YouTube Comment Reconstruction #10 - 'Nicki Minaj - Anaconda' & 'One Direction You & I'

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TheLonelyGoomba : Probably the best video on the internet

Dapper Snap : The new season of Downtown Abbey looks great!

Joel Wynter : This is how the milleneals will talk when they are old

Caspar : AMAZING

Gigatless : "Says the virgin" oh god my sides are in orbit. This guy is like 70

WankersCramp69 : This is about as tense as Christmas dinner at my house.

jonathan sokol : I love how when the guy says "still a better love story than twilight", everybody just stands there

Rated R : When dude said he found it difficult to masturbate to, OMG, my head almost exploded from laughter.

MutilatedMetalhead : You can tell which lines were spelled in caps locks.

mrvideouploads1 : seriously you need a tv show.

Texshy : I swear that one guy looks like Simon Pegg if he was older :P

9Kualalumpur : I was waiting for the last guy to deliver a line. I was SO waiting for it.

theeggtimer tic tic : Clap clap clap clap.....What a wonderful way to demonstrate the degradation and imbecilic down slide of human interactions the internet has spawned in our younger generation! The juxtaposition between a starchy uptight formal setting and the coarse irreverent exchanges is just pure genius. Very entertaining :)

randomperson63758 : They should've added 'Darude - Sandstorm' in there somewhere.

Yamantaka Elegy : I think the level of acting really makes these brilliant, that last line made it even better.

Alex Franklin : I love that one sycophantic commenter making a big point to laugh at all the first guy's jokes.

superdrummergaming : This is glorious! Well done, ladies and gents, well done.

LittleMuckyMe : Oh man, this is genius. To set the overt bestial nature of hateful anonymous youtube comments to a refined but pretentiously cordial dinner conversation is golden. Monty Python would approve.

Skins : We love this series! Great to see after 10 episodes it's still just as funny as ever, brilliant stuff.

Principled Uncertainty : Crying with laughter.

Cam : this is a masterpiece of epic proportions

Uranus : "Still a better love story than Twilight." * no one laughs * Best bit of the vid haha.

sixstringedthing : You have somehow managed to turn youtube comment section into something good. Indeed, masterful. Pretty sure this breaks the physical laws of the universe. Bravo.

DesiDude297 : The guy at the end takes it

Valentine : Just found this on "secret link" of today's PDS (Philip DeFranco Show). You Sir, deserve a like ... and much more than one. This video elegantly depicts the nauseating world of faceless youtube commentators, hiding behind a veil of internet. Spiteful teenage comments voiced through a figure that entitles wisdom, depicts the sad truth about the forthcoming generation(s). And the fact that this video is unlisted, makes me think that, this video going viral, is not on the author's agenda. Well done.

Jai : Philip DeFranco brought me here! You sir are a genius!

NixieOnCloud9 : Lol I love these. It shows how stupid people can be in the comment sections.

shinjinobrave : You had me at aircraft hangar....

JackgarPrime : Oooooooh man, I missed these! I can see why this one took so long. It's quite elaborate even compared to the others.

Jay Allard : I almost coughed up my pelvis. How is this not in the millions? Art.

Facts Over Emotions : This is the funniest thing I've ever seen, I can't breathe. The timing on the last line killed me LOL.

Richard Perry : Now every time I read any Youtube comments I'm going to picture it as a bunch of old people having a heated discussion over dinner.

BlaizeV : Best one yet, didn't think you would ever out do the mandela one.

MegaN00b619 : You *fool!* You have messed with the natural order!

Derek Christian : Big fan from the start--and this one is by FAR the funniest. Please, don't stop making these.

Natale Zorz : At last, something highbrow to watch :)) Brilliant...

Veronica : This is brilliant.

Cameron West : Y Oh glorious days it is BACK! And I laughed so hard while watching it.

Niuniu Lai : Where'd you get these actors? Also this is hilariously glorious.

Heidi Faith : Ohhh yes, this is about to go viral.

SICK SICK SICK : This is the best thing I've seen in ages

StarCrusher : The best thing since the invention of Youtube

Gav 008 : Dead Parrot, please put some more effort into promoting your videos. Everybody who sees them loves them but hardly anyone is seeing them! A couple of hundred thousand views is a ridiculously low view count for such comedy gold.

Blank : The acting in these is so damned good! All the little motions, the facial expressions, the tension. It really feels like it's an awkward dinner conversation on some reunion of friends and family that's clashing.

David Webb : I hear Nearer my God to Thee in the background and I just imagine this as a scene from Titanic.

Teddy Boragina : Are these real. Oh please tell me these are real.

Seir : This was impeccable. Everyone involved, absolutely brilliant. 

Dylan B : I hope that the Navy Seal copypasta is recreated at some point, that would be hilarious.

TzarNicco : That. Ending. Phenomenal.

Jake Magulick : Can you post links to the actual comments in the video? It would be hilarious to read them.