BAM Margera vs Dico Hot Air Balloon Height

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Doug Medrano : Lmfao dude is crazy af

Free Smoke : He damn near comes back down laughing.. I remember watching this when it first aired as a teen and this still trips me out.. this was the definition of staying calm in a hazardous situation

cas : always has to be center of attention, mr bam margera, a.d.h.d. kid

cas : "Your gonna drive me crazy kid " mmmbbbwaahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin Jennings : Damn he got way higher then I remember lol 😂😂

CitiZen Filly : how is this guy still alive

Wholemanatee : “Don’t you dare fall!”

Kelly Nodwell : That was awesome!

Evan : a true legend knows no fear....

Nokio : You'll be missed Ryan Dunn.

GanjaBoii300 : Hella dope makes me wanna try 😂😂

Gishinlok the r/CupsOnEdges Moderator : You wanna be the Flying Frenchie? Because this is how you end up like the Flying Frenchie.

Macs Eagle : Drugs are a hell of a drug.

Michael Parker : Damn I miss this show!!

Estetyk Music : Funniest episode ever

Scrody McBoogerballs : I was just telling someone about this the other day lmao

Michael Gardner : Was, not is. Was.

Unspecified : no intelligent "stunt" just worrying his parents

John F : Very beginning Dunn looking up basically saying hold my beer lol

Kal Sizzle : damn bam is a manlet

hahahajackmyswag : Would trade bam for Dunn in a heartbeat

dwd ded : Bro thats scary lmaoooo

Space Cowboy : "he are sick" hahahahahaahahhaah

iCHAWY : Balls of steeeeel

Henrik F : He are sick!!!!!!!!!

MarthaStout0202 : Glad it was tethered!!

aqczer4 : viva la bam mtv

FuryFight3r : ha, thats the funniest part about this clip :)

FuryFight3r : hahah yeh he's sick as!

seth hunter : bam is fuckin awsome

seth hunter : he fuggn acts like nothing ever happend

Phillguy : ... retard.. no, sorry ... that's insulting to the mentally challenged.