How Well-Meaning, Intelligent People End Up in a Cult

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Neil : the problem with humanity is that people love to follow a leader ,but he remains higher and better than then so dis empowering them ,a true leader is to bring people to his level ,that is what Jesus is about ,

kevin McFree : you dont need to live in a compound to be in a cult. jehovahs witnesses, scientologoy, mormons all high control cults

J ETN : Very interesting documentary. The foundation for any place of learning is what the Teacher or founder knows, or is. If he doesn't really have the qualities (enlightenment, higher perspective, transcendence of the Ego) he claims to teach, it is just a game. Ironic that the title of his publication during that time seems to eerily call him out, asking: "What Is Enlightenment?"

Keon Aureii : If a religion talks to you about how beautiful is evolution.... run!

I AM (david long) : Wait, was was the bad thing that happened to anyone in this cult?

Lisa Zoria : Being in a cult is like being in a relationship with a narcissist but on a mass scale.

kjf414 : Cohen is a narcissist. Now he is also a "fallen guru," who fled to India in disgrace.

Callison Slater : "One man's cult is another man's religion"

Katherine Kelly : The leader and the followers fall into a co-dependent relationship. The cult leader becomes addicted to the feeling of omnipotence that the followers create. This is similar to fame and why so many who become famous also become mentally ill. Charlie Sheen as an example. The followers become seduced by the mentality of the crowd that is seen in riots. (strength in numbers), another form of omnipotence but through association. The leader and the followers are experiencing the same thing but created in two different ways. This is why political fervor and religious fervor look similar to one who is not engaged with either. The fervor appears as a form of madness to one who is not part of it because there is no self in those caught up in the fervor. At its core it is simply trying to be free from the pressures our conscious mind creates in its understanding of its own mortality and eventual demise (Suffering & Terror). Everyone is living out their own personal existential crisis and the only difference is the path each takes. Those who seek escape through something outside themselves are at greatest risk for being seduced (confused) by that which actually keeps them trapped in the crisis.

Mikℯ Kℯn† : What is that black trapezoidal prism on the floor of the room Cohen was being interviewed in, like at 15:00?

Nunya Bidness : This is the whitest cult I've ever seen.

Pragmatic Entertainment : At least he admit something was wrong, and spoke to the camera.

Neev : Be wary of the "gurus". Be wary of the use of rhetoric and dogma. When someone say "spirituality", ask what they mean by that? Most of the time the answers are asinine. That, and if anyone claims to be "enlightened", ask what they mean by that. Once again, the answers will give you your truth.

Doge : how is it a cult? he has his ideas of living and he's teaching that. it's not for everyone. would you say eckhart tolle is a cult leader?

lydia : people need to stop being like 'omg they're so dumb!!' this could happen to anyone, you should be thinking more about how scary it is how easily it could be for anyone even you on your high mighty pedestal to fall into a cult so just shut up.

Holy Atheist : Maybe if other schools of thought like philosophy or psychology had a similar model to religion where people could freely congregate, learn, speak to each other, and share ideas, escapes like these cults would be less popular.

Mary Therese McCool : When a person becomes more important than the message, then you know there's a problem.

Peter Finn : This guy has serious Psychological issues that he has 'hidden' all his life. Even after the dissolution of his bogus religion he still attempts to present himself as a 'superior being.' The best thing he could do is just not talk about anything that has an association with spirituality.

Marc Jacobs : I'm so tired of people blaming their (spiritual) ''teacher(s)'' for the unfairness they did to them. Trust me, we're all victims and we can all come up with someone or something to blame our shortcomings, disappointments or the devastating moments of our lives on. Take some bloody responsibility for your own behavior and ''authority-problem''. So, in this case, many of Cohen's students resonate(d) with the message about the ''Evolution of Consciousness'' and sort of believe(d) in that. So, the bloody ''EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS'' for fuck's sake, and you blame your misery or mistreatment on ONE BLOODY PERSON, that's beyond hilarious, considering the topic of YOU or YOUR PLACE in this ''Grand Splendor Evolution-of-Consciousness'' way-of-thinking. What a joke. I met Andrew a couple of times and went to one of his retreats somewhere in Spain, like I met dozens of ''teachers'' of yoga/meditation the last 30 years. For me I just take what is needed for me (and diligently try it out) at the time and move on, or stay a little first :-) I make an attempt to notice the qualities of a person/''teacher''/''master'', store what I hear that resonates with me, don't believe any of them, but just listen to them, apply what resonates, and, for as long as it's beneficial for me as well as for others, do that and move the hell on. So, if one decides to stay with some ''master/teacher'' whatever, then take full responsibility for what that decision did to you and just whine about your decision or situation afterwards without shoving the blame on someone else. I feel blaming someone or something only has a lasting impression when it's a very short term thing.....

rdgloveshouse : he said something about a calamity? and taking repsoinsibiilty/.. anybody know what specifically happened? this is so vague

J W : Sam Rosen STILL seems confused as could be!!!

lm mcg : It's very easy to fall into this. These churches go out of their way to be extra nice. Especially if you haven't much close family. You feel this acceptance and love around you. It's kind of addictive almost. Your past is irrelevant and they just take you for what you are. I was in a church for 5 years and it was so hard to leave. When I left I was dropped completely which was almost more hurtful. I considered these people to be family. It's all consuming. even if you get into a relationship or have friendships they tell you to bring them to church. Even your social life is all about church. Even now it's only 3 or 4 months from I left. I'm still getting texts to say we miss you and the girls (my daughters).

Alex Tkachev : why am I laughing so hard? oh right not knowing that you are joining a cult. I got a thing for all of that to see a mile away.

Miguel Rosado : There have been monks, gurus, enlightened peoples, etc. for thousands of years. How many problems have they been able to solve? How many innovations or scientific breakthroughs have they contributed? How much have they advanced human consciousness? Haven’t all of them required financial support? What information are you missing to conclude that these are just misguided endeavors?

geosutube : Founded by Deepak Chopra, the Wizard of Woo.

voteZDLR : Just another Jew doing the devil's work. Nothing new here.

sonoki82 : I actually read a book by this guy, which was given to me. I thought it was a lot of BS. He endlessly yaps about "enlightenment" without ever defining it and recites the praise other people have heaped on him. Very creepy and off-putting. That having been said, these people were not coerced. They chose to be there. They got something out of it. They were free to leave at any time, and did leave when they wanted to. They don't claim to have been physically abused, deprived of sleep or nutrition or exploited financially.

lilacbed : when will people question islam next??????

Chris Dolphin : Wonder how effective these sort of teaching/recruitments are, now that we have Rick and Morty, and The School of Life.

Tari Nai : This is not too bad, they didnt kill ppl, blow up stuff, incite riots...

modvs1 : Andrew used to make me dress like a school boy and throw toothpicks into a scaled model of a volcano, while I barked like a leopard seal. He used to watch me do this from behind a one way mirror. Not sure what all that means, but I definitely felt enlightened after each session. Jah Bless!

k. rich : this is stupid, how can ppl be so gullible

ABDS Corporation Mr. Tran : What is worshiped, works. And love must positively benefit all people, all things, under all conditions, all the time. Unfortunately, in this case, it didn't. Throughout history, it's all about moral and ethics. It is impossible to regulate human behaviors. Because we are not mechanical men.

Kip Andrew : That was dope. I absolutely loved that I wish it was longer.

77543345 : Prostration isn't unusual... typical in many eastern religions. Don't know why such ominous music was used in that scene. An uncultured choice...

Troy Porter : Jesus loves us!! I have truly felt how God has transformed my life. I encourage anyone who is looking for hope to open up the bible and read the letters of Paul. Romans is a great place to start and I would suggest reading the NLT translation. It is a very accurate and easy read to read translation of The Word of God from the original Greek.

James Dunn : lol this could be used to describe the weirdo retarded leftists that read the Atlantic!!!!

mainefem : Worthless scam artist!

Gary Finneyfrock : I could never follow one person, religion or a cult. There are so many choices in this world and so much to choose to follow ones own journey. Its all about the  $$$$. Their are 4500+ religions and beliefs in the world, grab many that soot your fancy, Ill know in the end of life what this journey was all about and sent right back again.