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I LOVE to DJ....but when I got a peak at the business side of it I saw a dark place full of snakes selling a fantasy. This is my story and my experience. I'm sure others have better experiences so correct me if i'm wrong in the comments below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👕MERCH : 😀PATREON: 💊DRUG TEST KITS: 📲INSTAGRAM: 📲TWITTER: 📲FACEBOOK: 🎵SOUNDCLOUD: 🎵MY MUSIC: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS: This is a reupload from a few months back. I had originally deleted it a day or two after posting due to the fact there were people involved in the situation I didn't want to offend. After speaking with them I realized they really didn't care so here it is again!


Adel Almaskari : Nice Very nice Smoke some drink some

Simeon in 't Veld : Dude, I subbed to your channel for the psychedelic content at first. I have been producing video an animation for a long time. Music for a few years and I am now looking in to starting out as a DJ. You energy is just awesome man! Keep doin' what you do! love it!

Ryan Bergen : Just found your channel. You’re a rad person. Thanks, and keep it up please! Peace to you

Jesus Ballesteros : I love your videos bro I remember growing up Binge watching your old videos with your brother keep the videos coming g when you going to a festival again ?

joe11125 : This video is sick man! Keep it up!

THE SLOW DEATH HOOKS : great video, love your music

310TANK EBT CREW : Check out my music I drop the dopest tracks of all time lol let me know what you think I NEED A REAL DJ approval thanks and have a great day

Sage : Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Drippy Splashn : U are a gangster

Andrew Clinton : hiya, its DJ Awe from England. I've been DJing since about 1987, the first place I DJed was the Limelight in London, pretty amazing, I once saw an impromptu show from some of the guys from RunDMC and the Beastie boys there. I was doing the basement every week, playing rare groove and hip hop, I remember the DJ from the main room coming down and telling me to turn the music down and play something chill as there is more people in my room than the main room. From there I started playing parties for various new age traveller groups, they called themselves "circuses" , there was circus normal, circus warp, and the amazing mutiod waste company, I was pretty much the only DJ on the scene. I was playing dub reggae,hip hop and psychedelic stuff like the Ozric Tentacles and Hawkwind.These parties were in traveller yards,which was normally large open industrial wasteland,with maybe some railway arches or an old fucked up warehouse with no roof. So at some point in 1987 I bought a copy of Phuture "Acid trax", I remember being in the record shop (Groove records) when it came in on import from Trax records, I was hooked on acid house straight away and started playing it at these new age traveller parties, to a fair bit of bemusement, but pretty soon they turned into fully fledged raves, with everyone taking acid. Ecstasy was still pretty rare in those days, it was in the gay clubs but it cost £25 a pill. The acid everyone was taking was "white lightning" and black/purple micro-dots(there was also a lot of speed going around).So I was still pretty much the only DJ on the scene, but at some point around 1989/1990 suddenly EVERYONE was a DJ, DJ decks started outselling guitars. I had been playing for some rave soundsystems like Spiral Tribe at increasingly large illegal venues but it started becoming a drag, you would turn up and there would be 10 DJs all trying to get on the decks. All this time the most I ever got paid was £50, usually it was a few beers and an E. The final straw was "Castle Morton", the UKs largest ever illegal rave, that led to the government introducing new anti-rave laws. It was pretty amazing, it made the front cover of all the news papers and was on the news. I turned up with my records but all the sound systems that I had been playing on for years had a queue of DJs about 50 strong, I could DJ maybe in 15 hours or something, so I ended up getting high as fuck and not DJing at all (green soft squidgy Es). That was pretty much the last time I tried DJing at an illegal rave. So around this time I had joined a band as a scratch DJ and they started getting a lot of success, we played the main stages of all the big festivals,Glastonbury/Reading, was on a lot of TV shows, toured the world and sold a ton of records (about 500,000), I hardly got paid for all this, we were on a wage of £200 a week for about 3 years. We were paying other people like lawyers and producers 10s of thousands, we used the New York producer Arthur Baker for our second album. So in my experience theres not a lot of money in being a DJ, even if you "make it big" and sell a ton of records. The DJs from my scene that made it really big, and made a lot of money, people like Carl Cox, were playing at these other types of raves, that were put on by east end gangsters jumping on the bandwagon, they were these huge events with funfairs and shit, playing the more commercial type of rave, all sped up vocals and shit. with bouncers everywhere. The DJs got their name on these big glossy flyers and the DJ was centre of attention. To me this wasn't really in the spirit of rave, or what my experience of raves was, the illegal "traveller" parties.At these parties the DJ was usually hidden away somewhere, if there was any flyers they were crappy paper ones, it was mostly word of mouth, there was bonfires everywhere, you could crash out without fear of having someone go through your pockets, there would be punks,hippies,bikers, hip hop kids and ravers mixing. The DJ never talked on the mic, except to say something funny like theres opium hot knives being served in the blue caravan, and you could play whatever you liked, I would drop Pink Floyd quite regularly in the middle of a rave/acid set. To me all the big commercial raves were fakes, I was a bit jealous of the big glossy flyers that were appearing everywhere though,, a lot of these DJs went on to become superstar DJs,,Fabio,Grooverider,Carl Cox etc. Ive noticed at a lot of events Ive played at the DJ is the last person to get paid, everyone else, the bar staff, door staff etc all get paid first, they think the DJ is doing it as a hobby or something, you should always make sure you get paid. peace