UK: Picking Pikachu or Eevee Is Only the Beginning!

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Strong Gym Leaders, sinister organizations, and familiar faces await you in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Can't wait to explore? Visit our official site for more details: Official site: Facebook: Twitter:

Comments from Youtube

Ellen Page : I can already see the future where they remake crystal,emerald platinum etc. Pokemon will never die.


Entity Mays : The cutscenes/text scenes look beautiful and Surge is looking cool in 3D, Always will be my favourite gym leader. In fact, the entire game just looks so nice

Azabien : Jessie: Prepare for Trouble James: And make it double **Jessie and James throws out Koffin and Ekans**

NidoMarquis : Aww man Lt Surge! Looks Awesome! Just please fix his gym, he deserves so much intensity. Oh, and Megas lol.

Karina Peters : Finally my poor switch doesn't have to gather dust much longer..

Seth Walton : I just wish there was wild battling, rather than throwing pokeballs for EXP

Devaki Ravala : 4k quality amazing game freak and 3d animations

zombie lord25 : You should release a trainer red amiibo with the game

Josiah Herring : Finally confirmed Let's go isn't gender locked to Boy for Pikachu and Girl for Eevee, thank god. Edit: To be clear, I'm referring to the player character, not the pokemon.

Mellow Felloh : "Explore Kanto!" I as well as many other people have explored Kanto so many times at this point. What a snooze-fest.

Genaro Quintana : Heha when I first started playing Pokémon as a kid I thought I would definitely have the chance to fight against team rocket, against James and Jessi now it looks like I will have that chance 😁

U.D Playthroughs. : Prepare For Trouble

Braden Allan Network : Are Z moves in the coffin?

Holi Potato adept : I want mega eevee and mega raichu

Eryk Ralston : Do something with Pokémon duel story mode it’s been two years!!

Ilikecheese5347 : Yay, mega evolution!

NylaTheWolf : I really hope that Team Rocket is just as comedic in this game! I hope they still got Meowth!

David Cappadoccia : The Rose is back!! Now we need it back in the anime.

Megablocks 456 : I love the franchise, but I honestly hate mega evolutions and z moves. The game looks great tho, I'll definitely try to get it

PokemonHype : Love the way surge looks!

Zap Falcon : 0:17 can you see its the truck of the teories to get mew in gen1 games Edit : use 0.25 speed to see better Edit2 : 0:11 will be the same way as the pokémon yellow to have the squirtle

De Von : I'm I the only one who's bothered by Eevee being on your head instead of your shoulder like Pikachu? I'm going to get the yellow rat just because of that even tho I prefer eevee 😕

Scott Kelly : Prepear For Trouble And Make It Double To Protect The World From Devastation To Unite All People With in Our Nation To Enouns The Evil of Truth And Love To Extend Our Reach To The Stars Above Team Rocket Blast off With The Speed of Light Surrender Now or Prepear to Fight

The Pokechu123 : Pokémon company, please, maybe in 2020 I don’t know, but I really want Pokémon mystery dungeon back. It has a really good story and characters, please.

Dashi Demon Dog : Thank goodness! I was so happy when I saw mega charizard Y! I prefer its design to X. I am SOOO unbelievably HYPED for this game!!

supershadow952 : The newest version of kanto gym leader sounds LIT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tord Markus Birkeland Jakobsen : I'm not gona buy this game. I like abiletis, items and random encounters. I like leveling up my Pokemon and I like batteling wild Pokemon. Gen 1 is not my favorit gen. I'm not out to catch them all, I just want to get a team of mon's I like. I thought pokemon go's "game play" was boring and the novelty of takeing pictures of Pokemon irl wore off pretty fast (not that this is even in the game) Throwing the ball is not what I look forward to in a Pokemon game. what I want for Pokemon on switch: 1# Gen 4 or new region. 2# Multiple save files. 3# Multiple difficulty's. 4# Multiple quest's. However this is just my feelings. And why I don't want those let's go games.

Cannon Kemp : Can’t wait to transfer my shinies from Pokémon go to let’s go pikachu!!!!✨✨✨

Suomixit : Leech life buffed to 80 base power: I can see why they removed random encounters, especially from caves.

SamWolf NightLover : I would have picked Let's go Eevee. If it were in 3DS game, too even. 😿 I also would like to see another Mystery dungeon game, a sun and moon version one. And another new core poke game. 🙁

Carmen Centeno : I love how nobody realizes this is the first game team rocket was in

Trache Panda : Ohhh please let that music be the actual Gym Theme. It's so amazingg

Javier Arellano : I need new and more Mega Evolutions (makes a wish to Jirachi...)

cavenyan : please let pokemon bank work between 3ds and Switch. Not sure how that would work but... like make an app or something.

Jack fredrickson : My predictions could be true who Knows... I guess will have to find out when Pokémon let’s go Pikachu and Pokémon let’s go Evee realises on November.16.2018 on Nintendo Switch alongside the Poke ball plus.

Kojiro Mizmimikyuu : team ROCKET!!!!!

David C : So both versions have X and Y mega stone? (Mega Charizard)

Noob Taco : Who here hates this since you don't got a Switch?

or harel : Finally I could make team rocket blast off again!!!

KingpinUno : I might buy the game. I really does look better especially with megas.

Dog Fan :D : Please Pokémon mystery dungeon, we want the series back 😭

UnicornGonePink : Can't wait to fight team rocket!

In The Dead of Light : The proportions of the humans will never cease to bother me Gen 7 looked better smh

Simplyfrog 2 : Please have jhoto region too

Rafael Cancel : Mega evolution on kanto reheon no that's a lie (no is not) OK dine is true but still omg I'm excited

Marissa Williams : Yay can't wait to see more!!! This game needs to come out already. So excited!!

BASH PARTY : Team Rocket are finally in a game for real 😳?

that one guy who loves spiderman : *Sarcasm* "OMG THIS IS SOOOOOO BAD! WHO EVERY WANTS THIS CAN KILL THEMSELVES" *Me being serious* "I can't wait to get this game for Christmas!"