MadTV 3 Minute Banana Splits

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METALMAN4Wii : She needs a Lawyer.

TheCorySimpson : this video should be titled "How to Induce Anxiety"

Claire Mitzuki : They should have done so much more of these.


Justin Lloyd : omfg. the moment she saw that the walnuts were not crushed was when she just completely gave up on life lmfao. i can't stop watching this skit

nathanredgen : Can anyone else hear Bobby Lee laughing?

LoganSweningson : My brother and I saw this on TV once, and my brother was laughing so hard he choked on a piece of candy, and nearly died. Good thing my dad was around to help him cough it out.

Chickie456 : "Do we have a nutcracker?...How about some ICE!?" LOL XD Man she still be on the ice?

Tigard O : What a performance. Super talented. Also the tuna melt one.

Fonzi Ru : Her voice when she screams is perfect for murder movies

MGOFor3ver : The fresh bananas were in the corner of the table haha.

Dusk Raccoon : A hot ice cream soup with walnut shells and rotten dirty bananas and a bloody fingertip on top.....Happy Valentine's Day *sobs in pain*

Jon Petrovich : This is CLASIC Mad Tv I love this skit so funny! Image if Rachel Ray had only 3 minutes and no already prepared food she'd rip her hair out!

FrankGarrett316 : lol "is anybody looking for ice?"

PsychicStoner : I want that microwave! Screw you suggested cook times!

Whtxombi : Wonder what she did to piss off her producers so much.

D. S. : Will you stop that clock while i look for my fingeeeer ?!?! lmao

itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis : WILL YOU STOP THE CLOCK WHILE I LOOK FOR MY FINGER!

JBlittz : "Ookay!" I died everytime she said that XD

Indicouch Entertainment : Sponsored by Spishak

Leonard Green Jr. : She must be Paul Timberman's wife.

ruzzell907 : The producers are assholes torturing Wendy Walker for our entertainment, sadists. 😂

FrankGarrett316 : This crowd sucks....there's moments here that they should've been laughing. Like what's up with the pure silence in the beginning when she first complains about the ticking sound, there should've been some light chuckles there.

Peter Corrigan : Oh, Crista. I love you so much.

itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis : She only did about three of these? There should've been at least three more!

deathpearl360 : i learned how to make banana split from watching this.

Eau Rouge : Ooooh, poor Crista

MusicListener : At least they stopped the clock while she looked for her finger

Jeff Quintero : Idk about y'all but she looks fine with that blonde wig

Consumer Whore : " 😣 ... these are the walnuts ... ??" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Phillip potee : Why am I just now discovering these??????

Ricer Accent : savage!! almost peed from laughing so hard xD

Miss Exorcist : the sad part...this skit went past 3 mins lmao

FARMER GIOVANNI : I would imagine if she did that in reality on a cooking TV show, it would be funny as HELL!!😝

Abused Peanut : Who is the actress? She is hilarious!!


MusicListener : Cold water is better for burns than ice

james10614 : That is the most unappealing banana split that I've ever laid eyes on. 🍌🍨

WynterSoldier : 0:53 Clearly Bobby Lee cracking up.

Athena Amiga : She should have just walked off the set. She's the star of the show, she don't need to take that shit, Lol! 😂

Carlos Clayton : Man when she broke her tooth LMFAO

Manu Hell : Crista is my idol

Alby Zero : I just want to hug her

Hazukichan X : *Always* budget at least ten or twenty minutes of time for making a banana split, or this will happen to you. This has been a public service educational broadcast.

Wheel 2000 : The whipped cream was the only thing that went right.

Scottf929 : “Ah ha! There we go, our ice cream is donAAAAAHHHH!!!”

Omar Dominguez : We'll just let the ice cream cool down a little bit

Aki Fox : My heart melted and I felt so bad at the end when she cried out "Happy Valentine's Day..."

Mago Gosora : Is there still no ice?

Bethany O'Neal : I felt so bad when she cried over the walnuts