Men Read Other Men's Deepest Secrets

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Comments from Youtube

uwu bob : Are they reading their own. Because it seems like it

Simon Mathiasen : I Want more of this. Mens feelings are always hidden

Jethro Black : "Be who you are, say what you feel. Because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." -- Dr. Seuss

I'm a giraffe : If you’re reading this... You’re beautiful and we love you ❤️

Desi Giirrrl : My jaw dropped at the very first secret. Humans are cruel.

RAINBOW DASH : That second guy talking about having sex with someone who you care about is right. He deserves someone who loves him. He seems like a really nice guy


Dante Zero : Yeah, we men also have feelings, shocker I know.

EdgyGrandpa 64 : Damn this is darker than that shadow in my room

Za'kiyah Johnson : The standard that men are supposed to have is disgusting I want to apologize because I know many men who have been mentally/physically/sexually abused to because more “manly”

Seaf Halabi : I see a group of independent strong brave and beautiful men , you guys are awesome , definitely takes more the a man to open his heart , The need to prove yourself in this Society can be one of the reasons in some of those cases.

Tom King : 591 soulless monsters disliked this. Stay strong guys and talk to someone, don't be part of the 591.

Tiish92 : I wish this was longer. It truly is powerful to see the world of men for HUMAN and not something society has conjured 'Man' up to 'supposedly' be.

Rachel Rules : wiat wtf the guy at 1:55 was my substitute teacher for a month. WHAHAHAGAGAGG I miss him he was such a good teacher

Hannah-Jaimes g : Male abuse and molestation needs to be spoken about and it needs way more awareness.

Kevin Pickford : Hey finally a video not attacking men claiming were the most evil thing on earth. Men have hard lives doing what needs to be done.

T S : God dammit it I was waiting for the buff guy to talk Ugh

skinny&sad : We love men who can have healthy conversation about their own emotions👏💕

Rick D : The greatest gift my father ever gave me was telling me I love you, saying those words, even casually everyday at the end of conversations, when watching an emotional moment on tv, when I fell down and hurt myself, when I went to bed. I pass this on to my 2 sons (6 & 1) I love them, hug them, kiss them. I know now as a father the tremendous gift mine gave me teaching me those lessons. I hope one day to thank him, but I suspect he already knows how I feel.

storm dash : Damn... man this started off sad 😢😔

carrot12 : I've never dated anyone. Sometimes it's all I want, just so I can feel less lonely about it. When my best friends ask me, I tell them I just don't want to because I can't admit to them out loud that no one wants me. All my life I've known I wasn't worth anything, and being rejected for this long only affirms that.

readysetnogo : Damn... What the guy at 4:01 says hits close to home for me. Ive been struggling with the aftermath of an abusive and vindictive ex girlfriend, and he said exactly what I needed to hear. <3

Michael DeMaio : All the love they showed to each other at the end was nice good for them supporting each other backs !!!!

ariana gill : SHOUTOUT TO THE MEN OUT THERE. feminist movements i feel like have outshined a lot of the greatness of men, being that my father and brother are very important to me and i wish every single guy was able to speak about this openly and without it being anonymous or frowned upon and telling them it’s not “manly” whereas women are highly praised when they tell their stories- not that their stories aren’t relevant, they certainly are, but there are so many men who deserve to have their voices heard just as loudly as the women!! of course there are some men who are awful and terrible, but there are also so many amazing men but it’s also the same for women, no matter how common it is there are some messed up women who do these things to boys and men, it still happens and we need to be able to talk about it.

Marie Ringen : It is crazy how almost everyone related to the confessions. It makes me think about how little we actually know about people

Alroytt : the first guy is a peoples champ, i love you brother

Jen la kamericaine : I remember when my uncle in law's father passed away, my aunt told him man up and quit crying... He just curled into a ball and fell apart. As a teenager that was the only time I'd ever seen him cry.. in fact that was the first time I'd witnessed a man cry... I was just struck by the lack of empathy... And the realisation that society is raising men to cry in the dark and conceal their emotions. Not ok

Puritania : A man should be strong. There's nothing wrong with that sentiment. But beating your kid is a sign of weakness

Forest Speyer : 2:12 Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 4 jacket.

J Hollingworth : People in the comments talking about how depressing this channel gets sometimes. Nah. The word you're looking for is: REAL. This channel gets real sometimes. And that's okay. Better than okay, it's ESSENTIAL and AMAZING.

The OMG World !! : I came for that daily dose of depression

sage : Men can cry and it's okay. Men can be just as vulnerable as women, just as soft and sensitive, and just as equally strong.

slozor : _i was verbally/physically abused, and being bullied when I was younger and until now. You women expect a man to be strong and give you everything. But you never know if you're dating a broken boy._ _edit: yo thx for calling me gay, for saying the cringe word; "broken boy"_

Samuel115s : 0:14 😳😰 your father is sick, thats how you create a sociopath.

The Gunters : I feel this is amazing for men. Since men have an emotional disconnet at times this opens the opportunities to not feel alone. Keep up the good work Jubilee. You guys are truely the best.

Flying Blind : Due to a surgery I lost all of my site about three years ago, I never really like talking about being depressed about it. I make lots of blind jokes because humor is just a funny way of being serious. It’s honestly very sad. I was once at a very stressful state acting competition and at one point I got very depressed about not being able to see, I couldn’t go anywhere to get away or be by myself because for me to get around I need somebody else there. So I just tried to stay quiet but when someone asked if I was doing okay, I lost it. I just put my head down and started sobbing. The sad part was that everyone just walked away from me to give me space, including my girlfriend at the time. Only one person, not my girlfriend, came to console me and I will forever appreciate her for that. The double standard is what hurts. At one point another girl was crying and all the other girls went to console her and constantly asked how she was doing and tried to make her feel better. It’s not fair, I was supposed to just deal with it on my own while that other girl was coddled and cared for.

Cod swag : there’s no way i’m the only guy that cried during that.

Nar*en : I'm not a guy but I know the amount of pressure put on society for men must be horrifying. Sexism isn't just about women, it is about men as well.

i vmx : this really got me crying, but thanks for really raising more awareness for this jubilee

Honey • Love : You should have women read men’s secrets as well. I feel like that would be really interesting.

CnarFor : I wish I could change myself. I wish I could go from introvert to a socially outgoing person

Jadden : yeah it’s all about finding the right one. I just want to give all of them a hug for telling everyone their deepest secrets. That shows courage and bravery.

Savage : I am sobbing at these confessions.. I really feel for men, the pressure to always be strong and never show emotions is so bad

Republictx : Because im a man, it's ok for women to touch me whenever they want, and they do, but if I did the same thing, I'd go to jail.

Wallabyway : The most "manly" thing a guy can do is express their feelings

Justin J Pagan : Beyond beautiful. Thank you for those read, shared and this channel for doing this. Much needed in an era of toxic masculinity

haitham baloch : When i was Young (7-9) my older brother used slap me so hard and the reason was (in his mind and logic he was making me a man ) he also bullied me to point where my self steam died n went below dirt He used slap me so hard to point i become numb and didn’t feel anything Today am 22 years old and still to this day I don’t talk to him and i am 100/100 certain i will not forgive him.

GRIXON YT : "a real man is a person that's willing to make the right choice for them selves and there people" -GRIXONYT

Brittany Maximé : I think men who share their feelings and deal with them, are even more strong. I love you♥️.