Tenacious D Gets Rocked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Tenacious D : this shizzz was no joke

The Last Knight : Every wing Jack ate slowly ended with more and more chicken left :D

LE0NSKA : they suddenly took the last 2 super easy wtf?

Docmansound Music : Jack has so much charisma ha ha! How can you watch him without smiling? :D

bigmonu : Kyle is so chill even when eating liquid fire, but people hardly notice because Jack is a charisma explosion. Props to Jack too because he goes all or nothing with those wings.

Cruxal : Spicy Chicken wings tried to kill the metal.... THEY FAILED!

JT Thompson : Jack Black eats chicken wings exactly like I imagine he would :)

WillScaryForCandy : What did the librarian tell the student? *Read More*

Justin Willett : Jack and Kage look like they rate cigars and craft beer on a Youtube channel now

Goose McBruce : Santa Claus and George Lucas eat Spicy Bois

Donut Operator : Kyle has literally turned into Santa Claus

Da crazy TURTLE : I’d like Gordon Ramsay to get on the show

Jane Shepard : The beard look is really good on Kage.

FrenchyFox : noooooooooo im actually salt at the way jack drinks it WITHOUT STIRRING IT


vmp916 : Whenever the guest asks “why are you shaking the bottle” you can tell Sean gets hard

Mark T : Hi Kyle, remember me? We worked together at the pizza place in Pleasant Hill a long time ago. Your dad (ED) worked with my dad at the Orinda Fire Department. Small world hua? Lol anyway just thought I see if you would ever see this note. Mark

John Pedey : In the face of adversity the D persevered. That is the way of metal. Kage and Jables are the true gods of metal. Dorito burritos and hits from the bong of Destiny shall be their communion, and every winter solstice we must write them a Tribute.

Austin Dyer : Get Rami Malek on here!

Trevor Taylor : Sean Evans' visible discomfort with Tenacious D was just spectacular

Ofentse Mwase Films : How did they get the Greatest band in the world on this show..? Aren’t they too busy?

Fabian Sanchez : Does anyone else think Sean doesn’t talk much on this ep? (Besides asking questions)

Zach Byrd : When did Kyle turn into Saint Nick 🎅 😃

Andy Raman : This is Video is brought you by MILK 🥛

BlaxBro : I think the HodgeTwins would be funny af on this

KnowFun : finally guests that eat the whole wing!!

My Life is Confusing : _"I Likka da spice"_ *lmaoOo*

Holden Caulfield : Sean, off day? You sure seemed quiet. But I appreciated it, because I love tenacious d.

Don Falcone : THANK YOU! for not censoring swear words. Jesus thats so relieving...

Subscribe Me For No Reason : I want to see Keanu Reeves on this show

glassjaw624 : Jack black don’t you ever leave us!

Moe Moesavage : Jack black looks like your only guest that ate most of the meat off the wing #ChampionWingMaster

OneFallenEmber : Sean seems to not care about asking them questions. He was so quiet.... Luckily for his show Jack has an amazing personality. Such a shame.

Jdcie : As someone who would watch and simultaneously recite The Pick of Destiny in high school, this interview is extra special

EchoCT : Credit where it's due. Jack isn't a nibbler.

Johnnie Guilbert : One of the Best groups you’ve had on yet! Also this show makes me hungry

Joe Malone : Respect to both for eating the entire wing.

Dion-Michael Mahia : Peter Jackson sounds like Jack Black in this clip.

Smoogle Doogle : Satans blood is hot asf

Rally : stop getting old guys. if you get old, it means im getting old too

JaxBlade : They Kicked Satan's ass they should smash those wings.....well...until Da Bomb thats always the outlier xD

Barber Hacks : One of the funnier episodes. It’s kinda like a HOSTEL movie. 😂

Hoopy Frood : 5:00 Listen to this with your eyes closed... ... You're welcome Tenacious D fangirls/boys.

BassBallDS : Jack Black is officially King of Hot ones! He killed EVERY wing...

Michael Sailors : Kyle can really play that recorder!! Amazing!

BATJAX : Respect to Jack Black for eating every wing to the bone

punkloader : Why do they remind me of Cheech and Chong.....? Is it the beard? 😊

JugaJuga14 : Is the host getting more obnoxious, or is it just me?

Thomas Thomas : People either find Jack Black hilarious or obnoxious. I find him hilarious. That's just me.