Where Did Viruses Come From?
Where Did Viruses Come From

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Harry Shepherd : Whoever writes this show deserves a raise.

some dumb kid : I like this guy, he's so entertaining and doesn't waste time, plus talks with this sort of humour. I don't know what to call it. But it makes me smile.

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hahalord : I'm currently studying viruses in my school, and youtube decided to recommend me this vid. How?

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Varad Mahashabde : Why isn't this trending? This is VIRAL

Martin Lukáč : My virology professor actually told me that the protein syncitin is of viral origin is now a part of the mammalian placenta. I think that's pretty cool!

2bornot2b : Long story short:Viruses came from the darkest pits of Hell just to give you a cold and ruin your day

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nosuchthing8 : Great host for this viral topic

Acsabi44 : Hey! I'm a molecular biologist, my field of expertise being early evolution and synthetic DNA constructs. Just wanted to say that I'm glad to see you did your homework well and explained all the more important aspects and theories behind viral evolution, and in an easy-to-understand way too. I myself believe the emergent complexity theory is right, maybe because I used to do a lot of research on really simple insertion elements (very basic DNA sequences that emerge in bacterial genomes and can jump around in DNA). and the way they enable more complex DNA constructs to evolve. As to wether viri are alive - Tough question. On one hand they lack a lot of key features that we define as life. On the other hand, they show behavior associated with advanced life, such as assessing their enviroment and making decisions based on their conditions. Anyway, congrats to your video, it was a treat to watch!

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GADGET CENTRAL : Could viruses be a software update for our genes ?

Charlie Talks : It's not a symbiotic relationship if it causes harm to the host.

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Top5 Lists : our genes are 8% virus?? No wonder we're like one to this planet...

Joscha Finger : About the various pathways of virus evolution: I think perhaps all of them are correct, and it's rather a question of, "where does THIS virus come from? Like, viruses have evolved many times over, from different bases. If "virus" is not a phylum but a niche, just like "flying animal", or "plant-eating organism", that would make a lot of sense, I think.

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FooDFam : "Viruses aren't alive" *5 secs later* "Viruses need a host to survive"

Jim Harris : I'm convinced that viruses are partial drivers of evolution, as in they transport and/or splice into sections of DNA and generate mutations. Changes over time through descent just seem too slow for the amount of diversity we see around us.

James Farrell : 1,500,0000 million views. Fantastic Great channel 👍 I love it 😍 Thank you for all of your hard work putting together this series. Keep up the great work you are doing. Greetings from Atlantic City New Jersey USA

Eli-akad : I always use to think about the fact that viruses are considered non living things, and it perplexed me. How can something that has intent as well as the ability to “reproduce” not be considered living? Whether it’s sentient is a whole other argument, but the way viruses behave leds one to believe that these things are living organisms. This always perplexed me when I was younger

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yeah oh : Are viruses alive? "Well yes, but actually no".

Alexander Wande : I doesn't matter if viruses are considered alive or not, it's just a wordplay, which should worry only the scientific community. Their properties are somewhat known, that's what important. Being called "alive" doesn't bring anything to the table.

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Danilo Margarido : I'd say retroviruses are older than regular DNA-based viruses. This would be in line with the RNA world hypothesis.

Ganaram Inukshuk : "If viruses are on the tree of life, they're more like vines wrapping around it." Well, that's a really interesting way to put it.

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Jon Mendez : Obviously they are not inanimate, dead, material. If the definition of life included a tendency or regular inclination to successfully reproduce, then viruses are living things. Humans don't have a right to draw a line in the definition of what life is.

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