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Ash - Mama Reid : Omg who else's Google home spoke after Emily said okay Google Hahahaha! Love this Em!xxx

Patricia Grace : That thumbnail threw me off at first 🙈 baby Jax! I’ve been eyeing a Google Mini for our home... and now I think I’ve been sold on it! So easy for mamas 💕

Katie Newton : Had forgotten to make my son a doctors appointment until you mentioned it. I proceeded to pause the video and do that. Mom Brain is so real! ❤️

Janice Vaz : Thumbnail 😍

Rachel Reviews & Muse : My (8 year old) daughter adds things to the shopping list too! She also sets reminders... so for example my phone will remind me that I am 'the best mummy in the world' when I get to work 😋😍 so cute!

Mrs. Farrington : Thank you for introducing me to Google Assistant! I'm a work-from-home mama and need every ounce of organizational help I can get! I SO look forward to experimenting with this for myself and my family <3 Great video!

Amanda B : Perfect while I clean and reset my mom life

Bethany Gish : Such great tips, thanks for sharing!

Earls Family Vlogs : Such great ideas!

Little Cat Moe : Excellent organisation. 👍

Fabiola Arauz : Can I get my google dot to have an English accent?! I'm going to try! Love the vid!

XandraKate : i don’t know why i found this so interesting, i’m 13...

Velvet Lashes : I need this google assistant! It will be my best friend! Xx

Lana B : Love love love your videos 💕

M O M I N A : The thumbnail is so cute! 😍❤

Angela O'Blenis : Your voice activated my Google Assistant haha!

MakeItWork Marcey : Thank u for the tips!

Elsie Raw : First!

ReggieRainbow : Really helpful video 👌

Nikhila Deshpande : Glad to have found your channel, emily getting to know so much about motherhood, as a first time mom i need to I feel so contented watching your videos I want to see more of your monthly favourites stuff and more of toys too,,,,,,loved watching your previous videos As usual a wooooow!!! Video❤️

Lauren Brazier : Love these tips. I'm still trying to build routines! Found you about 5 weeks ago while Googling how to get a morning routine as a SAHM (on maternity after baby 3). Still not there yet but finding a local-ish mama of 3 is helping. We move soon so hopefully a new space might help to make me a new organised mama!

MammaG : Exciting ! Will watch one baby is in bed xx

Chedior : I thought I needed a google home to use the google thing. I am so excited now lol

Esther Quanita Jacobs : Thanks for sharing. I am a mom of 1 child. And even I get twisted and forget things. This is really cool. Awesome tips. God bless

LA LA : No one is better organiser then you Emily ❤️

Mohammed Sirajuddin : I Love your videos!!!!

Aobhlinn Maxwell : Love you so much

Northumberland Family Diaries : The shopping list sounds great, I do love a paper diary but might have to give this a go... xx

Rachida Maiouche : 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Christina Sayer : I think i need this in my life. I used to be so organised but when i had my 3rd child it went out the window ( my organisation not my child!).

KERMIT IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL : Hey that's a great idea about the food prep to have something healthy on hand, plus I can't wait to be a mum, I feel like your videos are giving my brain special info for the future 💜

Liv Maher : Love and need these videos in my life !!!. Thank you Emily 😉.

Nia Hassett-Rees : This video made my Google Mini go crazy 😅😅 x

Shari Mahoney : I didn't see the link to your cleaning routine. Did I miss it?

Ally Suchovsky : I love your videos! And you

Badmash Khan : useful content as always ... love watching you always xx

Paris Anderson : So need this video! Xx

Play Teach Love : I love my google mini! My little boy loves all the animal sounds 😂. I must make more use of the organisational features though - thanks for sharing these tips!

Maryam CC : This is awesome. Thanks Emily

Ella-rose Owen : Second 😂💜

Emma Mendoza : really GOOD!!!

Emma Blakeley : My daughter (6) decided to go to sleep in her uniform so she didn’t have to get dressed in the morning 😂

Trupti Mhatre : Hey dear very nice vlog again n so informative, I luv the way ,u show how the Google assistant makes things easier for us thanks😘😘

hollie masterman : emily norris what is your favourite make up product and I love you so much please do more day in the life's and more speed cleaning xxxx love you x

syeda aamina : I'm so waiting for the day in the life of a 1970s housewife Emily! You look amazing. So gorgeous.💕

Hippie Housewife : Great tips thanks love! I too have been meaning to do a few minimalist/organizing videos soon!

Carly Boote : Looks really fab! Xxx

Anna Chung : Thanks for sharing Emily! What a great reminder to have a routine!

Mummy life of 3 : Great video! I kinda needed this and I do need to be more organised!! Was funny tho as you said ok Google it set my Google off on my phone and paused you video 😂🤗 xx

Jessica Lauren : I’m currently pregnant and keeping up with everything is the struggle right now lol this was a great video for me!