MadTV 3 Minute Banana Splits
MadTVs 3 Minute Meal has some of the best escalation in a comedy sketch Ive ever seen

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This is the funniest food skit since the "The Eggsellent Marathon season 9 ep 22". I had difficulty breathing after this one. Enjoy.


Tigard O : What a performance. Super talented. Also the tuna melt one.

Claire Mitzuki : They should have done so much more of these.


nathanredgen : Can anyone else hear Bobby Lee laughing?

Justin Lloyd : omfg. the moment she saw that the walnuts were not crushed was when she just completely gave up on life lmfao. i can't stop watching this skit

Dusk Raccoon : A hot ice cream soup with walnut shells and rotten dirty bananas and a bloody fingertip on top.....Happy Valentine's Day *sobs in pain*

Fonzi Ru : Her voice when she screams is perfect for murder movies

Chickie456 : "Do we have a nutcracker?...How about some ICE!?" LOL XD Man she still be on the ice?

METALMAN4Wii : She needs a Lawyer.

LoganSweningson : My brother and I saw this on TV once, and my brother was laughing so hard he choked on a piece of candy, and nearly died. Good thing my dad was around to help him cough it out.

Alby Zero : I just want to hug her

MGOFor3ver : The fresh bananas were in the corner of the table haha.

itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis : She only did about three of these? There should've been at least three more!

iClone Animations : lol "is anybody looking for ice?"

PsychicStoner : I want that microwave! Screw you suggested cook times!

itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis : WILL YOU STOP THE CLOCK WHILE I LOOK FOR MY FINGER!

MusicListener : At least they stopped the clock while she looked for her finger

Leonard Green Jr. : She must be Paul Timberman's wife.

JonTheArtist : This is CLASIC Mad Tv I love this skit so funny! Image if Rachel Ray had only 3 minutes and no already prepared food she'd rip her hair out!

D. S. : Will you stop that clock while i look for my fingeeeer ?!?! lmao

JBlittz : "Ookay!" I died everytime she said that XD

Consumer Whore : " 😣 ... these are the walnuts ... ??" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Kenny Henry : That would be the moment I stop cooking FOREVER!Β 

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deathpearl360 : i learned how to make banana split from watching this.

WynterSoldier : 0:53 Clearly Bobby Lee cracking up.

Whtxombi : Wonder what she did to piss off her producers so much.

Peter Corrigan : Oh, Crista. I love you so much.

Ryan Le : Love is in the air. Can you feel it? I sure can! *3 minutes later* Burned, fingerless and toothless! Thats some kinda love you are feeling!

Eau Rouge : Ooooh, poor Crista

Ricer Nubira : savage!! almost peed from laughing so hard xD

Miss Exorcist : the sad part...this skit went past 3 mins lmao

Tom Boyer : Crista Flanagan, just brilliant.


Phillip potee : Why am I just now discovering these??????

Jeff Quintero : Idk about y'all but she looks fine with that blonde wig

Arek Borowski : "Do we have a nutcracker?.....How about some ice?" she's great :D

FARMER GIOVANNI : I would imagine if she did that in reality on a cooking TV show, it would be funny as HELL!!😝

JCLAnimal19 : When she's freaking out about the lack of ice and the sink not working lmfaoo that was mad funny!! I feel so bad for Rachel R.. Sorry Wendy Walker

Bob Loblaw : Best impression of Sandra Lee I've ever seen, she's been batshit for a long time.

Mezmerized4Life Jay : Them bananas though πŸ˜‚

Remeez1000 : way more entertaining than watching john cenaΒ 

Aki Fox : My heart melted and I felt so bad at the end when she cried out "Happy Valentine's Day..."

Mago Gosora : Is there still no ice?

Justin Cuzzupe : I can see why she went the extra mile with those walnuts ... the split looked great already, and the crushed walnuts made it perfect lol

Jasper Small : Random Request if you're good at pulling up old Mad TV sketches: Funky Walker Dirty Talker with Mark Hammil, cannot find it to save my life.

Abused Peanut : Who is the actress? She is hilarious!!

Wonder Floflo : j'adore :) <3

Scottf929 : β€œAh ha! There we go, our ice cream is donAAAAAHHHH!!!”