Pokemon Let's Go Eevee

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Travis Williams : I stopped watching this guy when he said bubsy 3D was a bad game.

Andrew Johnson : Does this mean 5/10 total for pokemon let's go games


Danial Walker : I named my evee pikachu and it made the game a 20 out of 10 experience

Nern Guan : Who came here after let's go pikachu?

Dino The TRex : Wait... this can't be Dunkey... Super Mario Bros 2 & Knack are Dunkeys favourite games... *lets get detective pikachu on the case*

Mate397 : Spaceghost is a fighter/ghost type, change my mind.

CobaltBW : This reads like a metacritic user review

DarkshadowXD63 : Damn my version doesn't have Moltar in it

SyncJr : *watches dunkeys review* ... *proceeds to go out and buy a switch*

Go B0T : I watched his Pickachu video before this W h o. do. I. Trust.

Nathan Large : Like Skyrim with pokeballs. 10/10

Fawaz Prihardi : I cant tell is he being sarcastic or not

Alex The Gr8 : "Let's Go Eevee is good while Let's Go Pikachu is awful!", he says, while using mainly Let's Go Pikachu gameplay.

PK Droid : Dunkey, please play lego star wars the complete saga

24 Frames Of Nick : What an extensive, detailed, and powerful review. Going to buy my copy right now. Thank you Danky

Bio Bane : Moltar from Space Ghost was always my favorite pokeman.

Smoke393 : This a legitimate review, notice the normal “more dunkey”

LBG44x : I actually held my laugh until he said the grass has the same physics engine as crysis, I lost my shit and burst out ahahaha!

Big Tito : I love this channel so god damn much

How to properly clean your metal computer : *Pokemon let’s go to the polls*

Logan Stanfield : I like he talks shit about fortnight players in both videos XD

Muszkatela : Welp, Dunkey make it sound like he is mocking Nintendo diehard fanboys, but he also happen to be one, so I'm worried he just went full insaneboy

Davidegzz : You can notice something is off when he uses a x/10 rating scale and not the usual x/5 ... absolutely not before.

Andy Robb : Wasn't expecting that random Space Ghost nod Haha

Exnem : And the Oscars goes to... REGGIE. for developing Pokemon Let's Go Eevee

Walaba : Lets go eevee is just the casul version of Lets go pikachu

Lucien Lachance : Moltar's a lavaman.

EricTheCleric : Your obscure 90s references are always my favorite. Also RIP C. Martin Croker.

Chriski Fernanda : It feels weird when you watched lets go pikachu of dunkey review first

TheMasterKrook : Pokémon let's go somewhere else because apparently dunkey isn't black

Ryan ! : MOLTAR!!!

Skullies ! : To newcomers... He is being sarcastic... There is no Dunkview in the tittle... So this means this video is a joke... Only in Dunkview he is serious and rate the game more precise...

riggledapp studios : When are you going to review let’s go pickachu You pickachude

Leonardo Kimura : well, one thing doeesn't change, octopath traveler is bad

Rush Lite : this new Digimon game looks great. i cant wait to banish people to the shadow realm with my beyblade

Kazuya Yuza : "geodude" - shows onix xD

Yeti Gaming : But I’m already tracer

K-Watte Entertainment Studios : I love me some Crysis grass physics!

CK_32 : Where are the punch lines...? I’m confused is there a part 2 joke I’m missing? I need an adult! 😫

Total Running Productions : This is the best videogame review in history. Scary accurate! I teared up at the end before the score. Thank you dankey kang

Quite Indeed : I want a pokemon snorlax, murica edition


Tarek ayk : *give lets go evee a 10 and lets go Pikachu a 0* This is why we love dunkey

The Shakemeister : Moltar is underrated

Lochlyn Gilberd : Little does Dunkey know that there are actually 154 characters in the new Pokemon Go. What, your telling me you haven't caught any of the four legendary trucks from *_Big Rigs: Over the road racing?_* Legends say that even getting one of them it infinity times the speed of light harder than catching Mew but the game play advantages are excellent. All attacks go right through you, cruise across the map instantly and pass through small trees, rocks and over hills with ease. Also they don't ever need to go to a Pokecenter. If you find any of them, then you're winner at the new Pokemon movie!

Samuel Morse : Moltar! Space Ghost reference 10/10

Temaru Phan : Pokémon....everyone is here

loriparker666 : God of War > Pokemon

darkpanda112 ### : But it as good as knack 3 though?