Tenacious D - 2018 Tour (Trailer)

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Mert Bulut : But the legend of the rent was way hardcore!

err : Dudes, I totally missed you.

FricoHUN : But what about Europe? :'( Fans waiting for you all over the world...

Angry Pink Monkey : Come back to the UK guys! Been 6 years since I seen you on the Fenix tour!!!!! The U.K. Needs the D

yfz01 : Infinity War is now the second biggest event of 2018 (probably)

Soberano : Come to Brazil :C

CH4RLIEonUtube : So... i dont need to delete the D tattoo with the laser 😁👍

Paul P : How ironic the guys can't pay the rent and i can't afford a ticket to detroit favorite band in the world

Senan Sharvin : Please do a tribute to DIO in the new movie! <3

StormdriverOne : Long live The D!

Angry Applesauce : Will there be a Netflix special? No way am I going to Cal Jam. XD

SerjSoldier : Even better than any hollywood movie trailer :O

stoplyinn : They must pay their rent with their rock!

timbazi : TMW your budget is zip, zero, nada

thetopherhaslanded : Is it bad that i kinda really want them to actually record a cover of Backstreet Boys? TELL ME WHYYYYY

Matt K : Come to Australia!!!!!!!!


Occisilo : YEAAAAHHHH!!! Also.. come to Denmark, Europe! :D

Nikolai Antonov : Two men need to pay their rent, but there's only one way to do it; Tenacious D: The Legend of the Rent, Coming to a theater near you!

Zip Foxtaur : Please, lead as two kings.

Blake's Gaming PC : tfw the kung fu panda 4 project fell through.

Gary 5642 : THE D RISES AGAIN 🤘🤘🤘

Сергей Сергеевич : Ахуенчиг

LOBSTER * : yaaaaaay its the second Rise of the Phenix finally

phatpac5 : Ahh sucks they're nowhere near me. Wanted to drop some acid and go

MattSpartan : Satan isnt supposed to pay the rent?

mcalnd : Wank

Patrick : There must be some kind of mistake. I Dont see Australia on the tour list 😠

Coco Mccrackin : I serve the society by rockin, rockin ain’t no walk in the park lady!!

Frank McDoodle : I want it that way

Ruan Carneiro : New album probably. Dont play with that

Haunted Live Streams : 11/13 in Chicago. YES!

R3d Rider : The pick of destiny is the only movie I have on my phone 😂 it's the only movie I'll ever need!

Miss Arcana : I'll be there!

Nathan Abbs : no toronto date?! bummer!

Eline Ottens : When are you coming to the Netherlands?!

TÔ SEM SORTE : aeee até que enfim um novo album!!! o rock cômico não morreu! Brasil love you D

Meme of the Week : Please come to Melbourne Australia again.

8psydefex : See you at the filmore!!!!

Vance Galloway 2 : YES YES YES

Walysson lima : Brazil

ElPresidente BioKaiju : Powered With....The Hans of KG and JB

Nadir Ismail : AND HE SAID

Marius Danielsen : Norwaayy

citna : Finally!

SPIKE508 Gamer : Come to Florida

George Jensen : This is the greatest and best band in the world.

genau der : Ohhh yeeessss

Satoshi Jay : Hell yeah

Guy Fieri : I NEED MORE