The Dark Side of Locksmiths
Be aware of locksmith scammers

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The investigation exposes a darker side of the locksmith industry that reputable and long-established locksmiths characterize as a major threat to their business — and to vulnerable customers desperate to get back into their homes. Original story at


Christopher Nguyen : You think this is a rip off? Try investigating car mechanics and school tuition.

Alex : I'm so confused? 2:20 He told her that's how much he charges. She could have easily said no and found someone else. How is it a scam to ask for more when the person agrees?

Jason C. : I don't agree with smoking but yeah, @92 whats the point of quitting? LOL

Cake Walk 315 : Lock- *Master* Lock pick level 15 *Pulls out Drill*

conspiracies are just great stories : The guy that who charged $75, which was less than the original phone estimate should get a free 30 second commercial for actually being a really good guy despite you trying to trap the.

Jo Lafa : So its a ripoff because its blue collar work? Why arent they going after lawyers? Doctors? Cable providers? Cell phone companies?

David Gagliotti : You pay for the knowledge, just like a lawyer, you could do the paperwork in hours but you don't know the laws and rules. Just forgot the tools, vehicles, insurance esc. I can fix an a/c or fridge , washer, dryer in a few minutes, but I charge more than $100 it's the time I spent in school on the job training, parts hardware. I admit $1000 is crazy but , you don't know how many locks and what name brand sometimes 1 key is $100. Its half a story.

FrenZie : Go investigate university tuition fees. That’s a real ripoff.

Sabres_fan : bruh this is just economics😂 low supply, inelastic demand. if you gotta get into your house, you gotta pay whatever it takes. maybe you shouldn’t have gotten locked out of your house, and then you wouldn’t have to be “ripped off”

solidsnyper : Why are you drilling this lock. Clearly he should have rung the door bell people were home.

calebhuls49 : Imagine being so bent out of shape about a locksmith getting you for 100 bucks that you go to the news.

J Robert : So showing up to help people is the dark side of things ? Pick sets are not free, fule isn't free , the man on the clock driving the truck is not volunteering, truck maintenance isn't free , tires are not free, training isnt free, licenses are not free, mans gotta pay taxes , his boss has to match the taxes, then pay more taxes on the profit if any. This is the most ridiculous video ever posted on you tube. What a disgrace to free market capitalism. these locksmiths were minding their own business until you called them and requested service.

Damian Rodriguez : I used to tow cars with my own tow truck. I would charge people 40$ for 1-8 miles and 65$ if it was a heavy truck and people would still have the nerve to tell me its too much.. cmon now!! Lol

Vladimir Makarov : Then learn to pick it yourself.

lucifer morningstar : I'm confused.... who asked that crazy cat lady about cigarettes lol

KL Tree Services : Kinda have to chuckle about them whining about the first guy and his $160 bill. I can relate. I operate a tree service and we have a minimum call-out charge of $250 for a Truck, Chipper and all the equipment. If someone calls me and they're stuck in their driveway because a 40 foot tree fell across it, it might take me 10 minutes to run it through the chipper. That's after I drove 1/2 hour to get there etc.. Like how cheap do people think you can work? It's a business, and a free market. I cant even drive my truck for an hour and run the chipper for 1/2 hour for $50 in diesel alone. Skilled labour isn't cheap and cheap Labour isn't skilled...

Chris Hedger : Reporters are the real scammers.

Lucas Berggren : That one lady didn’t look bad for being 92!

JMGRICH : The media lives to demonize everyone, stop trying to make one or two companies appear like its the whole industry and increasing regulations on business owners.

beakt : First guy at 2:00 did nothing wrong, as they pointed out. He told her the price, she agreed, and he did the work. You can't bargain for a price after he's done the work, so they were right to pay him. If you don't like someone not giving you a quote over the phone, call someone else.

Mr. Carroll Ware : Keep an extra key outside hidden of course in combination lockbox.

mn-native : That's just ridiculous! $185 just to pick your lock!?!? I can honestly say that I would do it for free!!! I wouldn't charge you a single penny to pick your lock. Sure you might not be there when I decide to pick your lock, and you might have a bunch of stolen shit missing from your house when you return. But I wouldn't charge you. Some people I tell ya!

Damon T : Funny how the guy with the tattoos was a stand up guy, and even billed her lower than the quote. My grandparents are the type of people to assume he’d be the scammer

Smug Neptunia : "A simple lock picking" okay, then you do it Mr. Detective News Anchor Dude.

Dave Pawson : The guy that charged 75$ should get a shout out. People like that pay to learn, pay for tools and he didn't even mess the lock up. Honest guy.

SANFRAN LA : I was having a panic attack so I went to the ER and they did a couple tests and they charged me 7 thousand dollars ..

The6980 : 3:57 you picked the lock for only 52 seconds, you dimwit

Hyoil Moon : The locksmith opened the door in 1-2 minutes and charged a price of 160$. To all those idiots that think that's too high, it's what you pay for a professional. I bet if it took him 20-30 minutes to open the lock, most of you would say he deserved it. Imagine the countless times he had to fail in order to reach that level of expertise

Christopher Ortiz : That's EZ awesome I know how 2 open my own home with out calling this guy's 🤣

blownonpurp : It’s a trade they can charge whatever they want

NickyOSRS : I was a former locksmith so give this a read, this is first hand experiences I'm about to say I work for a company called Pop-A-Lock. Very reputable company and legitimate business and locksmiths. I only did car lockouts, no residential (house) or commercial (business) lockouts. My area was Columbia, SC and for car lockouts, within our radius was $45..for residential/commercial lockouts was around $75 if I remember correctly. If ANYONE cannot give you a straight price over the phone, don't go with the locksmith. Make sure the company has good reviews online. I work for Pop-A-Lock when I was 20 years old for about a year; they gave me decent training and ALL of the tools I need and even gave me a booklet with step by step instructions and getting into cars. Again, if there is no set price over the phone, call someone else... If there anyone texting you about your lockout situation, don't text back. Also not all prices will be the same for all companies..obviously some prices will probably fluctuate about $10-$20. Hope this helps some of you!

hey you : I finish at the door and if customer comments outraged at how "easy" it was I relock the door and walk away. It may seem easy but it takes consistent practice to do so.

Jayden Hamley : Prosecute them for overcharging? No, get the quote, negotiate and agree if you like it, if not, find another locksmith

luke wilson : Why am I evening watching this, I don't own any locks

ivan valdez : Locksmith for an apartment?.... go to the office .... l0l

Sleepy Cobra : 180 is fair price for CAlifornia They have to calculate .... round trip time Gas + mileage

Meltman1000 : Ppl don't get paid for the 5 min of work they did. They get paid for the knowledge they have. Same with mechanics, doctors, welders

Geegee : Supply and demand for jobs 🤷🏽‍♂️

Austin Barton : Lol, "Why did it cost 160?" -"That's how much it costs." *Lights cigarette while taking cash* 🤣 That guy is a legend.

HaveSomeRekage : 4:49 "But as the regulator, aren't you responsible for making sure people aren't getting ripped off?" No lol, it's your job to make sure you don't get ripped off.

Dylan Bell : Thumbnail looks like Q from Impractical Jokera

Dan Haren : $952 to have his house re-keyed? I got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell him.

Jason Davis : Your paying them for their knowledge and expertise. $150 to get in your house if your locked oit is fine. If its so easy than dont pay it and do it yourself!

UNSC INFINITY : For 92 - she looks bloody good for her age!!

ClOuD sQuAd : Let me guess they overcharge you. Edit: WOW never in a million years thought I would be right **EXTREME SARCASM**

matt J : This is every business. Prosecute medical insurance companies. They are the biggest crooks

Enver Sivac : This is great, show everyone how to picklock Kurtis. Good job, good job.

cmndrkool321 : Mark installed the lock on that door upside-down 🤦‍♂️

Yeezy westy : the guy drilling it after 5 seconds isn't qualified or licensed or probably insured.