Pokemon Let's Go Eevee
Pokemon Lets Go Eevee dunkey

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Blake Shoemaker : Who came here after let's go pikachu?

CobaltBW : This reads like a metacritic user review

Danial Walker : I named my evee pikachu and it made the game a 20 out of 10 experience

Andrew Johnson : Does this mean 5/10 total for pokemon let's go games

Go B0T : I watched his Pickachu video before this W h o. do. I. Trust.

Nathan Large : Like Skyrim with pokeballs. 10/10

LBG44x : I actually held my laugh until he said the grass has the same physics engine as crysis, I lost my shit and burst out ahahaha!


Mate397 : Spaceghost is a fighter/ghost type, change my mind.

JayAwesomeGames : Good thing I didn't get "Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu". Now that would have been a mistake.

Bio Bane : Moltar from Space Ghost was always my favorite pokeman.

Big Tito : I love this channel so god damn much

Davidegzz : You can notice something is off when he uses a x/10 rating scale and not the usual x/5 ... absolutely not before.

SyncJr : *watches dunkeys review* ... *proceeds to go out and buy a switch*

Shamrock : If Pokémon is so good, why isn’t there a Pokémon 2 yet?

cypherusuh : this is the Armand White situation we got here he sounds sarcastic af, but he gave "More Dunkey" at the end

Kazuya Yuza : "geodude" - shows onix xD

Chriski Fernanda : It feels weird when you watched lets go pikachu of dunkey review first

HYPNO TOAD : Finally EA made a batman game that makes you feel like dark souls 10/10

TTrevolverheldTT : Man the Pokemon series really improved since Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Lord Synder : "Let's Go Eevee is good while Let's Go Pikachu is awful!", he says, while using mainly Let's Go Pikachu gameplay.

Nick Di Rubio : “Grass has the same physics engine as Crysis”, I lost it their!!

Bud Charles : “Unforgiving strategic experience” *Pikachu shakes ass at the camera*

Cayden Starnes : All jokes aside... Moltar should be in Smash.

L1NK : pokemon is awsome until you beat the game then you pretty much just mash a because your attack is so op that it one shots almost every pokemon

자메스 : Oh my god.. each reviews has its points XD even though ironically.. They are bad and good with same reasons

Andy Robb : Wasn't expecting that random Space Ghost nod Haha

Nick M. : Dunkey, this (as w/ the "Let's go Pikachu") is one of the funniest/best quality videos you've put out in months! It's on the same tier as your best video's (top 10%), I'd say. Good job!

Dino The TRex : Wait... this can't be Dunkey... Super Mario Bros 2 & Knack are Dunkeys favourite games... *lets get detective pikachu on the case*

Corey : *The GRASS has the same physics engine as Crysis!* Well shit...I just went from 6 to Midnight. I think I tore my undies.

joe bro : Damn it Dunkey I can't till if you're being ironic or not!😂

Meeqs B : I was doing okay until I was hit with a Moltar outa left field, then I lost it

Jason Muniz Sanchez : 0:11 IKR? It’s Gorgeous!!

How to properly clean your metal computer : *Pokemon let’s go to the polls*

Fodude : This game is the best pokémon game ever created. Well i never played one tho but whatever...

Taro04 _ : I’ve finally caught moltar after hours of farming

Rem Y : k l o n o a 2

ChakAttack8 : Dammit I should not have been eating when he said Moltar!

Sergio Lucas : Everytime Dunkey goes on full sarcastic mode, i can never tell whether he hates the game or if he's just goofing around and is just indifferent towards it.

PinkSlime_Slimy : Let's Go Eevee: 10/10 very immersive Let's Go Pikachu: 0/10 it's not made by nintendo Dunkey is confirmed Team Eevee

ThePaalanBoy : Petting your buddy makes it love you And the love makes it able to drop a nuke on your oponent Love Nuke is OP 12/10

DaFiresMen : I choose you Moltar!

Frank Millan : Dunkey's Review RDR2 3/5 Pokemon 10/10 Knack 2 20/10 But Super Mario 2 takes the cake babiiiieee

Travis Williams : I stopped watching this guy when he said bubsy 3D was a bad game.

Mitsuyoshi : I love that one can really see and feel like you put effort in this empirical research founded review. I was especially positivly affected that you thought about people with eye sight problems and chosed colors for font and background on your power point presentation that is easy on the eyes. I don't have to squint my eyes at all to see something. Great job.

BJ Hibbert : This sounds like an E3 Demo

Samuel Morse : Moltar! Space Ghost reference 10/10

Hunter Gang : This game really makes you feel like Pokemon

Valentina Nappi : If you think this is a masterpiece wait for the Pokémon let's go Pikachu review Oh come on