I recorded myself learning French every week for 6 months Timelapse

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This is how I learnt french in 6 months. This is my story. MY BOOK (covers my method and how I learnt french): https://www.fluencymadeeasy.com/ My Instagram ▶︎ http://instagram.com/ikennaobi My Tutor on Italki: https://www.italki.com/teacher/3677886 My full french transformation! It's took my 6 months to learn french to a conversational fluent level. In this video, I show you the journey step by step. ADD ME ON: 👉 TWITTER - http://twitter.com/foreverikenna 👉 SNAPCHAT - foreverIkenna ALSO FOLLOW ME ON: 👉 SOUNDCLOUD - https://soundcloud.com/ikennaobi 👉 FACEBOOK - http://facebook.com/ikennamusic THE CAMERA EQUIPMENT I USE: ✅ Canon 700D - http://amzn.to/2fpdU0r ✅ Rode Video Mic - http://amzn.to/2xxJhvX Business Email: ikennaproduction@gmail.com


Florinn. : This guy knows more in 6 months than me with 4 years of teaching it in school

Le Rapetou : Tu parles très bien français 👏👏🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

Vanilla.Unicorn_971 - : I'm French and I think you're doing quite well because French is not easy in fact our grammar is really hard and even I still struggle with it

Emily : This inspired me to learn a different language. Then i tried it and then got lazy so I gave up and went to check to see what was in the fridge to eat.

Joe Warren : And I can’t learn Spanish in 4 years

Umber Learns Languages : This is so inspirational

cheltrbl : I’ve been learning French for 5 years and you’re better than me💀

Nana Asante : Really inspiring, this is my journey right now, I'm learning and speaking 5 languages right now 2 fluently, 1 nearly fluent, 1 in great progress, other two are just essential phrases for now but I'm working towards being fluent in the third language before my birthday or before the end of the year☺

Ayeshah : I got my gcses in 6 months and i dont know a word of French😭😭 I feel like this is a sign ima try to learn. Like if you wanna know my progress :)

Melkidis Melkidis : Bonjour. Si vous voulez apprendre le français vous devez acheter un manuel et commencer à l'apprendre. Il faut travailler chaque jour de votre vie. Sans la discipline on ne peut pas apprendre une langue. Je fais mes études déjà trois mois. Je sais qu'il y a beaucoup de fautes dans mon commentaire, mais je tâche d'écrire un texte en français. Il y a quelques mois je n'ai pas su comment dire "Je m'appelle Richard Milles" en français. Et maintenant je commente un vidéo sur Youtube! Bonne chance!

Kostya : A French approves your French accent 👍

Asaiiku : What the heck, how did you manage that ?? I know french people who can’t even speak proper french ahah Good job man, it’s such a difficult langage ! That timelapse is amazing !

MicahThaOriginal : I'm in the process of self teaching myself Korean, I can read it but idfk wtf it means😂 I'm only about 2 days in so hopefully by 6 months I can upload my own YouTube video about my experience, thank you for the motivation mate 🖤

Divine Kamissoko : Its been 14yrs that I speak French ( since im born ) and you’re better than me 😂😂 Shame on me though😭

MK Twins : This motivated me to learn French too. Am algerian and I could easily say the majority of Algerians speak French but I dot cuz I don't live their. Whenever I visit people speak in French to me and I've to awkwardly tell them I don't understand. Funny enough my mom is a French teacher. I've just always procrastinated but had it in the back of my head but now I'll do it haha.

Ziliaaa' Belaïdi : Tu parle vraiment bien Français c'est incroyable je t'adore change pas❤ I love your accent

Gym Crossing : I'm french and congratulation !! if someone wants to learn french : here is my snap : amy.selena , I can help you to learn it !

Demi Joyce Flores : Bonjour, merci! You inspired me a lot with your video 😊 I am currently learning french , I hope i get better soon.

Issa Nizzy : And after 4 years of hard work at Spanish I have only learned hola

Flo Germain : French speaking person here (from Belgium) so if anyone wanna know anything, just let me know :)

Sahan Mendis : I recognise a lot of the phrases he used from Assimil French. Great course.

Elliott Lockwood : 3:36 -- That click is a nice touch. Solid editing. Also, congrats. Keep moving forward!

mawlo851 : je trouve cela génial que tu soit autant déterminé !! bonne continuation

Yanis : as a french, i can say that you have an awesome level for a 6 months only learning, bravo mec!

moopymips : this was very inspirational! i grew up in a bilingual household and french was my first language, but after my parents separated and i lived in america, i lost the need to speak french so i lost my ability to be fluent. i recently enthusiastically picked up the desire to learn korean, and that’s been SO fun and rewarding, and i think that once i have a better handle on that i’ll work towards fluency in french alongside korean! my goal is to be fluent in korean and french by the time my 20th birthday rolls around in july 2021, so wish me luck 🤞🏻 merci ikenna!

Ar - : I am very happy for ye and you inspired me to learn French 😊MERCI beaucoup!

MaKayla Childress : im trying to learn italian and then i want to go on to learn spanish & french!! :)

Rosie was here : I've been learning French for years and your accent after only three months is really good!

Brooke Jones : I watch this video so much. I'm going to France for two weeks in January and want to learn French before I go. I bought your FME book and am on my fourth or fifth day studying so far? I feel really good about this process and my progress so far but doubts are running in my mind and I answer them with this video. This video is incredibly inspiring, maybe I'll pick up Spanish too after French. Thank you Ikenna

Ipurple BTS : I N S P I R A T I O N A L

Melvin : Bien joué 👏, c'est très dur le français 🙏

genji main : The most important expression to know in French is "Mange tes morts" which basically means "I love you bae"

Deutsch mit Marija : This is sooooo inspiring and cool, thank you for the great video! :) I felt ashamed immediately for my Spanish which has been at A0.5 for a few years now )))

JakulaithWolff : Good. Now, where is my wine? EDIT: You encouraged me for my French. Thank you. I shall start now. I shall pour me some wine first.

Geographer Sam : I N S P I R A T I O N

time'soliver : Parapluie ? Is a food ? No..

DISCUS : Tu parle super bien français maitenant! félicitations c'est pas une langue facile à apprendre

Zayna Khashan : Your video really motivated me. Smart guy! Love from Palestine🖤

KASSIDY ‘ : Le passage avec « cyprien » je suis morte 😂😭

Kiwi's world : I'm french !😂😍 Comment ça vas ? Good Job !

Coco Baffrau : Félicitations ton accent est presque excellent 👌🏻

Queenly Queenly : It’s my dream to learn French

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola : This is so motivating!!!!😍😍😍😍

OperationWeekend : Great video editing! You are very talented in a broad spectrum of fields. Congrats and use your potential for the better!

Marwa Mohammed : Just OMG 😭❤❤

Mirolan : I have been learning french for 6 years duuring school days and all I know is - *merci*

mariam el-achram : Wow man this is amazing

Aurelio Nunes : Great video. Let me just ask you one question how many hours did you study French every day to get at this level ? You really developed a lot. Congratulations and keep going ahead 👍

The Unknown Kize : I've been french for 20 years, you know more french than me. oh..wait