Where Did Viruses Come From?

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Cities & Skyscrapers : This is one of the best channels on YouTube! Always happy when a new video from it appears in my recommendations😊

Mr Shambleface : This was explained really well. If you try looking it up online, you’re more than likely going to find more complicated and harder to understand information on this topic, written for people who are already familiar with the basics in this field.

Acsabi44 : Hey! I'm a molecular biologist, my field of expertise being early evolution and synthetic DNA constructs. Just wanted to say that I'm glad to see you did your homework well and explained all the more important aspects and theories behind viral evolution, and in an easy-to-understand way too. I myself believe the emergent complexity theory is right, maybe because I used to do a lot of research on really simple insertion elements (very basic DNA sequences that emerge in bacterial genomes and can jump around in DNA). and the way they enable more complex DNA constructs to evolve. As to wether viri are alive - Tough question. On one hand they lack a lot of key features that we define as life. On the other hand, they show behavior associated with advanced life, such as assessing their enviroment and making decisions based on their conditions. Anyway, congrats to your video, it was a treat to watch!

Luc Honan : i didnt even realise until i was i the middle of the exam, but this channel helped me to revise for my biology A level

Principal Skinner : I hate when people argue viruses aren't life. If a dormant virus was somehow found on Mars, we would conclude we found life on a new planet.

sdfkjgh : How about a video of Mary Schweitzer and her discovery of soft tissue preservation in T-rex fossils?

Pepins Spot : He's kinda of hot.

Sean Tren : It truly irritates me that humanity's interests has orchestrated that this video will have only ~687,000 views, yet "Despacito" has over ~5.5 billion views. I am just going to say it bluntly... that is an astounding fact of our growing ignorance and we are doomed...... GGWP.

Upcycle Electronics : Feature dad jokes already! Everything is better with more cheese :)

Mar Mar : Great video! I hope it goes *VIRAL* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

BBBQBYOBB : omg... Blake is getting hella hunky!

13randon 13axter : It just boggles my mind to think that we don't end up a pile of goo when we breed since we carry mountains of junk DNA that isn't even slightly related to our bodily functions. It's a wonder we don't fail at breeding since all this past junk would tend to pile up and If It has the ability to migrate, replicate In our DNA then It should be a time bomb waiting to go off Inside of our cells.


Martin Lukáč : My virology professor actually told me that the protein syncitin is of viral origin is now a part of the mammalian placenta. I think that's pretty cool!

Jiří Pechman : This was a nice video I almost understood everything you said, thanks for doing this.

Alvin Koh : Viruses is in the same degree of being alive as much as Digital AI with a robotic body is considered to be alive.

Sookie 1X : thank you for slowing your presentation

Andy Hale : This dude's awesome. Loving the dry humour 😂

Sean Dewar : Could you do a video on how Cuckoos developed their parasitic behavior?

Angery Crabbo : Bacteriophages be like: 😏😏


Adam Seroka : I Love you channel Eons! Youre always providing some unique niche video that explains the evolution if all life from many under-covered time periods. I would love to hear your commentary on plants. Starting somewhere from the bacteria, into the diversification of angiosperms that we have today. Much love

BriefCon1 : You're hot 🔥 gosh

Drew McTygue : This channel produces nothing but gems. The content quality is very high and I always look forward to new episodes

Will Pack : This was one of the most interesting videos I have ever seen about viruses. Thank you!

morskojvolk : Outstanding, as always!

Perry Sanders : I love this channel and am always excited to see what the next video is. I really want to learn how therapsids evolved into mammals please!!

Feynstein 100 : Hmm I don't think viruses evolved before cellular life. I mean, viruses are analogous to molecular carnivores. And carnivores can't evolve before herbivores. That's logically impossible. The rogue DNA bit seems much more likely. Or perhaps virulence is just an advanced form of parasitism. I think it's likely single-celled parasitic organisms would have been naturally selected to become smaller and simpler. So what started out as say, a bacterium eventually ended up as nothing but a piece of DNA with a cover.

Ganaram Inukshuk : "If viruses are on the tree of life, they're more like vines wrapping around it." Well, that's a really interesting way to put it.

Carrier Taiyo : I love this channel. The quality of the content and presentation is so remarkable.

Oqsy : I love Blake videos! I’d love to learn more about Archaea. (I hope there isn’t already an Eons episode about them that I’ve missed). Perhaps an episode on the history of Archaea and why that relatively new big branch at the top of the tree is important... Thanks PBS Digital, Eons and Space Time are fantastic series!

Yazan Sakran : Fascinating stuff

Shahroze Khan : Viruses were the first "living" things - the precursor to microscopic life. They are bits of genetic material that were formed in the primordial soup in the early life of the Earth. Eventually, some of these viruses interacted and created more advanced genetic material, which evolved and got enveloped by a liposomal shell, creating the first cells.

The Creature : I have actually really been wondering about this, so thank you for covering it. While we are on the subject, how did parasites evolve. Perhaps you could take a look at how some modern ones like lampreys, paracitic ants. and ticks came to be. I would also be really interested in learning about some more of the stuff from the cambrian, like ophabia and anomalicaris. Bizzare lifeforms really facinate me. If you could please even just let me know that this is condidered, I would be very thankful, so thanks in advance.

Bowen : Well explained. Thanks for creating these videos. Love them.

Fire Nation Files : Are viruses alive? Short answer: I dunno.

Argha Bhattacharya : Trust ME, this channel is awesome. Such great content explained so well in such less time span. Its superb. Just keep up the work. So many people are helped by these contents U have no idea.

Varad Mahashabde : Why isn't this trending? This is VIRAL

culwin : All my viruses are retro. Only 90's kids will remember!

Nitish Haldar : I feel so sad when great videos like that can't even go near to 1 million views where a simple joke and non humorous funny tagged video reached more than million. it's of the best channel in the youtube and I just come to YouTube to view your and couple of other channels videos. I keep sharing things like that. you really changed my thinking. Thanks you so much.

accursedCursive : One model of virus origin you didn't mention was the idea of weaponised genetic information. Bacteria can pass genetic information between each other, because bacteria may benefit from the survival of other bacteria and thus cooperation is beneficial. When bacteria compete, obviously passing around harmful genetic information is effective for harming countless fellow bacteria; essentially, a non-replicating virus.. If that harmful genetic information so happened to have instructions for itself to be replicated, then the virus would be free to prey on bacteria without any bacterium actively weaponising it.

Joseph Turner : Amazing video, would you be able to let me know where I can find that landscape artwork of the wasp at 3:44?

Nicholas Wong : one of the best channels on youtube! keep it up!

Cowboy Dan : It's very interesting that viruses aren't technically alive in the cellular definition of life.

Siren Tao : Thinking back to How Two Microbes Changed History, I wonder about something like a virus residing in another virus successfully and the future rise of something like multi-viral..lar 'things'. I have no idea how plausible that is but I've always loved thinking about where they could go, and hearing they could have once been much more complex is really awesome! Definitely my favorite episode so far!

Arghya Sen : I love this channel.

Enkii Muto : Can you do a video with SciShow Space about life as we know it on planets not as we know it? Whenever we're looking at planets that "could have life" we search for them as life that we have here, right now, AKA, we could survive. But life as we know it exists within this environment because we terraformed it over the eons. Earth wasn't even supposed to have blue oceans or oxygen and it would still be life as we know it due to them being our ancestrals. Can you make a video on how life finds a way?

Alex : A very nice video!

Michael Wade : Who the heck gave this video a thumbs down?

Adi Olteanu : Top 10 curiosity in life... Nice topic... You're the best