When You Realise You Have ZERO Talent

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Chaitanya Singh : She just made me feel like trash and I don't even play violin, I play guitar

Safir : No matter what you do, there’s always an asian kid better than you.

Miss Lyntheena : This moment when you play the Cello and in a school orchestra you only get to play 5 different notes. I never had these complicated notes. 0.o

Kyle1227 : How does she make such a nice sound? *$1.2 million 5-string violin*

Chaotix : I’m not even a violinist and I still feel depressed from this

Nia Nelson : _Chopin:_ I have created a piece that is to be played in a minute or less. _Weiniawski @ __2:46__:_ *_Spits on ground._* Hold my beer.

Bangie - Allen : Them: *look at the notes* Oh noo... oh noo.... Me: 🥴what?! What?! ...

Dawn The Nightwing : When you realise you have no talent after watching these 2 people who are WAY better than you and extremely gifted say they have no talent after watching an EXTREMELY talented person YOUNGER than yourself beat gifted people older than you.... Wow that kind of sounds a bit confusing now that I read it again. Ya get what I'm saying?

jocie :3 : *sight reads insanely hard song* *plays almost perfectly especially for first time* ZERO TALENT BOIS

hopepyrope : I literally just read the title and already feel attacked

Payton Johnson : the fact that she spent grueling hours getting this song to perfection and you were able to sight read this is amazing ...bravo

Matthew Finis : "I've never played that tone in my life." That's how I feel from 0:00-8:28

BJ McGregor : Fun Fact: I 'tried out' for the violin but my arms were too 'short'. You know what the music teachers did? Handed me a trombone. I have now been proudly playing the greatest brass instrument for 5 years xD.

Benjamin Thelen : These guys are actually really great at sight reading. Sure they sound rough with their first try at the music, but give them enough time practicing the piece and they could certainly be as good as the young girl.

Rae Leen : I don’t have to watch prodigies on YouTube to know I have zero talent.

易烊千玺 : She probably practiced this piece for 40 hours a day, and yall are just sight reading. It’s awesome sight reading if I can say so myself!

I’m still here : Hello is dis Mcdonald? I request for a high dose of self esteem

Tài Vương : Western people:"There'll be an Asian better than you". Asian:"There'll be a little kid better than you". Yup, we have our own pain...

Vanna Sides : YOU have no talent!? Oh honey... no I don't even know half of those notes! Heh... probably because I play the cello. . (At least I don't play the viola.)

Nina Pantaleone : ok this 10-year-old has more talent in one finger than I have in my entire body

Savannah Schutte : Just think, she memorised it to

Łił mėow Mėow : Well....seeing as you two haven’t practiced the song like this girl, you did a really great job for your first attempt 😊

nae : When 40 hours aren’t enough 😔

Xendurr : Dear, TwoSetViolin I know it's weird writing a letter after I only watched one video from your channel, but I sincerely thank you for giving me depression and making me realized that I truly don't have any talents on musical instruments, let alone the violin. Sincerely, Some random guy

Olivia Dustow : They key to learning an instrument: Accept that there is always a kid better than you. ALWAYS.

지나가는행인 : Her name is Soo Bin, Lee She is Korean

Marco L : Can we just take a moment to appreciate their violin skills?!

Tathan Productions : Partly jealous, partly feel bad because of the sacrifice she's had to make to play this piece this well at such a young age and partly think she looks like a potato

electrixVey : Being a 13 year old, thinking i was good, 5 year old playing one of the hardest pieces known to the violin

Skadi : Roses are red Violets are blue Theres always an asian better than you

Krzysiek L : I'm broken because I missed your concert in Poland and I regret it! Please come once again someday😭

Frog Oakroot : "Hold my beer, I got this." LMFAO

_MeowingllamaBeats S : Ling Ling could easily sight read that

Nimthemrei Luikham : If you can play it slowly, you can play it quickly. If you can play twinkle twinkle little star, you can play this.

Jeffrey Han : When you've been out-asianed lol

Cheng Gong : And I still can't do a proper vibrato :(

Lucia Yoo : Imagine playing that on the clarinet or any woodwind instrument.... rip woodwinds

just me : Ling Ling plays this 10 times faster

Smart Chicken : after watching this video, i bought a bow for my ukulele

StarDust Stables : My message to all people picking an instrument to be a pro at... Pick a BIG instrument that you *have* to carry to play. That way a little baby five-year-old can't out-do you. They can't even pick it up...


A. Cookie : Wait, she's my age! And I don't have anything close to her skill.

Jay Lau : I dunno why most of your videos are criticising others, well, youse are talented; however, I don’t think, personally, you have the right to critics others; meanwhile, the true experts are always humble, even they may find other’s faults, but they are not that critical

ahmed moustafa : For some reason I just want to hit this girl so much that she’ll be begging for her life

Le Fedora Cate : There's always an Asian better than you (yes, even if you're already Asian)

YAMMAS : Who else is watching in _[relevant year]_ ? Btw my name is _[dumb Fortnite name]_ and I want to reach _[x amount]_ subscribers by the end of the year.

Nana Iqbal : Guys, don't cry. I did subscribe. A little late but I did.

CianKa CianKa : God has left the chat

anastazja barnaś : To uczucie kiedy prawie wszystkie wyświetlenia narobili Polacy xd