Benedict Cumberbatch Does a Magic Trick | Vanity Fair

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Mayur Gangawane : Our Sorcerer Supreme, everyone!

Guide to Street Magic : Wow his performance was surprisingly professional and patter well rehearsed :)

Ebun Ladipo : When he said water can be liquid, I said "No shit Sherlock!" and I have not spoken since. I am still in shock.

Shanon Thompson : "dont waste water" *drops water on floor*

stella pm : I wasted about 3 litres of water now trying to recreate that trick. Well done, Benedict!

Aang Pearce : Ive never been more thirsty in my life

Elif : 0:05 I'd love to drink that drink from the bottle( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Camilo Iribarren : Doctor Strange is real! Comic books are coming to life

stella pm : that magazine cover!!!

Kayjp : To me everything is a magic trick with him because I'm focused so much on him that when he picks up something I'm like woah when did that appear in his hand

Junmar Ellazo : I wish i was the water!!

Nadeshka Holmes : Everything is sexy if Benedict is present.

yaseen reza : I lose more and more faith in humanity for every poor soul that doesn't understand how the "trick" works... Dear God, what is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring!

Oleg Doronin : *his fingers... his voice...*

Seb J. Whoever : I bet he has pengwings swimming in his water in order to make it more flavorful (Y)

Jinko Bells : oh benedict only u can make water so fucking sexy that voice i cant handle

Yvette Wu : That magazine cover tho😍😍

delete this : i was expecting him to evaporate i'm glad you're still with us B love, the Fireplaced xx


ibtrumpet513 : The Sorcerer Supreme.

Radculas : his american accent "water!" at the end though!

Pragya Malkani : omg when he takes that straw in is mouth and says drink lots of it then goes slurp slurp I died.

I Jaxhen : Is he Sherlock? or Strange? We don't know.

Takeya Saito : pretty simple trick but now i'm thirsty ...

Loony Kroony : water is sexy already. then Cumberbatch. boom. the death of all ovaries

BackAlleyTANGO : His voice is so incredibly deep and rich. Be still my heart.

Bill Page : very good job

Tin Films : Wow, he really is The Sorcerer Supreme.

Joe Haynes : Sherlock Homes Does a Magic Trick*

Anina Holbek : Oy! That intro at 0:04 - BC is low in nutrients. Benedict Cumberbatch, the man, the myth, the legend Amount per serving: Calories 0, Fat 0, Not a significant source of fat cal. Wow

Peperle St-Jacques : Dammit Strange, get back to fighting Dormammu!

Neala Ernswa : Love this nerd

Yamin Thein : That cover though! Woooooo! Gave me a heart attack!

Fourface : The trick is the bottle cap. Its got two caps instead of one. When he opens the bottle the second time he removes the false cap as well thus letting the water flow freely.

SakkeeKiev : КУЕТА!!!!

Teradoc123 : what kind of sorcery is this, dr. strange?

Iz C : 1:24 DANG he looks so good, channeling some old Hollywood vibes there

Jinko Bells : this made me wet (sorry i just had too)

ThePizzageek : who else said 'lucky straw!' when he started drinking?

Manshun Neupane : he pronounced wader instead of water like americans at the end

Bella : The collar on the jacket !

Alex Rodriguez : He said "water" at the end in an American accent. It's... Strange.

Kitty Biersack : did anyone else notice that he said that water is "one of four ancient elements," then listed three?

Nihilism : Benedict Cramberpatch may have made water cool, but he also made me gay

Alexandru Ene : Go vegan!

River Stykxx : there's another magic trick. he stole our hearts

Big evo Man : He should do a trick with a penwing

Bruh : He's so cute

LeafyIsQueer : Don't waste water.... where the fuck have I heard that from?

The LocoKiran : he's forty; I'm twelve........ and I still think he is hawt I luv him he is bae