Where Did Viruses Come From?

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Cities & Skyscrapers : This is one of the best channels on YouTube! Always happy when a new video from it appears in my recommendations😊

Principal Skinner : I hate when people argue viruses aren't life. If a dormant virus was somehow found on Mars, we would conclude we found life on a new planet.

DontHatemusiK : "over time the relationship became more parasitic... Which sometimes happens......" *like*

Acsabi44 : Hey! I'm a molecular biologist, my field of expertise being early evolution and synthetic DNA constructs. Just wanted to say that I'm glad to see you did your homework well and explained all the more important aspects and theories behind viral evolution, and in an easy-to-understand way too. I myself believe the emergent complexity theory is right, maybe because I used to do a lot of research on really simple insertion elements (very basic DNA sequences that emerge in bacterial genomes and can jump around in DNA). and the way they enable more complex DNA constructs to evolve. As to wether viri are alive - Tough question. On one hand they lack a lot of key features that we define as life. On the other hand, they show behavior associated with advanced life, such as assessing their enviroment and making decisions based on their conditions. Anyway, congrats to your video, it was a treat to watch!

Shaya LeBeef : Bacteriophages be like: 😏😏

Mr Shambleface : This was explained really well. If you try looking it up online, you’re more than likely going to find more complicated and harder to understand information on this topic, written for people who are already familiar with the basics in this field.

Luc Honan : i didnt even realise until i was i the middle of the exam, but this channel helped me to revise for my biology A level

Harry Shepherd : Whoever writes this show deserves a raise.

Marc Belisle : Could you do an episode on how language and communication evolved from pre-homo sapien species?

Martin Lukáč : My virology professor actually told me that the protein syncitin is of viral origin is now a part of the mammalian placenta. I think that's pretty cool!

Varad Mahashabde : Why isn't this trending? This is VIRAL

some dumb kid : I like this guy, he's so entertaining and doesn't waste time, plus talks with this sort of humour. I don't know what to call it. But it makes me smile.

Nate Lightning : It's amazing that with all this information some people still don't believe in evolution...

Sean Tren : It truly irritates me that humanity's interests has orchestrated that this video will have only ~687,000 views, yet "Despacito" has over ~5.5 billion views. I am just going to say it bluntly... that is an astounding fact of our growing ignorance and we are doomed...... GGWP.

веи х : white blood cells be like: 😡

Homo Sapien : The clock ticking sounds cool but it makes me anxious. It's weird but the clock ticking scares me.

Super Arthur : Hey mate ! Molecular Biologist here, nice job ! But I doubt about the validity of your assesment on virus apparition period and the fact that they are able to infect all the branches of the tree. Actually, viruses are not monophyletic (or at least we can't prooove it.), so I think that the fact of them infecting all the kingdoms is not relevant about their position on the tree of life. Thank you for your work !

Andrew Marian : I like talking floating man. Talking floating man is funny

ShdwftheSuN : Yo I loved this episode and learned so much! Thank you! Please do a video on vestigiality in humans and other animals!

SteelmanNotStrawman : I’m a genomics researcher and I think this is a pretty comprehensive and succinct explanation. Well done.

Kaunish Roy : beautiful,awesome and to be honest scared me a little. Do a episode how the non-avian dinosaurs like argentinosaurus or brachiosaurus become so big instead of gravity.

Adi Olteanu : Top 10 curiosity in life... Nice topic... You're the best

b1aflatoxin : This clicked with me. Knowledge was gained. Thank you.

Mar Mar : Great video! I hope it goes *VIRAL* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Argha Bhattacharya : Trust ME, this channel is awesome. Such great content explained so well in such less time span. Its superb. Just keep up the work. So many people are helped by these contents U have no idea.

K. P. : You must be great at dinner parties ( : But seriously, truly interesting stuff.

Joseph Turner : Amazing video, would you be able to let me know where I can find that landscape artwork of the wasp at 3:44?

edwardschlosser1 : Viruses do NOT reproduce. They replicate. They are obligate intracellular parasites and are NOT life. Life grows. A virus does not grow. Life reproduces. Viruses do not reproduce. Life responds to stimuli. Viruses do not respond to stimuli. Life produces energy (ATP). Viruses can not produce energy and must utilize the mitochondria of the host cell for this function. Viruses are an ancient precursor to prokaryotic cells, and most likely interacted with early prokaryotic cells. They may even explain the formation of the early eukaryotic cell nucleus, and organelles. Viruses are a complex chemical pre-life, an intermediary step to the formation of the prokaryotic cell which was the first life form. Symbiosis, homeostasis, and parasitism are all in the eye of the beholder. Life is a well defined term in biology, and viruses don't cut the mustard. That makes them very interesting to study because they really are on the edge of life in a transitional phase from chemical to life form. We afterall are just the sum total of all our chemical reactions, and while they are not life, they sure have a lot of similarities to it. They may not be life, but they sure as shit are not methane, ethane, or propane. The question is, "Where did they get the RNA from. What came before?"

Zacimus the master Shooter : What a very interesting topic to cover!!! And is that trey the explainer ? Viruses are like parasites😡😡😡!!!

Nitish Haldar : I feel so sad when great videos like that can't even go near to 1 million views where a simple joke and non humorous funny tagged video reached more than million. it's of the best channel in the youtube and I just come to YouTube to view your and couple of other channels videos. I keep sharing things like that. you really changed my thinking. Thanks you so much.

Game Crusher : So its for sure I have virus genomes but its probably maybe that you have it... Right...

thankfuljosh : Thank you! I have been n asking about paleomicrobiology, and you delivered! Great episode!

Ganaram Inukshuk : "If viruses are on the tree of life, they're more like vines wrapping around it." Well, that's a really interesting way to put it.

Harsh Jadav : Thanks for making me curious eons

DangerMouSe : Great video. Didn't mention the evidence for the fairly new panspermic model. Still an outlier among theories but the gathering evidence is continually giving it more credience 🌠☄

Matthew Lee : I like this guy

Fresh From The Garden : Great video! I really like this series

Sean Dewar : Could you do a video on how Cuckoos developed their parasitic behavior?

Nachannachle : Nice episode. Love the host's subtle sense of humour. :)

Chris Ken : One of the bestest channels on YT !!!

sylvain1s : This video is awesome & so, so well done!

BBBQBYOBB : omg... Blake is getting hella hunky!

Drew McTygue : This channel produces nothing but gems. The content quality is very high and I always look forward to new episodes

Elani Aniyvwia : Virus comes from a word for poison. First discovered in tobacco. As the juice from infected plants was “poisonous” to healthy plants.

Rivkha Brown : I really enjoyed this video!

Gregory Perrierra : What a wonderful channel

Bethany Linebarger : Thank you so much! <3 You are my favorite channel right now on you tube. I know I probably have pretty much spammed you with requests to learn more about viruses before this video. I just realized that the first time I watched it, I don't think I commented. Love everything about your channel. If PBS ever decides to do something geared for a younger audience (like Scishow Kids did) I will totally be making a playlist for my kids to watch. Until then, I am eager to watch all the new videos you come up with. Thanks again!

The Creature : I have actually really been wondering about this, so thank you for covering it. While we are on the subject, how did parasites evolve. Perhaps you could take a look at how some modern ones like lampreys, paracitic ants. and ticks came to be. I would also be really interested in learning about some more of the stuff from the cambrian, like ophabia and anomalicaris. Bizzare lifeforms really facinate me. If you could please even just let me know that this is condidered, I would be very thankful, so thanks in advance.

Danny Le : When you think about it Viruses made a 300 IQ play by hiding in other hosts instead of trying to live outside which is more dangerous.

Josh M : I simply love this channel Eons has filled a niche in youtube for me 😂😂🤘💕 #Uguysrock