Black Sabbath- War Pigs (REACTION/REVIEW!!!)

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Jay Despirited : Damn guys thats a legit reaction/review. Nice Also, todays my bday. Not too important but if. Can get a shout out in a vid id love that 😊 Also with good drumming listen to Slipknot: People=Shit ....or just GWAR War is all we know 😉 Thx guys 😄

Ilir Piliki : The song is from 1970, the drummer is Bill Ward, a monster drummer, the lyrics are written mostly by Geezer Butler, the bass player, the singer is the great Ozzy Osbourne, and the guitarist and founder of the band is Tony Iommi, a left handed riff-genious. Tony has lost his finger tips from his middle finger and ring finger, but he didn't give up and he made some thimbles and put them on his fingers to keep playing. Now, Hendrix is from the '60s, and Iommi really doesn't have a lot to do with Hendrix, but Tony was strongly inspired by blues, and Hendrix was a great blues rock guitar player, so I guess that's why they sound similar, that's all I can say. And also, for the solos, in this song Tony actually played two different solos for each solo section, so that's why you can hear more than one guitar, the solos are double tracked/harmonised. There, hope I answered to all of the questions you made in the video! Black Sabbath is my favourite band, and I love this song!!

GhostOfRhurValley : The drummers called Bill Ward

Barry Celtic : You should listen to CREAM the band, their drummer was good and had a blues/african style and their guitarist Eric Clapton is legendary also.

blazeandcyrus : Jimi Hendrix started out in the mid 60's he unfortunately for the whole world died 1970. Black Sabbaths first album "Black Sabbath" and this album "Paranoid" come out in the same year. Just about all British metal bands were massively influenced by American blues artist as is all rock n roll. It all came from our national treasures, blues artist.

Charlee Bunch : If u r inspired by Bill ward, check out ginger baker, truly awe inspiring

Mephistopheles : If you're inspired by drumming, try Where Eagles Dare by Iron Maiden.

Magnus Lauglo : Terrific song. I remember being in the front row seeing Black Sabbath live in Norway in the summer of '98 on the evening of the day I discharged from the army. They opened with War Pigs - there couldn't have been a more appropriate song for that moment. I'm loving the perspectives and observations you guys have. I'm a classic rock fan, very lyrics oriented, and I had somehow never picked up on the funkiness/groove going on in this song. If you want to check out more of this genre, take a listen to some Deep Purple.

blazeandcyrus : I'm gonna start asking for a review check out Black Sabbath "Fairies Wear Boots". Guys this song is seemingly just a "metal" / rock n roll song but break it down like y'all do and you'll realize why Black Sabbath has one of the best rhythm sections in all of rock n roll history. The song has great guitar work and several slick transitions that y'all love

Regan Devereaux : ''Everything is great.'' Everything Is Great! Well said my son(s). I am loving your channel! (I subscribed & hit the bell) Yeah, Sabbath were poor boys from the most industrial of industrial revolution era cities in England, Birmingham. You wanna talk grim? England's working poor towns & cities, in the sunless winter before environmental awareness or the resultant improvements....oh Lord, G-R-I-M. You are so right. It is groovy! I never heard it put like that but it absolutely is groovy. Are either of you writers and/or musicians? Because I've got to say, you both have a gift for words as well as an understanding of music, unlimited by aught but your own souls' direction. Keep up the great work. Peace, Regan 🌈 from NorCal

TheBashar327 : Guys, all your videos are music reviews. That's what makes them so good, better than some lame "reaction" video. I know "reaction" is the fad word on the net and some people are simple minded enough just to entertained by someone else's reaction, but you discuss the music, it's merits and shortcomings, you dissect it's meaning and try to discern it's inspiration and motivation. That's a review.

Opuskrokus : Black Sabbath were pretty much contemporary with Jimi Hendrix. Jimi's first album was 1967, and Black Sabbath started out in 1968. Jimi's career started in the early 60's, playing with the Isley Brothers and Little Richard. He died 1970.

MegaDaveMatthewsFan : The Wizard-Black Sabbath!

Barry Celtic : Do Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesdays Gone and Simple Man.

Viking : War Pigs is great! I heard it three days after I turned 19 in a bunker in Nam getting high with a bunch of guys I'll miss forever!

Zen Guerrilla : The best review of all YouTube. Classic Masterpiece of Black Sabbath. Respect. 👏👏👏👏

Get Em Jones : I was as excited as Ryan when I saw Black Sabbath.

On the wrist : I'd love to see you guys react to Stevie Ray Vaughn.

pyscho man : the 2 guitar sounds on his solo were overdubbed which means he recorded 1 solo on tape,then he did the 2nd solo on tape and the engineer put them both on together


LITSOUL1 : Bill Ward is the drummer. Geezer the bass player wrote the lyrics. All four members are incredible.

James Rodolfo : Alter Bridge-Blackbird!!!!! Also isn't anyone going to mention Geezers bass playing come on man. Also the guitarist Tony Iommi had the tips of his fingers chopped off and still became a legend.

kevin moseley : It's interesting that u mention Hendrix as this was an anti war song and Hendrix's riffs made him a favorite of gi's in Vietnam. Also Hendrix gets underwritten in the metal pantheon as the focus goes to Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin as the Sigmund Freud/Carl Jung godfathers of the genre. But Hendrix's choppy "metallic" playing as greatly examples on Are You Experienced often had soldiers in Nam saying his guitar reminded them of the sound of military helicopters. Also Hendrix was quite an inspiration to the sabbath guys as his was a hard loud aggressive sound. And although they formed in the late 60s Sabath hated hippies and the whole hippy vibe as it was largely middle class kids with high optimism and they were factory town kids born and raised in poverty in the crushingly classiest post WW2 England (not that England wasn't before or after still horridly classist) but the guys of Sabath were poor kids with a deeply dark and cynical look on the world and of politics as evidenced in this song. I mean they basically echo the great speech line of former governor and presidential nominee in the 1972 US election George McGovern "I'm fed up the the ears of old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in."

japs did 9/11 : "Snowblind" or "Wheels of Confusion" are their best songs, IMO.

Will Willis : I dont know what is so fun about watching folks listen to music they have never heard before, but I am hooked LOL Love watching you guys, keep it up!

mattypisme : I can watch you guys all day..glad I found this channel love people appreciating all music

ed cooke : How about listen to something your parents played when you was a child that you still listen to now

oils1976 : Guys, have you done a reaction/review for DEAD KENNEDYS 'holiday in Cambodia' yet? I'd be interested to see what you make of it! Awesome review, great to see you digging the song and its complexities....there's so much in Sabbath to love. It's got Metal, Funk, Swing...the lot.

Brick Mason : We took this music for granted in the 70s

Nathen Howell : SKYNYRD! Free Bird, Simple man, Tuesday gone. Pick one or do all 3! Lol

Huggy Bear : I really dig the drums in Sabbath... They didn't need to put drum solos in their music because they let the music create it's own opportunity for drum riffs to be heard. like in this song, everything stops, you hear the drummer, music plays with singing, everything stops and you hear the drums... So cool... You hear this a lot in their music... Try "Children of the Grave " .. what a great tune!

Nate Baker : man thank YOU guys for your continuous entertaining videos that 100k is well deserved !! I had a couple video ideas such as you reaction/sing-a-long/cover to your favorite song of all time or "Is it still HOT tho?" Ep 2 😏 or maybe just y'all dropping a freestyle 😂. Back to the Black Sabbath I think you guys hit the nail on the head that this song was universally phenomenal and also because of its amazing groove, because its not to complex for someone new to get into liking it but also its very musically pleasing hearing the instrumentation and the vocals in this song that you can rock your head to. Wonderful video guys ✊🏽

nsampone3 : Major protest song from the Vietnam War. I actually use the song when I teach about that period (HS teacher)

CCPaintballvideos : As a few have stated, Bill Ward was the drummer. He was one of Ozzy's best friends. When Tony (the guitarist) threatened to quit the band, the band said see ya later. Tony didn't leave. He started shit and tore the band apart. He convinced the band that Ozzy was a problem and made Bill tell Ozzy that he was out. The best thing that ever happened to Ozzy. But it tore Bill up inside for years.

Epikur Epikur : I think Tony Iommi should see this video...

eq2Bonesmasher : You need to do a Black Sabbath Iron Man reaction.

Michael Ledford : Black Sabbath pioneered heavy metal music in their choice of chords and were the originators of writing lyrics about Satan VS our Christian God, the 1st heavy metal song Tony Iommi " Guitar " and Geezer Butler " Bass Guitar " ever wrote was titled Black Sabbath and the song was written to emulate, or copy the scary reaction of a horror movie ,here's where very simple non technical music by Sabbath becomes highly technical playing for its day ,mainly due to Tony writing guitar riffs and chords using what music theory labeled " the Devils Triad " in the 1800's , music theory said a piece of music should NEVER pause, or change with the final notes being a Tritone using a diminished 5th because the chords left listeners feeling angst or aggregated, Tony wrote every riff and every power chord using the diminished 5th to create the same emotions as watching a horror film ,Geezer Butler wrote the lyrics including verses about Satan & God due to his recent involvement in reading books on black magic ,the song Black Sabbath and the band's name were copied from a 1950's horror film called Black Sabbath staring Boris Karlof . To increase the emotion of the listener Geezer wrote his bass lines that closely followed Tonys heavy use of the diminished 5th ,the extreme use of the diminished 5th caused/caused dissonance with the listener who's brain tells us to expect a nice sounding chord ,then we are hit with a diminished 5th that is not a pleasant chord at all . Bill Ward " Drums " further caused dissonance in listeners by his use of Triads in his playing ,as well as Bill used the extended interval " pauses in the pace of the song " to further exaggerate the angst listeners were feeling, now days Black Sabbaths technical musicianship is outmatched by nearly every heavy metal band but Sabbath were the absolute 1st band to break all the rules of music theory being taught at conservatory's and music schools world wide where students were taught to avoid the diminished 5th ,certian Tritone and Triads ,the augmented 4th and the extreme intervals, all of which Black Sabbath combined to create an entirely new genre of music ,before Black Sabbath the use of the devils Tritone and Triads simply were not being played ,early Black Sabbath music was as ground breaking as true geniuses such as Miles Davis and Frank Zappa, it's hard for you kids to imagine the sheer horror Black Sabbath caused the world when they hit the scene because we've become desensitized by overly sexualized music ,extreme violence on TV and extreme lyrics in music ,back in 1970 the Bryds & The Beatles were singing about how great it was to be in love and everything is super fantastic ,then along comes Black Sabbath singing about Lucifer with the lyrics " What is this that stands before me ,figure in black which points at me ,turn round quick and start to run ,find out I'm the chosen one ,oh god please God help me ! That shit f-ed a lot of people up and had America in an uproar ,for an entire year nearly every night on network news was a story about black Sabbath and some community's adverse reaction and hatred of them ,the Catholic church and pope spoke out against black Sabbath, I had only been home from Vietnam for a few months when Sabbath Black Sabbath hit the radio and it frightened me when i 1st heard it ,while everybody wishes Jimi Hendrix influenced Sabbath Tony Iommis guitar playing was 10 times more ground breaking than Hendrix ,I saw both live and seeing Sabbath left me afraid for my mortal soul back then ,even Hendrix couldn't evoke such emotions out of listeners .

Gregory Lilienthal : The drummer got his influence from the industrial sounds he heard from his home as a boy in England.

mushroomcloud1 : Bill Ward is the Drummer......Bill Ward is THE drummer!!!!

Jeremy Decker : Black Sabbath actually started off as a blues band till guitarist Tonni Iomi turned the reverb up and metal was born!!!!


Guillaume Larue : You should react to crazy train by ozzy osbourne. Probably one of the best riff of all time

Charles Moore : The air raid horn is what hooked me all those years ago.

Damian N McQuade : it's as if I'm re-living the first time I heard this!

Anita Melon : that was so much fun watching your reactions brought back memories of watching the guys in the early 70's react the same way, the girls back then, not as much. You know that is a great song when that many decades have passed and the reactions are the same. I have to admit I think I like it better now than then because I am able to hear the lyrics better now.

Steve buckskinner 54 : Actually in the studio they did things called overdubbing. He would play a solo during the song on one track and then come in on another track and put some more guitar in there. Something that's very commonly done at least back then. When I was in a rock band we did stuff like that with vocals and guitar for recording purposes. Lots of people still do that same type of thing but they use different technology today.

Andrew Morton : GWAR plays this before their set starts at almost every show ive been to. It really gets you ready for whats coming.

Celty /` : Thanks for that reaction. A lot of people these days, don't know the good music anymore. And your right, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple kinda created Metal. The group members of Black Sabbath originally where a blues band and I think that makes there music realy special. I just love them.

Ray Ramos : That was one heck of a gr8 unbiased review! Keep up the outstanding job, guys. Good vibes all the way from Sao Paulo - Brazil!

LordAlisdare : You Wanna do Metal , Do Mercyful Fate "A Dangerous Meeting" King Diamonds voice might be off putting to some but the instrumentals are phenomenal