When You Realise You Have ZERO Talent

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A person : At least trombone players don't have to worry about child prodigies as much, since you usually literally can't pick up a trombone when you're 3

Tot tota : I've always wanted to learn the -violin- ... *the triangle*

Eliana _solo : Another dose of low self-esteem: She got second place

Miss Lyntheena : This moment when you play the Cello and in a school orchestra you only get to play 5 different notes. I never had these complicated notes. 0.o

Krithik Maran : You guys have to realize. She probably practiced like 6 billion times and you guys played it relatively well the first time.

Sarah Edits : Am I the only one who have been playing the violin for 8 years but still suck?

Annyeong Chingudeul ! : That girl looks like she put so much emotion in to that, I give her props

Elijah Miniuk : If you can play it slow, then you can pla.... oh, wrong video. Well, you still can play it fast.

Adam Mc Garrity : 'We're in Poland, Warsaw.' Brett got 110% in geography.

Bruntern90 : "Depression in 3...2...1" got me thinking that you guys are forgetting that this girl most likely has practiced this for a looong time, and you do it on the spot,, WITHOUT even knowing the piece! Im amazed by you!! :D But as a clarinetist I know the feeling xP

Horse Lover : Me after every concert

Rain : >When you realise you have zero talent >Procedes to reproduce the song almost perfectly with no practice whatsoever >Me: ???

Tillie Ruth Schwartz-Ketchner : this is what ling ling plays for his warm up

Trevor K. : Their reaction to her playing is my reaction to them sightreading those passages.


Rain Skyranger : Hey TwoSet, Ling Ling may practice 40 hours a day, but she practices 60 hours a day. Now look at yourselves......

Retro Gracz : Rose's are red Violet's are blue There is always a kid That play better than you

Nia Nelson : _Chopin:_ I have created a piece that is to be played in a minute or less. _Weiniawsky @ __2:46__:_ *_Spits on ground._* Hold my beer.

G-I-Rilla : 1:50 "You want to try that?" (Constant nopes hitting your brain to avoid embarrassment and utter failure of attempting that beautiful sound) *"Bring it on"*

Der Nm : im a pianist but stil got depressed on that kid

Kathy Johnson : true story: I was forced to study a Wieniawski concerto by a teacher I hated in college. I hated the concerto even more (all show and no substance). Struggling to make some kind of connection, I commented in a lesson that I liked a melody in the 2nd movement. The teacher's reply was that he stole that from another composer.

Payton Johnson : the fact that she spent grueling hours getting this song to perfection and you were able to sight read this is amazing ...bravo

Coco Loco : Nobody's gonna see this and I can't put this in terms of something that's similar to learning violin, but when I was learning to snowboard, I was far worse than everyone else and stayed like that for years. However, I kept practicing and improving for years and ended up being all alone going down this great big black run, in the middle of a dense whiteout, making no mistakes, and it was the most fun I've ever had. My point is even if you suck for a really long time and it sucks, because it's so hard and it feels like you're not getting anywhere, you'll eventually find that it was well worth the effort. Don't worry about what other people can do, just work on yourself for yourself and you'll be happy

Jeric Peligro : If you two has zero talent, how about me? Negative? HAHAHAHAHA JK

BJ McGregor : Fun Fact: I 'tried out' for the violin but my arms were too 'short'. You know what the music teachers did? Handed me a trombone. I have now been proudly playing the greatest brass instrument for 5 years xD.

Nina Pantaleone : ok this 10-year-old has more talent in one finger than I have in my entire body

Chaitanya Singh : She just made me feel like trash and I don't even play violin, I play guitar

I’m still here : Hello is dis Mcdonald? I request for a high dose of self esteem

Wiktoria Okrój : I LIVE IN POLAND!!!!!! HAHA

AwesomeMarine : I was like. YES no 5 year old Asian would play a bass guitar stupid good. IM ALRIGHT. Then I looked it up 😨😰😫😭😭😭

Emily Dziennik : Okay but you should do a sequel to this and try to get through the whole song one day, or different impossible songs!!

*sips tea* : Well....seeing as you two haven’t practiced the song like this girl, you did a really great job for your first attempt 😊

Dirt Master : Wow, you guys sight read that??

Tathan Productions : Partly jealous, partly feel bad because of the sacrifice she's had to make to play this piece this well at such a young age and partly think she looks like a potato

Dawn The Nightwing : When you realise you have no talent after watching these 2 people who are WAY better than you and extremely gifted say they have no talent after watching an EXTREMELY talented person YOUNGER than yourself beat gifted people older than you.... Wow that kind of sounds a bit confusing now that I read it again. Ya get what I'm saying?

Sophia Tung : ...my life story. I can’t play the violin perfectly for my life

Świnki Morskie i inne zwierzęta : Pozdrowienia z polski 😉😉 😄

Krzysiek L : I'm broken because I missed your concert in Poland and I regret it! Please come once again someday😭

易烊千玺 : She probably practiced this piece for 40 hours a day, and yall are just sight reading. It’s awesome sight reading if I can say so myself!

tjappa cloud : Why do I even play violin anymore.😭😭

Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns : merry Christmas! I'm a lonely old dead guy. tell me something good! 謝謝🎅

Eliana _solo : 1:18 Brett trying to clean it up with vibrato

aimua Igbinehi : Who else is watching this for like the millionth time

Marco L : Can we just take a moment to appreciate their violin skills?!

A. Cookie : Wait, she's my age! And I don't have anything close to her skill.

bla bla bla chhht : Even Asians feel depressed because other Asians are better than them 😭

Benjamin Thelen : These guys are actually really great at sight reading. Sure they sound rough with their first try at the music, but give them enough time practicing the piece and they could certainly be as good as the young girl.

Grzegorz Nastula : Greetings from Poland!

Prince Westerburg : But she learnt it with her starving family at gun point! XD

no jam : When 40 hours aren’t enough 😔