Tenacious D Gets Rocked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Tenacious D : this shizzz was no joke

cdhstarz : This was not the greatest episode of Hot Ones. It was just a tribute.

Jadden : Jack is literally the best! 🔥one of my favorite actors

AquaDump Entertainment : Is it true that when the D stopped by the Hot Ones studio, 50% of your female staffers were instantly pregnant?

FluffyKitten : Gordon Ramsay and Dwayne Johnson need to make it on the show ! MAKE IT HAPPEN !

Cruxal : Spicy Chicken wings tried to kill the metal.... THEY FAILED!

Dylan Goetsch : First time seeing Chris completely overtaken in an interview.

Terd Ferguson : Um...we can’t just glass over the fact that Jack Black has perfect wing eating technique at the 11 minute mark!

Austin Hall : "I was legit mad when you took my tea",finishes what's left of Ks milk*

Francesca Bucci : Tenacious D really ran the show in this episode

vmp916 : Whenever the guest asks “why are you shaking the bottle” you can tell Sean gets hard

Kian Zinzell : Finally somebody finishes each wing. As a spicy food and chicken wing lover, I can’t stand watching people just take mini bites of each. Hats off to you Jack, forever awesome

Brandon7219 : "You gotta separate the art from the artist, i love even his most recent jams" Jack seems like a person who can disagree with someone on the political level but still respect them on other levels. Take note everyone. Politics are not everything in the USA

Gary Swann : I wanna see Danny McBride in here

KoS Music : I’m glad that jack is so into music he understands the separation between the art and the artist. And the lil pump an Kanye song is funny. Classic

LikMemes : I love Jack Black so much. I want him to live forever and hold me in his arms and put me to sleep every night nohomo

Kate Linnell : Jack was cleaning those wings off. Edit: That is the only time I have ever heard a recorder being played that wasn't a shrieky mess.

Get Nardwuar On Hot Ones : Get Narwuar the Human Serviette on Hot Ones

alpackapalooza : Dude doesn’t stir his Thai iced tea. What an animal!!

Mario S : Jack Black is a monster.. he eats chicken wings the long way..

Donut Operator : Kyle has literally turned into Santa Claus

George Barnes : I want nacho libre 2

Ezequiel Morcillo : I´ve seen the show for a long time, and always seems to happen the same explosion, Da Bomb, everyone is hanging in there until Da Bomb, and after Da Bomb, they are cool again. Weird

187tynes : Ok WTF!!?? Only one pic of explain that Gram..... What a Jip!!!

bmoore 138 : finally, someone who eats the whole wing...

KnowFun : finally guests that eat the whole wing!!

Cody Pugh : they look like Vietnam vets now they are aging well

iroll : This would have been more fun if they replaced the host-bot with a human.

HusbandoAndWaifu : I have more white in my goatee than Jack has in his beard. I feel super old. =/

Carl Keelee : Someone should have told Jack to mix the Thai tea first lol.

Zach Choi ASMR : Jack Black: Lays out master plan to get through the spiciness of the wings Sean: "Great, so are you ready?" Jack Black: NO!

Maceo Yarbro : "I shouldn't have eating every nook and cranny"😂😂😂

Mike Stander : Maybe the funniest episode ever. By the way, KG was right about Bernie being Jack's best film. He should've gotten an Oscar for that one.

Rowen Kingston : Binging with babish pls

DjAkatzuki : Jack black is the goat of hot ones by far!

BurkyFilms : Never before has my jaw dropped when i saw a thumbnail. Best one yet

Pierre Joubert : Is it just me or was there no reaction to the last two wings?

Safi Graauw : This is how I wanna get old

Cailey Cogburn : thank you for not censoring the awesomeness!

Ryan Weatherman : That Kyle guy just freakin' RULES!

Melanie Anne Ahern : I don't think it's possible for me love Jack Black anymore than I do.

DeWayne Loudermilk : Even if Sean was laying back to let them do what they do, it just appeared like he didn't like them. Made it hard to watch despite all the gold happening.

DaRealFxVnM : Jack black is the pinnacle of comedy

Jacob Martinez : I hope they bring a guitar and write the best chicken wing song in the world before our eyes

Chel Nix : I love how they actually eat the wings lol

BATJAX : Respect to Jack Black for eating every wing to the bone

TheReeShow : Guys Kyle was born in the 60's is this safe for him?

UnconventionalScribbler : can't have a proper Jack Black video without demonatization

Lance Ls : Wait I thought xxxtenacious was dead?