YouTube Comment Reconstruction #10 - 'Nicki Minaj - Anaconda' & 'One Direction You & I'

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YouTube Comment Reconstructions is back and this time we take two huge arguments from 'Nicki Minaj - Anaconda' and 'One Direction You & I' and combine them for your amusement. Let the flame war commence... Created and directed by Adrian Bliss Produced by Brooke Macaulay Cast (in speaking order): Eryl Lloyd Parry Grahame Edwards Iain Stuart Robertson Lisa Tramontin Margot Richardson Beryl Nesbitt Ingrid Evans Diana Scougall Barry Rocard Anthony Sergeant DoP: Ciaran OBrien Second camera: Matthew Amys Sound: Marco Toca Production Assistant: Kerry Cuthbert Development Director: Lewis Georgeson A Little Dot Studios production.​ Subscribe to Dead Parrot for weekly videos - Follow Dead Parrot on Twitter -

Comments from Youtube

Dapper Snap : The new season of Downtown Abbey looks great!

Joel Wynter : This is how the milleneals will talk when they are old

Gigatless : "Says the virgin" oh god my sides are in orbit. This guy is like 70

jonathan sokol : I love how when the guy says "still a better love story than twilight", everybody just stands there

LittleMuckyMe : Oh man, this is genius. To set the overt bestial nature of hateful anonymous youtube comments to a refined but pretentiously cordial dinner conversation is golden. Monty Python would approve.

MutilatedMetalhead : You can tell which lines were spelled in caps locks.

Texshy : I swear that one guy looks like Simon Pegg if he was older :P

superdrummergaming : This is glorious! Well done, ladies and gents, well done.

Rated R : When dude said he found it difficult to masturbate to, OMG, my head almost exploded from laughter.

9Kualalumpur : I was waiting for the last guy to deliver a line. I was SO waiting for it.

sixstringedthing : You have somehow managed to turn youtube comment section into something good. Indeed, masterful. Pretty sure this breaks the physical laws of the universe. Bravo.

randomperson63758 : They should've added 'Darude - Sandstorm' in there somewhere.

Alex Franklin : I love that one sycophantic commenter making a big point to laugh at all the first guy's jokes.

WankersCramp69 : This is about as tense as Christmas dinner at my house.

Caspar : AMAZING

Cam : this is a masterpiece of epic proportions

Yamantaka Elegy : I think the level of acting really makes these brilliant, that last line made it even better.

DesiDude297 : The guy at the end takes it

shinjinobrave : You had me at aircraft hangar....

mrvideouploads1 : seriously you need a tv show.

Richard Perry : Now every time I read any Youtube comments I'm going to picture it as a bunch of old people having a heated discussion over dinner.

JackgarPrime : Oooooooh man, I missed these! I can see why this one took so long. It's quite elaborate even compared to the others.

Jay Allard : I almost coughed up my pelvis. How is this not in the millions? Art.

Skins : We love this series! Great to see after 10 episodes it's still just as funny as ever, brilliant stuff.

NixieOnCloud9 : Lol I love these. It shows how stupid people can be in the comment sections.

Principled Uncertainty : Crying with laughter.

Cameron West : Y Oh glorious days it is BACK! And I laughed so hard while watching it.

kira0080 : No seriously, this is very hard to masturbate to.

Facts Over Emotions : This is the funniest thing I've ever seen, I can't breathe. The timing on the last line killed me LOL.

BlaizeV : Best one yet, didn't think you would ever out do the mandela one.

MegaN00b619 : You *fool!* You have messed with the natural order!

Natale Zorz : At last, something highbrow to watch :)) Brilliant...

David Webb : I hear Nearer my God to Thee in the background and I just imagine this as a scene from Titanic.

Derek Christian : Big fan from the start--and this one is by FAR the funniest. Please, don't stop making these.

Heidi Faith : Ohhh yes, this is about to go viral.

SimonB198207 : These vids are just brilliant - would be great on Channel Four on Friday nights (here in the UK).

Blead : best - better story than Twilight haha i lol much :D

Gaston Ure : Man, I've just discovered those vids and you are an absolute genius for coming up with such idea and bringing such great actors on board. I LOVE IT ! Please, please please please make more of them. And if YT fails to deliver content, 4chan can be an endless source of inspiration, believe me.

ORyanDeee : i couldn't stop laughing through the whole vid lol

StarCrusher : The best thing since the invention of Youtube

Jake Magulick : Can you post links to the actual comments in the video? It would be hilarious to read them.

SpecialHandlingUnit : holy shit, I haven't even started watching, this concept is being done!, Dead Parrot is new to me, can't wait to binge watch!

MrOmnisun : Funniest YouTube video I've seen in ages :) Good job everybody!

Shephine Shaji : I watched this like 10 times in a row.... I can't stop

George : Always lose it at "who deserve to die"

Niuniu Lai : Where'd you get these actors? Also this is hilariously glorious.

Hobeer : And this is why I haven't spent Xmas with my family in 10 years.

SICK SICK SICK : This is the best thing I've seen in ages

ThornReaper : Absolutely incredible. I almost threw up laughing at the ending!