Tenacious D Gets Rocked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Tenacious D : this shizzz was no joke

Handsome Jack : Jack finished the whole wing, every time. Now THAT'S a man.

J.T : The guy on the right looks a lot like Jablinski Games

Joe Dirte : Jack eats like a caveman. Wing in, nothing but bones come out....

Sebastian R : Anyone else feel like Da' Bomb is always worse than the Last Dab?

Luke Lewis : 12:51 when you’re eating her out and she tells you to slow down

Trantor The Troll : Why is George R.R. Martin and Guillermo Del'toro eating hotwings?

Durahan82 : Dave Grohl should be in this .

Viren vs : This is not the hottest sauce in the world, this is just a tribute

Grim : Spicy Chicken wings tried to kill the metal.... THEY FAILED!

doctordrizzay : Jack Black is one of the very few people that actual eat the whole wings. In my books, if you don't eat the entire thing, you didn't eat a hot wing and it doesn't count. Sorry Weird Al Yankovic, you ate 0 wings.

Kristian Sims : Jack Black is a freak of nature. Actor musician comedian. Amazing. Those wings seem tremendously hot. Thus far of what ive seen gordon ramsey was the biggest whiner

Charl1eSheenWIN : That guy looks like Jablinski games. Kinda weird tbh

defects : i need a friendship like this. wish me luck in 2019 from my quiet bedroom and computer!

Donut Operator : Kyle has literally turned into Santa Claus

Rebecca Greenwood : Kyle went for the milk. Santa's real confirmed

Darren Ferguson : Jack's technique to strip those chicken wings with a single bite is a thing of beauty

Caleb Tennison : I respect them, more than ever. And it was already at unprecedented levels beforehand.

Thomas Adams : I can't believe you guys got Jablinski Games on here.

kory jessup : Kyle Gass the most gangster recorder player in the history.

Bioz : Must be fun torturing famous ppl for a living.

mike Walls : Get Keanu Reeves in this bih

The Beat Vandal : Jack Black gives me faith in humanity

glassjaw624 : Jack black don’t you ever leave us!

7BeardedScorpion7 : Kyle has become so old and cute

Aard : "Speaking of fiery cocks... Time for another hot wang" omg I died

TheRailGunner : 21:00 - That look of despair and hesitation Jack gave on the last wing is priceless lmfao 🤣 He's the GOAT though for eating each wing *entirely.*

The Beat Vandal : Did Jack just take Kyle's milk and not give it back? Haha

Melanie Anne Ahern : I don't think it's possible for me love Jack Black anymore than I do.

Josh Sper : We don't deserve Jack Black

Jeff Slaven : Wow! The fact that neither of these guys just nibbled, but demolished each wing HAS to demand respect!

Elliot Olin - Elev Nättraby kunskapscentrum 6B : 1 2 3…mothaf**cka

Colton Schultz : I need nick offerman to do this!!!

vmp916 : Whenever the guest asks “why are you shaking the bottle” you can tell Sean gets hard

Dahakra : Kyle is a real bad ass hes not fazed at all :D

Balnazzardi : Jack Black is the real MVP, he didnt just take small bites, he eat those wings whole :D

Metalheads React To Hip Hop : “There’s nowhere to run!”

muzak313 : "I need like some milky chapstick" lol

BATJAX : Respect to Jack Black for eating every wing to the bone

Creator_ Caden : Kyle is an absolute master of the recorder, tapping into his inner elementary schooler, I love it

Eshu Prakash : I love these guys cause they eat the whole wing it's so satisfying

Kevin C : Every friend group needs a Jack Black type of guy in it

Bone Lad : Spicy food is like a religious experience. It breaks you, but with love.

LikMemes : I love Jack Black so much. I want him to live forever and hold me in his arms and put me to sleep every night nohomo

Krystel-Lighter ! : Jack Black eats wings like a psychopath.

Alyssa Raulerson : Everyone talking about how Jack Black ate all of every wing, but so did Kyle

Marian M : I always have the feeling that Da Bomb is the hottest for everyone lol

Alika Kee : Let's get Lebron James on this show! It would be hysterical to see his giant hands grab these tiny wings!!

BurkyFilms : Never before has my jaw dropped when i saw a thumbnail. Best one yet