'Holy Sh*t, We’re in a Cult!'

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JoziTube : The property is nice can't they use it for something else

Mary Therese McCool : When a person becomes more important than the message, then you know there's a problem.

Gaia : The fact that he had a picture of himself in everybody's room was a big red flag!

Sean Kent : Nothing wrong with meditating for hours

Daniel Tynan : He described getting involved in the cult EXACTLY the same way someone gets hooked on drugs. He "tried" it and got really high .. so he kept going back. . .eventually he wasn't getting very high anymore .but all his friends and life was in the cult so he was dependent on it. .even though it became damaging.

metacarpitan : From the moment you say you are enlightned you arent.

Chad Kennedy : Lol he called it "hell's gate"

Bennirae : I was part of a christian organization that overall, had biblical teachings, and in and of itself was not a cult. But the way the leader separated us from outside influences, made us feel special and unique from everyone else and built a level of pride and exclusivism telling us no one outside of our program would ever understand our experiences, I can confidently say I was part of a cult. I was reading some of the previous comments about how people don't realize how easy it is to get sucked in. From personal experience I can tell you that sometimes it doesn't even matter what the content is that is being taught, it can all come down to the leader. The man that led the program was very charismatic and it covered up a lot of the things that were wrong with his leadership. He was a perpetual liar and narcissist. He made us believe back stories about himself that exalted him while appearing to be vulnerable and humble. He would say one thing to someone and another completely opposite thing to another, often pitting us against each other while keeping himself on everyone's good side. The program he led went on for ten years before it was finally stopped by our new pastor. Towards the end, the leader had students convinced they were being spied on by church leadership and that no one could be trusted outside the program. He ended up having an affair with a staff member and leaving his family as well as the church. I have story after story of things that only made sense once analyzed outside the context of the program (which i was in for two years.) I can say that it is very easy, especially as a young person, to follow someone who seems more knowledgeable, more wise, more put together when you feel none of those things. It took some forgiveness and just all around decision to move on to step past that betrayal of trust but there is hope. I can honestly say i'm a lot less impressed with charisma now and more impressed with steadiness and people who prove themselves with more than words.

lm mcg : It's very easy to fall into this. These churches go out of their way to be extra nice. Especially if you haven't much close family. You feel this acceptance and love around you. It's kind of addictive almost. Your past is irrelevant and they just take you for what you are. I was in a church for 5 years and it was so hard to leave. When I left I was dropped completely which was almost more hurtful. I considered these people to be family. It's all consuming. even if you get into a relationship or have friendships they tell you to bring them to church. Even your social life is all about church. Even now it's only 3 or 4 months from I left. I'm still getting texts to say we miss you and the girls (my daughters).

Leah : I'm in something of a celibate icebox myself 😟

km414 : Cohen is a narcissist. Now he is also a "fallen guru," who fled to India in disgrace.

Peter Finn : This guy has serious Psychological issues that he has 'hidden' all his life. Even after the dissolution of his bogus religion he still attempts to present himself as a 'superior being.' The best thing he could do is just not talk about anything that has an association with spirituality.

nice tree : In September 2016, after over three years absence from public life, Cohen unveiled a redesigned website. This included an announcement of his intention to return to formal teaching, beginning with a retreat planned for early 2017............I guess enligtenment is a hard habit to break...lol

Callison Slater : "One man's cult is another man's religion"

Cruel Angel : Intelligence is not equal to critical thinking skills.

Jacob Cauley : How did people sit & listen to this man for hours & hours? His voice is so monotone & soft with no emotion. I would’ve lost my mind.

Kip Andrew : That was dope. I absolutely loved that I wish it was longer.

thomas parisi : I think, from the explanations and testimonies given, that Andrew Cohen may have started out truly helping and inspiring his students- until his ego grew and he devolved into something else. Kinda sad for all involved.

Five Dee : Interesting piece. The biggest piece I took away from watching this, was gratitude for the 1.5x speed button.

Tamas Marcuis : A malignant narcissist's place is in Business and Politics where they can harm the many not the few.

J H : Sam Rosen STILL seems confused as could be!!!

thomas seven : Sounds like they all learned from their experience. Including Andrew Cohen. Gotta respect that.

rdgloveshouse : he said something about a calamity? and taking repsoinsibiilty/.. anybody know what specifically happened? this is so vague

Thora F : Fascinating to hear from the cultleaders side too, how you become something like that.

GuacamoleKun : 2:00 well shit. I actually understand how that happened. But I guess I'll learn from this guy's mistakes, and if something screams "cult", I'll make extra sure to not then JOIN THE OBVIOUS CULT. Not to self: if there's a particular person in charge, and the group can't exist without that person: DO NOT JOIN.

Travis Reese : Instructions unclear, ended up starting own religion

Hanah Johnson : Natural born followers. A bunch of individuals who are Easily lead and looking to fit in or belong... to anything!!

Carly Lavine : so athiests are safe

Tari Nai : This is not too bad, they didnt kill ppl, blow up stuff, incite riots...

Tracey Nesbitt. : In fairness, if you go to church, you pay money to that church, you follow the churches advice, you're in a cult. You just don't know it yet, but you will.

Neil : the problem with humanity is that people love to follow a leader ,but he remains higher and better than then so dis empowering them ,a true leader is to bring people to his level ,that is what Jesus is about ,

kevin McFree : you dont need to live in a compound to be in a cult. jehovahs witnesses, scientologoy, mormons all high control cults

NC Styles : People who fall into a “cult” are people who haven’t found themselves, lonely and confused.

Lord Colin : I drive past Foxhollow every day on the way to work.

David Lutke : Who thinks that Christianity is a Cult?

TheTooginator : I have avoided being in a cult by assuming that I was susceptible to indoctrination at any time, regardless of how strong and confident I felt. A lot of comments here have a similar theme “Only people who are needy or are depressed and lonely join cults”. It seems like the exact opposite is true from what I’ve seen: happy, successful people join cults. Maybe they were vulnerable because they assumed they WEREN’T vulnerable. The psychology of cults has been refined for thousands of years, so it’s pretty arrogant for someone to think they can outwit a cult or withstand indoctrination. Again, I assume I can’t, so I avoid ANYTHING that looks, sounds or smells like a cult, and I have been pretty direct about it. A clever cult has no vulnerabilities, but most cults get at least a little flustered when the subject of cults comes up. Fortunately, the internet makes it pretty easy to do research too. Google “Is _______ a cult?” If there are twenty sites defending the group - it’s probably a cult. One major truth I have learned in my many decades of life is that any reasonably intelligent person who dedicates themselves to a single task, almost always becomes extremely good at it. Cult leaders devote their time and energy to one task: being a successful cult leader (acquiring a flock and fleecing them). Have you ever had an evil boss who was an expert at making you feel like crap? If so, you have seen how a person can acquire a skill if that’s their main goal in life (motivating through fear - in this case). I had a boss like that, and he was fired for fraud. I met him a year later and he was as nice and friendly as you could possibly imagine. He no longer had power over me OR anyone else, and had probably been met with disgust by any former employees or peers. He was very skilled at being cruel though - when he had power. The moral is: you can’t win against someone who has devoted their life to acquiring a skill. You may be happy, successful and confident, but a cult will break you down. Assuming otherwise is really foolish.

Tsnore : Better to be an agnostic animist if one needs a religion.

L Benson : I like his distinction between religion and a cult.That said, there are religious communities that are cultish (e.g., evangelicals and Trump)

iOSgamer : That psychologists nasally voice is like nails on a chalk board. Oh. God. How is that even real?

MegaBlizzardman : This is only being called a cult because it's white people in America. Change these folks to brown skinned Indians speaking the same mantras in Sanskrit and it would be seen as traditional and authentic. Also, some of the ridiculous things they were asked to do for their guru is no different than being an administrative assistant to a somewhat egotistical boss in the corporate world. A bit of an exaggerated story here, imho.

lydia : people need to stop being like 'omg they're so dumb!!' this could happen to anyone, you should be thinking more about how scary it is how easily it could be for anyone even you on your high mighty pedestal to fall into a cult so just shut up.

Gary Finneyfrock : I could never follow one person, religion or a cult. There are so many choices in this world and so much to choose to follow ones own journey. Its all about the  $$$$. Their are 4500+ religions and beliefs in the world, grab many that soot your fancy, Ill know in the end of life what this journey was all about and sent right back again.

tonycns : "I’ve been involved in a number of cults both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower but you make more money as a leader." - Creed Bratton

Testiclopse : There are different degrees and gradations as far as what constitutes a cult. This one seems more benign than most, perhaps making it harder to detect for these members (who seem genuinely intelligent). It's an interesting phenomenon, and it's not even obvious to me that this Andrew Cohen guy was aware that he was having a manipulative effect on people.

Cory Mck : Was this a cult or an MLM?

Kristin Hadley : I think people think of cults as being in a compound locked away from the rest of the world. That's not true I know many church buildings that operate very much like cults do.

cjsligo Jones : A cult is when the leader is in the room...a religion is when he's in the grave.

N.Wentz92 : Its weird that they were so intelligent. I read that islamic extremists were mostly middle-class and college educated. I wonder why that makes you susceptible to influence.

Mika Rosen : Hate to be this way, but I have to know the seven or so movies this guy hated.

Holy Atheist : Maybe if other schools of thought like philosophy or psychology had a similar model to religion where people could freely congregate, learn, speak to each other, and share ideas, escapes like these cults would be less popular.