SHOOOT HER!! (Jurassic Park Remix)

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JurassicCollectables : Jurassic Collectables approves this awesome remix!!

Louis-Sébastien Gac-Artigas : Now, eventually you do plan to have Jurrasic Park music on your Jurassic Park Remix, right?

Curly Tales : I am glad to have embarked on a mission to make a shoot her meme this has been very insightful

NACE JEHART : hahaha 1 dislike

checo cervantes : Bellísimo!!

Jack De La Mare : Love it.

Ashley Casper : I was so waiting for a "clever girl" snippet. =(.

spensimus : Would it be possible to remix James Cameron's Aliens?

Arjan Bos : Heard it on the Jurassic Park Podcast. This way is even more amazing. Incredible job! Love it!

Dav Herme : I'm pretty sure I'm like half of these views.

spensimus : This is perfect.

Blaze : Brilliant

SirNathan2000 : This is incredible! I would love to see more! I'll support you as much as possible :D

RyanJPShu : Brilliant.

Seek The Truth and Buy my Tactical Anti Spy Hats : What can i say that has not already been said, this is simply awesome. Please make more like these, i can't stop replaying this sweet remix. You deserves way more praise and views. Make more pleaseeeeeeee

D Smith : WOW! This is an amazing remix of the movie!!

Kkpblue : Dope!!

Chandler Riggs Einhorn liebe : is soo cool wow

Rafael Mata : excelente!

Gravity falls fan 101 : AWESOME

Carolina Antunes : That's awesome! Do the Terminator


Leonardo Tresoldi : Love it! Do Kill Bill, please!

Gavin Films : Legendary....

Karl Over : Das ist verdammt gut !!!!

JOSH CHIMICH : Now THESE are editing skills. Absolutely wonderful job. New subscriber.

Rosa Catalan Silva : 😍Me encanta❤

ZumbaaFurz _ : This completes me omfg

Adam Bratcher : Oh my god best music ever please make this a hit and put it on iTunes man it will the most popular song ever I promise u man

Primal : Holy crap dude nice job!

P Guerra : What music is this?

apolo11 - : What is the original song?

Carter Walker : 0:26 A coupon day 😂😂

Josh Farinski : WE GOT DOGSON HERE

Buchy Productions : *SHOOT HER*

Buddhist Spinosaurus : this is beyond awesome

CRAIGS CRAIG : We're can i download this !? 😕

Josh Farinski : We got Dogson here for the coupon day!

MNA Muhammad Nabeel Ali : So I'm going through old JP remixes and I'm like hey this is a new one and instantly check it out. This is probably the most 'fun' sounded remix of em all despite not having the funny jokes. Loved it mate <3

Tyrannical : AMAZING!

AASD T.V : U deserve more then a million view

DK Chin : Muldoons remix the top charts

Gelle Spijker : This is flipping awsome👌

Antoniozilla : 1:03 that looked so hilarious!!!

Richard Allen : 0:36 DO YOU KNOW DE WAE

GodzillaZero-One : This is legendary.

Tyson Bounsiri : Who still seeing this in 2018

SandorTecLP : love it

GulfCoastExotics : Great video! What is the base song used that plays behind all the scenes?

MimM : I hope this wins a Grammy