Where Did Viruses Come From?

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Cities & Skyscrapers : This is one of the best channels on YouTube! Always happy when a new video from it appears in my recommendations😊

Francois Lacombe : How far back in time could a stranded time traveler still survive by living off the land?

Sean Dewar : Could you do a video on how Cuckoos developed their parasitic behavior?

The Creature : I have actually really been wondering about this, so thank you for covering it. While we are on the subject, how did parasites evolve. Perhaps you could take a look at how some modern ones like lampreys, paracitic ants. and ticks came to be. I would also be really interested in learning about some more of the stuff from the cambrian, like ophabia and anomalicaris. Bizzare lifeforms really facinate me. If you could please even just let me know that this is condidered, I would be very thankful, so thanks in advance.

Mr Shambleface : This was explained really well. If you try looking it up online, you’re more than likely going to find more complicated and harder to understand information on this topic, written for people who are already familiar with the basics in this field.

Michael Wade : Who the heck gave this video a thumbs down?

Cowboy Dan : It's very interesting that viruses aren't technically alive in the cellular definition of life.

Upcycle Electronics : Feature dad jokes already! Everything is better with more cheese :)

Cities & Skyscrapers : New video 😊 So great!

culwin : All my viruses are retro. Only 90's kids will remember!

Principal Skinner : I hate when people argue viruses aren't life. If a dormant virus was somehow found on Mars, we would conclude we found life on a new planet.

Luc Honan : i didnt even realise until i was i the middle of the exam, but this channel helped me to revise for my biology A level

Drew McTygue : This channel produces nothing but gems. The content quality is very high and I always look forward to new episodes

Mar Mar : Great video! I hope it goes *VIRAL* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pepins Spot : He's kinda of hot.

AhmadaVidy : Most underrated prehistoric channel

Alverant : Well if live evolved from unliving things I guess living things can evolve back to semi-living things like viruses. Remember, nature doesn't follow our definitions.

Alex Dunkel : Please discuss the giant, subfossil lemurs since no major show has devoted significant time to these Pleistocene megafauna. Also, please cover the early evolution of primates, including strepsirrhine evolution. Discussing the Ida debacle would be very useful. Basically a small group of paleoanthropologists was trying to push an outdated view on the evolution of primates. The reason it took off wasn't just because of the chance to make money. The outdated view of primate evolution is still very much alive and can be seen all over signs in zoos and in some general textbooks. Basically they tried to claim that Ida was a lemur, and a missing link between lemurs and anthropoid primates. No such missing link exists because anthropoids didn't evolve from lemurs. In fact, this is tied to an even bigger upheaval in our understanding of primate evolution. Primates did not originate in Africa; they came from Asia. In fact, the earliest fossils in Africa had long been labeled as anthropoids (by the same group that gave us Ida), but have recently been shown to actually be stem strepsirrhines. The early monkeys first started evolving in Asia and were probably nocturnal, whereas the lemur ancestors evolved in Africa and were diurnal. That's big, and an episode should be devoted to it.

ChefWonders : Heyyyyy you guys did a video about the question I asked last time! 🔬

Rikkapika : Loved this video! Viruses certainly occupy a gray area when it comes to the tree of life. Could Eons do a video on the evolution of sleep? I'd love to see that!!

Acsabi44 : Hey! I'm a molecular biologist, my field of expertise being early evolution and synthetic DNA constructs. Just wanted to say that I'm glad to see you did your homework well and explained all the more important aspects and theories behind viral evolution, and in an easy-to-understand way too. I myself believe the emergent complexity theory is right, maybe because I used to do a lot of research on really simple insertion elements (very basic DNA sequences that emerge in bacterial genomes and can jump around in DNA). and the way they enable more complex DNA constructs to evolve. As to wether viri are alive - Tough question. On one hand they lack a lot of key features that we define as life. On the other hand, they show behavior associated with advanced life, such as assessing their enviroment and making decisions based on their conditions. Anyway, congrats to your video, it was a treat to watch!

Jacquez Merchant : It’s interesting to be an early comment. This will be drowned out soon enough, however.

c.sagan : We need more videos about viruses

Liam : I want to know how insects evolved flight.

Yazan Sakran : Fascinating stuff

Daniel Newville : What's the host's name?

Limey Lassen : The Escape Hypothesis is basically DNA cancer. Really makes you wonder if not only bodies and cells are alive, but even genes themselves are living things that can escape and grow.


itsamemario : how did humans develop such an intellegent brain, while other animals didnt? i want that as a video pls like for them to see

sdfkjgh : How about a video of Mary Schweitzer and her discovery of soft tissue preservation in T-rex fossils?

Quinius : Great video!

Dodo Bird : <3333333333

Steeldancer : You are wonderful. I have been doing a bunch of research into viruses recently, and your timing is perfect. I love you guys.

Aminah Binte Mahmood : Viruses are small but mighty indeed. It's always good to see a new video from PBS Eons! They express those complicated scienctific information in a clear and interesting manner that doesn't make your head spin. I appreciate the host's efforts in talking slower, by the way. It gives me some time to absorb the new information.

Lapuli The lapis lazuli spider : Who hates viruses? Like if you do (hate them)

Rodrigo Borges : Blake 😍😍😍

saquist : This is one of the best episodes on biology I've seen from PBS

b1aflatoxin : This clicked with me. Knowledge was gained. Thank you.

DrakeGreat : Thank you for your important and interesting channel. It would be really interesting to know more about evolution of the myrmecophagidae family.

Vladimir Lagos : There is not one of these I haven't yet liked. Keep up the great work!!

FrescoyMembrillo : Agent Smith was right. We are virus.

Anne : Really interesting!

Dripping Popsicle : Love This channel

tiffany norris : This is the video I never knew I needed

Homo Sapien : So, we are not supposed to make jokes about going viral? Okay. Really nice video by the way!

Ganaram Inukshuk : "If viruses are on the tree of life, they're more like vines wrapping around it." Well, that's a really interesting way to put it.

Grym Gungus : Super interesting topic!

watbenikgoed : Great episode!

bravourways : The quality of the content you put out is amazing. It's so freaking good and interesting

Prof K : One of the best videos I saw from this page, and I've seen a LOT.