awesome!

Mistah E : Jeez, your puppet is brutal

Bacon Casey : *Nostalgia.EXE is not responding*

Sapphire The Rain-Wing : This was amazing! The puppet movement is so smooth and realistic! You have a great voice btw!

Christopher Wheeler : You need to do a collab with Andrew Huang!

Orion Miller : Your puppet reminds me of the movie 9

Meow ;3 Körvson : Holy heck matilda has become a big girl

GOLEM GAMER : You are very talented but just think how much profit you could make selling these thins it would be sooo cool to have one of these amazing puppets of my own, you should really give us a tutorial video of how to make one of these. But last thing you are a very talented man the puppeteering is just exquisite and the look of the puppet is beautiful I just love what you do with dabchick and all of your other puppets!

CalamityGacha : 1:35 did he forget he was the boogie man not Justin Timberlake

ThePixelGamer : You are brilliant puppet maker sir

Witte Artistry : This is too good for this world 😍 Happy Halloween everyone !

Eddie Torres : (well i mean technically it was already made with puppets :o)

Virgil The Overly Sarcastic : This is awesome I love it

Your Local Dubstep Dealer : you are one of the most talented individuals i have ever seen. this creativity is amazing.

Davi Dubeux : amazing! I just think you could use more the "blinking" effect

OfficiallyDead Inc : *Amazi-Balls* Someone get him to voice act in a Tim Burton Movie fast!

name 1II : Where did you ghet this santa plush? And also, how does the oggie bogy puppet work?

Thedumbturtle : Hecking love ur voice 👌👌👌👌👏