Tenacious D - 2018 Tour (Trailer)

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err : Dudes, I totally missed you.

Mert Bulut : But the legend of the rent was way hardcore!

FricoHUN : But what about Europe? :'( Fans waiting for you all over the world...

yfz01 : Infinity War is now the second biggest event of 2018 (probably)

thetopherhaslanded : Is it bad that i kinda really want them to actually record a cover of Backstreet Boys? TELL ME WHYYYYY

CH4RLIEonUtube : So... i dont need to delete the D tattoo with the laser 😁👍

Angry Pink Monkey : Come back to the UK guys! Been 6 years since I seen you on the Fenix tour!!!!! The U.K. Needs the D

Senan Sharvin : Please do a tribute to DIO in the new movie! <3

stoplyinn : They must pay their rent with their rock!

Paul P : How ironic the guys can't pay the rent and i can't afford a ticket to detroit favorite band in the world

Soberano : Come to Brazil :C


StormdriverOne : Long live The D!

SerjSoldier : Even better than any hollywood movie trailer :O

Angry Applesauce : Will there be a Netflix special? No way am I going to Cal Jam. XD

Nikolai Antonov : Two men need to pay their rent, but there's only one way to do it; Tenacious D: The Legend of the Rent, Coming to a theater near you!

Zip Foxtaur : Please, lead as two kings.

Matt K : Come to Australia!!!!!!!!

Gary 5642 : THE D RISES AGAIN 🤘🤘🤘

Occisilo : YEAAAAHHHH!!! Also.. come to Denmark, Europe! :D

timbazi : TMW your budget is zip, zero, nada

Blake's Gaming PC : tfw the kung fu panda 4 project fell through.

Channel 53 Herbie The Love Bug : That was Terribly AWESOME

R3d Rider : The pick of destiny is the only movie I have on my phone 😂 it's the only movie I'll ever need!

MattSpartan : Satan isnt supposed to pay the rent?

Frank McDoodle : I want it that way

Ivan Blastphemer : Rock the adelaide oval again TD.. Don't bother bringin the foo fighters though 😂

Coco Mccrackin : I serve the society by rockin, rockin ain’t no walk in the park lady!!


Great One : I'm hungry for the D

phatpac5 : Ahh sucks they're nowhere near me. Wanted to drop some acid and go

Patrick : There must be some kind of mistake. I Dont see Australia on the tour list 😠

Сергей Сергеевич : Ахуенчиг

LOBSTER * : yaaaaaay its the second Rise of the Phenix finally

mcalnd : Wank

Azerrz : Wait, something actually good is happening in 2018??

Mercury Pillis : Come to Texas you wouldn’t believe your fan base here 😭😭😭😭😭🤘🏻

Ruan Carneiro : New album probably. Dont play with that

Haunted Live Streams : 11/13 in Chicago. YES!

Miss Arcana : I'll be there!

Emilio Montes de Oca González : Fuck, i was going to see you guys back there at Pepsi Center in Mexico City, but as you cancelled the show, I purchased a ticket for going to Corona Capital Fest and see Foo Fighters and Green Day. My heart cracked when I saw that you where going to come for Hell & Heaven Fest. I did missed many of my favorite bands, such as QotSA, Gorillaz, Deep Purple, and, obviously, you, guys. Please, PLEASE!, come back soon again to Mexico, please, I need to see you, to feel you... :'c

Deb Stannard : Yassss!! Detroit!!

strangefruit42 : I just want to point out that I won't be asking for dates in Germany, knowing full well that laid-back patience is sexy, and you guys won't be able to resist me ... And then there's my profile pic showing very discretely that I am in fact the hugest D fan by far, and nobody deserves it more to see the boys live .. and meet them ... and ...But I won't say all that, because it's much sexier to just wait and look insanely seductive.

Maxi S. : Come on, I moved to Germany to try to see you guys at the Rock am Ring and you weren't. Come to Europ guys.

Dae meu dignissimo : COME TO BRASILLLLLLL

Pedro Pacheco : Tenacious D in New York!!!! :) :) :)

Joseph Ocadio : Geniaaaaaaal!!!!!!!!!!!🎵

AGP 187 : TD, if you actually read your comments. please. get at me. PM me or whatever you do to contact fans. if you do. you totally should. if not I'll super fan the shit out of you. probably deliver pizzas to your apartment or something. trust me, you wont like my pizza. but no. I don't make pizza. and sorry if that sounded like a threat. it's not.

Emiliano : What about México >:'v

Spicymeatguy888 : Nice