Benedict Cumberbatch Does a Magic Trick | Vanity Fair

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Water can be cool, but Benedict Cumberbatch makes it cooler. Executive Producer Eric Leffler; Production Director Jeremy Elkin; Audio Tech William Pierce; Magician Kevin James; Edited by Nikhil Shah; Photographed by Jason Bell; Creative Director (Fashion and Style); Jessica Diehl; Producer Cate Sturgess; Groomer Jordan Bree Long; Set Designer Rob Strauss Produced on location by Roger Dong for GE Projects Kevin James is part of “The Illusionists,” which you can see touring across North America or on Broadway at The Palace theater starting this November with their newest show “Turn of the Century.” Still haven’t subscribed to Vanity Fair on YouTube? ►► ABOUT VANITY FAIR Arts and entertainment, business and media, politics, and world affairs—Vanity Fair’s features and exclusive videos capture the people, places, and ideas that define modern culture. Benedict Cumberbatch Does a Magic Trick | Vanity Fair

Comments from Youtube

Alex Rodriguez : He said "water" at the end in an American accent. It's... Strange.

Mayur Gangawane : Our Sorcerer Supreme, everyone!

stella pm : I wasted about 3 litres of water now trying to recreate that trick. Well done, Benedict!

Aang Pearce : Ive never been more thirsty in my life

Kayjp : To me everything is a magic trick with him because I'm focused so much on him that when he picks up something I'm like woah when did that appear in his hand

Seb J. Whoever : I bet he has pengwings swimming in his water in order to make it more flavorful (Y)

Dr. Jones : Benedict Cramberpatch may have made water cool, but he also made me gay

Nadeshka Holmes : Everything is sexy if Benedict is present.

Radculas : his american accent "water!" at the end though!

Guide to Street Magic : Wow his performance was surprisingly professional and patter well rehearsed :)

Camilo Iribarren : Doctor Strange is real! Comic books are coming to life

I Jaxhen : Is he Sherlock? or Strange? We don't know.

River Stykxx : there's another magic trick. he stole our hearts


stella pm : that magazine cover!!!

Big evo Man : He should do a trick with a penwing

grace eubank : Him gulping down water is the most aesthetic thing i've ever seen

Elif : 0:05 I'd love to drink that drink from the bottle( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pragya Malkani : omg when he takes that straw in is mouth and says drink lots of it then goes slurp slurp I died.

Joe Haynes : Sherlock Homes Does a Magic Trick*

Junmar Ellazo : I wish i was the water!!

BarthRevan : The Sorcerer Supreme.

Tin Films : Wow, he really is The Sorcerer Supreme.

Teradoc123 : what kind of sorcery is this, dr. strange?

delete this : i was expecting him to evaporate i'm glad you're still with us B love, the Fireplaced xx

BackAlleyTANGO : His voice is so incredibly deep and rich. Be still my heart.

Iz C : 1:24 DANG he looks so good, channeling some old Hollywood vibes there

Peperle St-Jacques : Dammit Strange, get back to fighting Dormammu!

YingHuei Wu : That magazine cover tho😍😍

Yamin Thein : That cover though! Woooooo! Gave me a heart attack!

Beste Karaca : Come on we know he learned this trick from dr strange right?

The LocoKiran : he's forty; I'm twelve........ and I still think he is hawt I luv him he is bae

Takeya Saito : pretty simple trick but now i'm thirsty ...

Bella : The collar on the jacket !

Tomski H : That's not magic. It's basic science. But what is magic is how long they get people to willingly wait between Sherlock series.

ThePizzageek : who else said 'lucky straw!' when he started drinking?

retnavybrat : 0:06 -- So he's the perfect snack. ; )

ChicoFreezz : 0:00 - scantily poured from the neck of the bottle 1:16 - and here it is plentifully poured why? 0:20 - because the nozzle inside the throat, it can be clearly seen here 1:03 - clings the nozzle with a lid from the throat flows first at the pressure on the bottle 0:00

Zymonette Buenaflor : I would give anything for that Straw!

Manshun Neupane : he pronounced wader instead of water like americans at the end

Jennifer Jimenez : Daddy af

Val Payne : Where can I get that cover printed in poster size??? yum

Neala Ernswa : Love this nerd

Deeply Marinated : this made me wet (sorry i just had too)

mangagod123 : behold magic with water drops the bottle. see that's gravity really

Kitty Biersack : did anyone else notice that he said that water is "one of four ancient elements," then listed three?

Anina Holbek : Oy! That intro at 0:04 - BC is low in nutrients. Benedict Cumberbatch, the man, the myth, the legend Amount per serving: Calories 0, Fat 0, Not a significant source of fat cal. Wow

FeralSpirit : These comments have me LOLing... XD

igaratih : That eye when he look directly to the camera in 0:39 and the expression saying "I Did it!!"...playing it cool Sherlock..