Cats Playing Patty-cake, what they were saying...

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Linda Gísla : My favorite video! Thanks!!!!

Luke Piper : You know that's probably actually what the cats were thinking when they both looked over at the cameraman. "Oh hello creeper."

Kaleb K : Wow, genius video. It even broke the fourth wall. Needs an oscar.

Annika O'Brien : Why was there a spooky church logo thing at the beginning? Did anybody else see that?

faze Jennifer : yup..years later...still hysterical.

Victor Kunchev : ''It's not over - it's never over.''

Robin James : Why have I only just discovered this!? I LOVE it. 

MOVED ACCOUNTS : Now I see why cats sometimes scratch people.. THEY WANNA PLAY PATTY CAKE

Dom C : 1:05 Lmao, he slaped him softly and he was like "Oh dude,dude! What was that!!!???"

RedLikeWine : ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katesecret : This video NEVER gets old!

NMA-T : That was so funny. It must have been hard to film the cats doing that at the right time.

kglaser11 : "It's not over.  It's NEVER OVER." XD

נער ציון : A lot of memories watching this........

faze Jennifer : yup..years later...still hysterical.

Jo Ann Lynch : as a cat breeder I can tell you this is amazingly funny and the voice over is hysterical. you seriously want to know what the cats are thinking and yep this sounds about right!!:-)

Elani Aniyvwia : How do I teach my kitty to do this??

Elliott Jones : I prefer the French version

Shelly Lyons Cline : That's not roll it, that's not roll it, that's not roll it.....

Lu KN : "Oh hello creeper." :-D

Bruce Angel : Hands down the best cat video I've ever seen!

HiHunnyImHome : this vid made "patty cake" famous outside america

George Seedhouse : Best video evaaaaaa

E Z : *Top 10 cutest anime fights*

Jasper Rose : I remember when I first saw this X3

Rosemary Linn : Hilarious, loved it

Benjamin Weagant : I would like to thank the Lord that this isn't a woodchipper...

Luxither : is he talking about a minecraft creeper?

WheresMyBuns : I think that might be lazy fighting

Gabriel Rodriguez : this video never gets old

Bunnie T. : These cats take their patty cake seriously

Amy Jones : If you find this funny, the French version is even funnier! Even with subtitles I still find it funnier and the voices are better on the French one, it's called Dans la Capucine ☺

DiLayla D : It was like watching two Tony Starks high on caffeine having the time of their lives playing Patty Cake under the unamused eye of the "creeper", a.k.a. Nick Fury!! 😂😂😂

Mayeesha Masud : OH MY GOD

Nate : What exactly are they doing?

subliminalwish : This will always, always be my favorite cat video. 😂

Xiomi nanda : laziest cat fight ever.

ItzJamie_And_Amie : How come youtube never reccommed me this before

Mia Hess : Outstanding!!!!!!!

MissBlackAttack : Man I forgot how funny this was 😂😂

Yoshi Sanoy : I never seen a cats playing like that before! Hilarious hahaha! Just wow! awesome!!!

Bowser14456 : Best. vid. ever. XD

Definitely Miami Vice : "Hello, creeper! What's good, what's good?" 😆

Lucy Lulu : They are so cute and I want to hug all of them up. Two kitties getting hugged by me. Hug them up! 

TwilightLaceDream : I still love this video. So cute and funny! <3

quinn coco : lol just brilliant

Matches_Malone : I thought the cat was looking in a mirror at first

Diana Brantley : OMG ~ I've watched this sooooooooooooooo many times and keep coming back for a gooooooooood laugh...I love it :)

ClaudiaSLCdrag : Ooh...I loved it! Very good voice over, and the kittens were so cute.

Patricia Wolford : The voice-over is priceless!