You my best friend, you take care of them

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我喜欢耶稣InfinityTemplar : *That moment Khan lets his guard down and admits hank is his best friend*

I am not Dale Gribble : "Why do you keep watching me you pervert?" 😂😂😂

Jake n' Ado : Khan is so underrated

animangafan342 : basically all my asian friends have told me the same thing. they don't talk down to me like Kahn does to Hank but they gotta have an important job and they have a lot to compete with. Expectations are higher for them than anyone else because the workforce is racist. They wanna fill they minority quotas and there are '"too many asians". they still work hard to surpass the higher expectations set before them tho and they are statistically the most successful group in the US.

sam robacker : I always like Khan episodes, they really humanize him. You got a guy from another country and social class whose constantly braided by inlaws, that break down is believable. I even like the episode where he becomes a redneck. That giving up also makes sense

Unfunny Dilbert 1876 : The part where he calls Hank his best friend is really touching.

Shattering delusions : This scene always was a game changer in how I saw Kahn. All of Kahns snide remarks toward hank. All of his way of bonding. "You're my best friend" in a land where you didn't come from orginally but now call home, perhaps few around you seem genuine and endearing. What do you think?

MrHoppers002 : king of the hill for the first 6 seasons was the best. King of the hill had some very touching moments

bsgambati1 : Why you keep watching me, you pervert? Somebody get the manager!

Katie Fedele : I love propane through and through.

Jalu3 : Model minority expectations

Monster Fox : I love that King of the Hill always ends an emotional scene with a joke to keep things from getting too cheesy lol. It’s touching that Khan considers Hank his best friend even though he desperately wants it to be Ted because of what that would mean for his reputation. In the episode where they leave Connie at the Hills house and the one where the kids go to the Boneyard he admits Hank/his family are the only ones he can trust. 👌✨

souptroophat Esplin : Top 10 anime moments

Sawyer Ramsey : KINGKAHN 😂

David G : "King Khan" is basically "King King" when you think about it in a Turkic perspective.

METALMAN4Wii : Umm where was the shirt soaking back or bowl?

Special Fex : Wow...this show is somethin else

Nocturne22 : I kind of love how he reneges at the end at the end to acknowledge Minh being a fighter; he knows she can take care of things herself.

Antonio Ivanov : Khan is losing his old job but he didn't want to find a new job he have family I'm thought his life has a Japanese accent but Speaking English after moving to America He was looking to start a new breed of the chapter of his life He's a underrated character of King Of The Hill I'm happy that I thought He's better than Hank but Hank Hill is better than Khan and other characters I liked them all. :)

Kevin Johnson : How come Kahn's reflection was a spooky white ghost?

vitoduval : kahn work in systems at bobbys dirt factory

vitoduval : Kahn said Bobby will work in a dirt factory

vitoduval : I get new job make you cry every day.

Moist Madness : What the hell