When You Realise You Have ZERO Talent

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A person : At least trombone players don't have to worry about child prodigies as much, since you usually literally can't pick up a trombone when you're 3

Sophia Tung : ...my life story. I can’t play the violin perfectly for my life

bla bla bla chhht : Even Asians feel depressed because other Asians are better than them 😭

Olivia Dustow : They key to learning an instrument: Accept that there is always a kid better than you. ALWAYS.

Jeffrey Han : When you've been out-asianed lol

Emily Shaw : Me after every concert

Chaotix : I’m not even a violinist and I still feel depressed from this

Gandatier : She may be a child prodigy but I had a childhood.

The_Tortoise3 _ : *Violinist: Oh yeah I can play those 256th notes.* *Tubist: OH NO ARE THOSE 16TH NOTES!?*

Skadi : Roses are red Violets are blue Theres always an asian better than you

Sarah Edits : Am I the only one who have been playing the violin for 8 years but still suck?

StarDust Stables : My message to all people picking an instrument to be a pro at... Pick a BIG instrument that you *have* to carry to play. That way a little baby five-year-old can't out-do you. They can't even pick it up...

Andres KdR : I think the secret is that the little girl already rehearsed so much and memorised the piece, instead of these two trying to read the notes for first time without any previous rehearse. I am pretty sure if they both get prepared same as the little girl did, they will play without need of reading the notes and might make it even better. That's my humble opinion...

Craig Perry : talented Asians vs another extremely talented asian 😑 I'm done

Amy M : Woahh, were you guys sightreading??? That was insanely good 👌👌👌

Nina Pantaleone : ok this 10-year-old has more talent in one finger than I have in my entire body

Sal : Pretty sure this comment will be buried (love the channel boys), but here goes. Let's talk about the grandioso sul G spot in the beginning-ish spot. Ink calls for first finger on the A, played sul G, then the fourth finger artificially playing an octave higher on the A @880. This artificial harmonic legit sounds an octave higher, and if you were to just shoot up on the G string and play the note, it's the same effect with way more volume and tone than the harmonic. Stupid notation, just saying. You guys rock, keep it up lolololololol

Elli Rigby : Me, after months of practising one piece: "Hey, that actually sounds pretty good. I'm really proud of myself." * listens to the Perlman/Mutter/... version * "Uhm okay... seems like i still need a lot of practise. But that's okay, I guess. I'm a student, and they're professional. Everyone has to start like this." * listens to 3 months old chinese child's version * * hangs herself *

Sakuraki Meli : I'm just really impressed at these guys. DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!! THEY ARE PLAYING THIS ON SIGHT WITHOUT ANY PRACTICE! I could never do that with the piano. (Well maybe if I didn't practice it like once every month and tried harder but that isn't the point)

Heath Jelovic : The pianist looks so bored.

Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns : merry Christmas! I'm a lonely old dead guy. tell me something good! 謝謝🎅

Mallory Garcia : This is the most relatable thing ive seen all day im crying

whenrapmonspeakenglishand jungkookjustjungshook : If your asian and you don't have any talent, raise your hand

Link Hyrule : One vital fact you have forgotten is the girl got to practice the piece multiple times. You guys cite read the piece and played above decent. Therefore you would certainly out shine the girl if you'd get the practice she got.

Jess : Asian kids are creepy! That's only a JUNIOR FINAL SONG! *A JUNIOR FINAL! God those kids! I think that little girl was probably 6 or 7

LilGodess GT : 2:57 when i get my math test

DerSibbe : *Plays it on Viola*

Atisa Wang : me: saw the title "wow that sounds like the story of my life" sad violin music starts playing

Retro Gracz : Rose's are red Violet's are blue There is always a kid That play better than you

Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns : when Debussy is your favourite composer you know you don't have talent or taste

Mia Stricklin : When you don't know how difficult the piece is because your a woodwind

It’s Levi Ackerman Bitch : *is trying to find which one is better at playing*

Natsuki Hanabi : I just started playing the violin and after watching this.... I'm kinda scared

Prince Westerburg : But she learnt it with her starving family at gun point! XD

Emily Dziennik : Okay but you should do a sequel to this and try to get through the whole song one day, or different impossible songs!!

Myra Flores : All I can say to this is......... Totally Relatable. ; )

Carnatic Fanatic : How do you travel abroad with a violin!?!!? I am scared to travel in a train in India to another state. Oh. Right. I can't tune it myself. *Thinks about life and its purpose*

Multipla : That's what you are looking for: 2:01

pioco56 : I have zero talent, can't play by ear, can't read sheets, mostly use tabs, have a hard time keeping tempo, have to memorize songs, but I still can play nicely if I put some time into a song.

Emerson Yu : Well, they had to practice the song to play it that well...if that makes you feel any better. After all, you guys were just sight reading.

AlphaDog Gaming : 7:45 am I the only that saw the cursor

AbeliSkillz : Roses are red, Violets are blue, There's always an Asian better than you. Depression within, :(


boreddonut : *GODDAMMIT LING LING*

Sydney K Cole : *And I'm just over here wanting to be the pianist...*

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Congratulation on the 1M views guys U deserved it

fluffsmol_gilbert Cat : I bet she practiced till her fingers BLED

Rain Skyranger : Hey TwoSet, Ling Ling may practice 40 hours a day, but she practices 60 hours a day. Now look at yourselves......

María Matmos : And you have no talent? I have been learning violin for a month and a half and I cannot make one string sound without making another one sound at the same time!!! And I practice everyday, but they are too clooooooseeee!!!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Raha Haghighi : How do you call that zero talent?