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Ikenna : My book (covers my method and how I learnt french): https://www.fluencymadeeasy.com/ UPDATE: My book is currently on New Years Sale, the book is 60% off! Sale ends tomorrow! Share this video with someone who wants to learn a language. I hope to inspire you guys to take action and go after that language you've always wanted to learn <3.

rayyan hussein : You learned more French in 6 months than I did in school for 7 years

Florinn. : This guy knows more in 6 months than me with 4 years of teaching it in school

denny el : *Records self speaking for 11 weeks* "And finally I was confident enough to record my speaking"

Kostya : A French approves your French accent 👍


Kim Jong-un : I learned English when I came out of the womb

RxconVexious : been studyng french for 10 years, your already doing better than me, i'm in year 8

Joe Warren : And I can’t learn Spanish in 4 years

Emily : This inspired me to learn a different language. Then i tried it and then got lazy so I gave up and went to check to see what was in the fridge to eat.

Umber Learns Languages : This is so inspirational

Ayeshah . : I got my gcses in 6 months and i dont know a word of French😭😭 I feel like this is a sign ima try to learn. Like if you wanna know my progress :)

Akira : I speak German as my mother tongue, english, french and a bit russian and japanese Edit: And im 15

Melkidis Melkidis : Bonjour. Si vous voulez apprendre le français vous devez acheter un manuel et commencer à l'apprendre. Il faut travailler chaque jour de votre vie. Sans la discipline on ne peut pas apprendre une langue. Je fais mes études déjà trois mois. Je sais qu'il y a beaucoup de fautes dans mon commentaire, mais je tâche d'écrire un texte en français. Il y a quelques mois je n'ai pas su comment dire "Je m'appelle Richard Milles" en français. Et maintenant je commente un vidéo sur Youtube! Bonne chance!

Im an multifandom hoe who works at big hit : Its been 14yrs that I speak French ( since im born ) and you’re better than me 😂😂 Shame on me though😭

hobi’s hat : Je parle un peu français. J'ai commencé l'année dernière en septembre. je ne suis pas bon en français. je veux être bon en français. I’m 14 and I started learning French last September. I’m really not good at it and my accent is rlly bad but I hope to get better at it soon. I can only say basic sentences if I think about them .

saffiyya : I’m 13 and I’ve been learning German for 2 years in school + extra lessons at home. Wow I wish I could just talk effortlessly like you do in French.

Ro_G30 will Moon : I started learning but don't know if that effort is worth it. Nobody speaks french here in Germany. I speak english and german.

MicahThaOriginal : I'm in the process of self teaching myself Korean, I can read it but idfk wtf it means😂 I'm only about 2 days in so hopefully by 6 months I can upload my own YouTube video about my experience, thank you for the motivation mate 🖤

Ikenna : If any of you really want to learn a language but don't know where to start. I highly recommend to check out my book that's linked above. It's truly the book I wish I had when I first started to teach myself languages. It explains everything. Where to start, what to expect, all the best resources to use, common mistakes to avoid and it's 10x as motivational as this video :)

MK Twins : This motivated me to learn French too. Am algerian and I could easily say the majority of Algerians speak French but I dot cuz I don't live their. Whenever I visit people speak in French to me and I've to awkwardly tell them I don't understand. Funny enough my mom is a French teacher. I've just always procrastinated but had it in the back of my head but now I'll do it haha.

Ziliaaa' Belaïdi : Tu parle vraiment bien Français c'est incroyable je t'adore change pas❤ I love your accent

Platon : Sorry that is not fluency. Pouvoir communiquer, c'est pas parler. Désolé, tu donnes des faux espoir au gens. On apprend pas à jouer de la guitare de manière professionnel en 6 mois, et c'est la même chose avec les langues.

Dennise de Jesus : How much time do you spend learning French in a day?

mawlo851 : je trouve cela génial que tu soit autant déterminé !! bonne continuation

Moi Manon : I'm french !😂😍 Comment ça vas ? Good Job !


samuel de lange : Bravo à toi! It also took me about 6 months to learn french, but I was thrown in to public school without any knowledge so it was quite brutal! To anyone doubting their lingual capacities, just go for it!

Ouchylon Suong : Vraiment bien !

Athletic Hype : Wow this is video is sensational. I'm learning french and I'm 2 weeks in. I've learned up to 300 words so far and I hope to be partially fluent in 4-5 months with consistent practice

Melvin : Bien joué 👏, c'est très dur le français 🙏

Sabrina Aljabarti : Vous êtes très sympa

Rebelle : Nice progress!! Very inspiring :)

Just Isabelle : I’ve been having french classes for over 5 years and you speak better that me after 6 months, but you inspired me so i want to get better at it! 😆

hi : mon pote! Pas mal dutout.

Ecxilys : Tu es fort très fort je t'es découverts avec ton commentaire sur la chaine de cyprien

X. : So you’re friend is dutch. In holland you learn Frensh,English and German (spanish)

genji main : The most important expression to know in French is "Mange tes morts" which basically means "I love you bae"

Master Of Anime : I’m in French class right now as well

Clara Mdr : Franchement bravo! J'adore l'accent c'est super cool

Numero 8 : Je suis français et je souligne se tres bon travail ! Bravo mec !

rasengan : vraiment cool comme vidéo continue !!!

Queen Queenly : It’s my dream to learn French

Gloires D’Empire : Oh mon dieu il a regardé les marseillais il a fait une dépression après

FaZe UraNiuM : félicitation a toi bro c'est incroyable ce que tu fait , juste un énorme respect pour toi !!!! PEACE ;)

G2 Gaming : Mec c'est bon tu commence à progresser

guiguijol : Impressionnant. Chapeau bas monsieur.

DISCUS : Tu parle super bien français maitenant! félicitations c'est pas une langue facile à apprendre

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola : This is so motivating!!!!😍😍😍😍

Leon : Shit he's good