Black Sabbath- War Pigs (REACTION/REVIEW!!!)

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Jay Despirited : Damn guys thats a legit reaction/review. Nice Also, todays my bday. Not too important but if. Can get a shout out in a vid id love that 😊 Also with good drumming listen to Slipknot: People=Shit ....or just GWAR War is all we know 😉 Thx guys 😄

Ilir Piliki : The song is from 1970, the drummer is Bill Ward, a monster drummer, the lyrics are written mostly by Geezer Butler, the bass player, the singer is the great Ozzy Osbourne, and the guitarist and founder of the band is Tony Iommi, a left handed riff-genious. Tony has lost his finger tips from his middle finger and ring finger, but he didn't give up and he made some thimbles and put them on his fingers to keep playing. Now, Hendrix is from the '60s, and Iommi really doesn't have a lot to do with Hendrix, but Tony was strongly inspired by blues, and Hendrix was a great blues rock guitar player, so I guess that's why they sound similar, that's all I can say. And also, for the solos, in this song Tony actually played two different solos for each solo section, so that's why you can hear more than one guitar, the solos are double tracked/harmonised. There, hope I answered to all of the questions you made in the video! Black Sabbath is my favourite band, and I love this song!!

franco VALDES : I will say what everybody is thinking but nobody is saying... your videos are doing more to bring down the racial divides in this country than all of our politicians combined! KEEP IT UP GUYS!

doris wilson : WOW! I’m a 60+ woman who was a teenager in the 70’s. Black Sabbath was the joint back then and seeing you enjoy them now brings back wonderful memories for me. I love you two, watching you bring back the old feelings of grooving with my friends many of which not around anymore. Soooooo glad I found y’all.

Ralph Martin : Tony Iommi invented heavy metal. He IS Iron Man. He worked in a steel mill in factory town Birmingham England. He was going to quit to join his friends & start Black Sabbath. On his last day a steel press machine that bends steel plates slammed down & cut off 2 of his finger tips. He relearn how to play again, made caps for his tips & Black Sabbath sound was born. Guitar God!

grady doble : Living colour-cult of personality

IGottaBasketballJones : I love how Ozzy can SING perfect pronunciation but when he TALKS you can't understand a fuckin thing he's sayin! Hahah

sssstephen99 : This is one of the all time best anti Vietnam war songs

madvilhelm : You asked why so many people speak of this song as a landmark or a reference point. As you already mentioned, Sabbath was the birth of heavy metal... so let's break down that concept a little and try to illustrate it in context of the time period: At the time, everybody else was singing about peace, love, and happiness, when here comes Ozzy and the gang with this hard, heavy sound like pulverized lightning, singing about the darkest nature of the human experience... you can only imagine what an earth-shaking impact this had on contemporary pop culture.

Ray Westbury : Fellas..... I'm a 62 yo Londoner and was bought up on a lot of the music which you are reviewing and are now bringing to the young people of today. I just love your honest and open reviews. Bill Ward is the drummer of Black Sabbath. War Pigs was released I believe in 1970. jimi Hendrix came to fame first in England in 1967. Keep in touch Ray!

vonsuthoff : This is one hell of a protest song! It compares those evil men in our government (like unto witches) who are pure evil, sending our children into battle... and death, for the sake of their greed and lust for power. Also listen to "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath... another highly poetic and metaphoric warning about our future. Great stuff! And another "must hear," super war protest song... Credence Clearwater Revival "Fortunate Son." It compares the poor and average guys out there who were forced into the Vietnam War, while Senator's sons (and other high ranking politicians sons) were all protected and kept away from it. Many of the songs from the 60's and 70's had real meaning and dealt with real hard core issues.

Tïr Eoghain Blackman : Man, seeing two people hear Black Sabbath for the first time and 'getting it' is a beautiful thing.

dieselfueler : Listen to Sabbaths "Children of the Grave" That drumming will blow your mind.

kingnothing : Black Sabbath: The godfathers of metal!

Shawn L Drake : The hardest war protest song ever protesting the Vietnam war

JohnBindon : The 2 guitars for the guitar solo are "overdubbed." The guitarist usually plays the rhythm guitar throughout the song - with the full band, while recording. This is an era when bands played all their instruments together in the studio. The guitarist for this song - listened to the original song thru headphones that was recorded earlier and then played one guitar solo and then listened to that newly recorded version with the newly added guitar solo and then "overdubbed" a 2nd guitar solo. Some of the guitar notes are played in "harmony," but some times back then - all the notes didn't match exactly and they would leave in the notes that didn't quite line up - most likely the guitar notes were done like that on purpose - which all notes were not perfectly matched.

Tarman : Interesting fact: Hendrix died on September 18, 1970. War Pigs was released on September 18, 1970

Stargirl Tarot : Black Sabbath had no rhythm guitarist. The bass player filled it. This song was what inspired me to play drums. Loved Sabbath. Been listening to them since I was a kid and used to practice air drums too it lol...

Paul Naylor : Imagine riding around in the 70’s on country gravel roads in Tennessee with windows down SABBATH cranked with some cold beers and party favors with your boys all doing the head movement(it wasn’t called banging back then)and the only worry you had was running out of beer or gas...a better simpler time.

KelsaRavenlock : I used to hate when people would call Ozzy era Sabbath "satanic" if you listen to any of the songs they are the exact opposite. For "satanic" Sabbath you have to look to DIO Sabbath like the album "Mob Rules" but the earlier songs are about avoiding the evil path and not being a reactionary follower led to evil deeds. That said Mob Rules still remains my favorite music from Dio.

BabyFart McGeezacks : If Tony Iomi wouldn't have lost his finger tips we may not be having this conversation.

idontcare : it's so fucking dope to see someone who's never heard this classic get to experience it for the first time and enjoy it so much. you two are fucking awesome

Kevin Hunt : Please. Please. Please react to "Civil War" by Guns-n-Roses

Ronald Abinsay : Black Sabbarh rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

KGA Digital : "it's beautiful". "it's grabbin you". "you can just groove". Try "Symptom Of the Universe" if you dare.

VeryEvilPettingZoo : My favorite part of the reaction is at @8:53 where he just has to stop _Oh yeah yeah... how much does a drum set cost?_ I don't know the music term for that little shift/pause in middle of that drum cascade, but translated into basketball lingo, that would be an (ankle-breaking) hezzy. Awesome stuff.

Vince Miller : It's like a time machine watching your reactions to War Pigs. I bought this album in 1972 and three or four of my friends and I sat down and spun it. Watching your reactions to every riff and beat instantly transports me back 45+ yrs when a group of High School boys lost their minds listening to Sabbath for the very first time. All smiles here, you've made my day....

Don Perkins : The year is 1971. This album is their 2nd release. And the war in War Pigs is Vietnam, brother. You talk about psychedelic sound in this stuff? Definitely. I call it psychedelic blues and BS is the only band I know of that has done it! Praise be to them!! Play it loud. Such an underrated band....

Biff Malibu : You guys are so funny! God you make me laugh. Anyway, the sound you guys were wondering about on the guitar solo is simply a delay effect that is applied in the studio. It plays back (records) what the guitarist just played only delayed a few seconds. But it's cool and really works well on this song. And you're right, the drummer (Bill Ward) is absolutely sick on this track. Unbelievable.

Kevin Spina : Primus: "My name is Mud" MötorHead: "Ace of Spades" Suicidal Tendencies: "Institutionalized"

Jeremy Brooks : If you think War Pigs has a groove, check out Sabbath's Fairies Wear Boots. It SWINGS. Geezer Butler on Bass and Bill Ward on drums just swing. Love your videos, guys. Keep it up.

Justin Graves - Ball is All : Black men bobbing their heads...nasty face...stank face...Ryan going off...George trying to figure it all out... In 2017 to be this geeked up about a 47 year old song is incredible This is the epitome of excellence...and I rarely listen to stuff like this Best channel on the tube!!! And don't forget about Mural

Yuri D. Boyka : Black Sabbath é a melhor de Heavy Metal. Sabbath forever!

Big McLargehuge : For more Black Sabbath, I really recommend their third album, Master of Reality. Any song from it is fantastic, but the one most people are drawn to is “Into the Void.”

sssstephen99 : This could almost be considered Christian rock with some of the lyrics towards the end.

Cyberjace : Black sabbath the wizard is a really good one to hear drummer bill ward. Bill ward was amazing for that time period john bonham was overrated imo bill ward was better. Also black sabbath was formed before Led Zeppelin.

armadillotoe : Some people say "heavy metal" originated with Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild." The lyrics "heavy metal thunder" may be where the term originated. That would be a great song for you to review. It features an incredible use of a Hammond B3 with Leslies.

Ronald Abinsay : Yes 2 gyitars. Electric gyitar and bass guitar

Atheisticus Sapiens : Tony Iommoi's guitar was overdubbed on a delay for the dual guitar sound.

Donnie Boyles : i can't wait for you guys to do Black Sabbath Rat Salad. It's short but you will be blown away!!!!!!!!

Viking : War Pigs is great! I heard it three days after I turned 19 in a bunker in Nam getting high with a bunch of guys I'll miss forever!

Jason Stinebaugh : If no one has said this before this song was a reaction to Viet Nam.

Ronald Abinsay : Ozzy rules!!!!!!!!!!!

Kay KU : You guys should check out the documentary "God Bless Ozzy Osbourne" it is enlightening and really cool, the dude isn't a satanist, he believes in God's power and he is just speaking the hardships of life on earth, and a lot of it has to do with Good vs. Evil, in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brucehawk09 : To me the backbone of Sabbath's tone was Geezer.

Michael Ledford : Black Sabbath pioneered heavy metal music in their choice of chords and were the originators of writing lyrics about Satan VS our Christian God, the 1st heavy metal song Tony Iommi " Guitar " and Geezer Butler " Bass Guitar " ever wrote was titled Black Sabbath and the song was written to emulate, or copy the scary reaction of a horror movie ,here's where very simple non technical music by Sabbath becomes highly technical playing for its day ,mainly due to Tony writing guitar riffs and chords using what music theory labeled " the Devils Triad " in the 1800's , music theory said a piece of music should NEVER pause, or change with the final notes being a Tritone using a diminished 5th because the chords left listeners feeling angst or aggregated, Tony wrote every riff and every power chord using the diminished 5th to create the same emotions as watching a horror film ,Geezer Butler wrote the lyrics including verses about Satan & God due to his recent involvement in reading books on black magic ,the song Black Sabbath and the band's name were copied from a 1950's horror film called Black Sabbath staring Boris Karlof . To increase the emotion of the listener Geezer wrote his bass lines that closely followed Tonys heavy use of the diminished 5th ,the extreme use of the diminished 5th caused/caused dissonance with the listener who's brain tells us to expect a nice sounding chord ,then we are hit with a diminished 5th that is not a pleasant chord at all . Bill Ward " Drums " further caused dissonance in listeners by his use of Triads in his playing ,as well as Bill used the extended interval " pauses in the pace of the song " to further exaggerate the angst listeners were feeling, now days Black Sabbaths technical musicianship is outmatched by nearly every heavy metal band but Sabbath were the absolute 1st band to break all the rules of music theory being taught at conservatory's and music schools world wide where students were taught to avoid the diminished 5th ,certian Tritone and Triads ,the augmented 4th and the extreme intervals, all of which Black Sabbath combined to create an entirely new genre of music ,before Black Sabbath the use of the devils Tritone and Triads simply were not being played ,early Black Sabbath music was as ground breaking as true geniuses such as Miles Davis and Frank Zappa, it's hard for you kids to imagine the sheer horror Black Sabbath caused the world when they hit the scene because we've become desensitized by overly sexualized music ,extreme violence on TV and extreme lyrics in music ,back in 1970 the Bryds & The Beatles were singing about how great it was to be in love and everything is super fantastic ,then along comes Black Sabbath singing about Lucifer with the lyrics " What is this that stands before me ,figure in black which points at me ,turn round quick and start to run ,find out I'm the chosen one ,oh god please God help me ! That shit f-ed a lot of people up and had America in an uproar ,for an entire year nearly every night on network news was a story about black Sabbath and some community's adverse reaction and hatred of them ,the Catholic church and pope spoke out against black Sabbath, I had only been home from Vietnam for a few months when Sabbath Black Sabbath hit the radio and it frightened me when i 1st heard it ,while everybody wishes Jimi Hendrix influenced Sabbath Tony Iommis guitar playing was 10 times more ground breaking than Hendrix ,I saw both live and seeing Sabbath left me afraid for my mortal soul back then ,even Hendrix couldn't evoke such emotions out of listeners .

Joey : Geezer Butler inspires me to play bass

Jonathan Peters : If you want to see Bill Ward (the drummer) in action you should just watch the video of them playing this song live in Paris 1970. If his drumming in this studio version blows your mind you'll love his live playing

Sledbears _30 : The song was released on September 18, 1970

Seth Hughes : Please do a White Stripes song! If you need a specific, I think “Icky Thump” would offer good commentary