The Dark Side of Locksmiths

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beakt : First guy at 2:00 did nothing wrong, as they pointed out. He told her the price, she agreed, and he did the work. You can't bargain for a price after he's done the work, so they were right to pay him. If you don't like someone not giving you a quote over the phone, call someone else.

reilly : Just let them work. If you don’t like the price don’t get locked out, or sit outside. These men are just trying to make a living.

conspiracies are just great stories : The guy that who charged $75, which was less than the original phone estimate should get a free 30 second commercial for actually being a really good guy despite you trying to trap the.

Dave Pawson : The guy that charged 75$ should get a shout out. People like that pay to learn, pay for tools and he didn't even mess the lock up. Honest guy.

solidsnyper : Why are you drilling this lock. Clearly he should have rung the door bell people were home.

ivan valdez : Locksmith for an apartment?.... go to the office .... l0l

lucifer morningstar : I'm confused.... who asked that crazy cat lady about cigarettes lol

Sharp Shooter : I had a 15 minute consultation with a Doctor to look at an X-ray I brought to him from an Emergency room visit I had so he could consult me on my shoulder only to have him say "Yeap it's fractured and non operable but wear a sling" and was charged $1600 for that 15 minutes! And your calling these guys crooks over $180 bucks?

UNSC INFINITY : For 92 - she looks bloody good for her age!!

Commentator541 : That woman is 92!!! She doesn't look a day over 65!!!

alpo 702 : Solution : don't conduct business with Arabs ..... because they're scammers

Wire Works : I charge $60 to $85 for a lock out. These scammers give us locksmiths a bad name.

R. Ive : Asswipes need to get a keypad lock. Done.

Nathaniel Gomez : "Who are you and how did you get in here?" "I'm a locksmith. And I'm a locksmith". - Police Squad.

Dan McLaughlin : Am I the only one that keeps a spare key in a secret location???? I've never had to call a locksmith. Maybe these guys should make a video on how to use common sense.

TheSysops666 : Don't like the price? Shop around. Don't like the work? Tell him he's fired. Never understood why weak people always plead to a higher authority eventually making everything worse.

Rickyfyied : The last guy said he doesn't think he's gonna do the job anymore, Yeah because they are gonna fire you once they see you on TV! lmao

watchwinder : Rely on the State of California to do anything? Now that's a joke.

antony716 : "Mark installed another lock for us" Yea, upside down.

Gerald Tlecomoctli : “If you can’t break into this kwickset you’re in the wrong business”. I say “ if they can break into this kwickset I have the wrong door lock “.

Ralphie Boy : What the hell good are the locks in the first place if they are pickable ??? If locksmith can pick it I’m sure a lot of burglars have same amount of experience as most locksmiths.

Mozart : I sometimes charge a thousand dollars for a couple lines of code I put in to fix broken apps. You are not paying for that couple lines of code, you are paying for the job to be completed. If you don't like the value, feel free to find anoher person who can complete it.

joe Vulcan : can't believe this happens in utopia of communism California

Mr large bass mouth : Extra Extra Extra *KEYS People

blownonpurp : It’s a trade they can charge whatever they want

Jeff Poleet : If it was such an easy job then why not skip calling the locksmit and open it up your damn self?

Michael Wutka : That idiot didn't even drill the lock in the right spot lol

Ken _ : The news are being dishonest! In a state that requires licensing, ask for their locksmith license. A lot of these scammers are just con artist pretending to be a locksmith. It's like a security guard acting like a police officer. These news guys won't have a story if they hire real locksmiths like they usually hire just one for their story, lol! Anything for a story! The BSIS who licensed locksmiths are a scam in itself. They do nothing to regulate the industry except to charge large fees like $500 for 2 years of licensing, RIDICULOUS!

JonahGrumby : I had my house rekeyed when I purchased it. I called a local number I found on a website. It directed me to a middle eastern operator who asked what state I was in. Seemed fishy, but I needed it done. The middle eastern guy that came out said he would put Kwikset locks in at a cost of $75 each set. I agreed because I had 2 doors and thought $150 was reasonable. What I got was a bill for $300 and knockoff brand locks. I asked him about the money and he said I had knob locks AND deadbolts. 4 locks. I thought a 'set' was the entire door. He said no, give me $300 and I only take cash. I said I only have $200 cash on me, and he asked what valuables I had in the house to make up for it. I told him to take the $200 before I call the cops. He said something rude in Arabic and left.

Roobah : I only watched this video because I need new keys and some other locks replaced. It is not an emergency. 14 days and 4 companies and a dozen phone calls and I can't get anyone to come do the work. I guess locksmiths only do emergency high dollar work over routine low cost work? Nice to know why I can't seem to get the work done.

Klaa2 : When all the companies in the phone book go to the same call center, that's a monopoly. Your elected representatives did this to you.

Kevin Dunbar : How much should you charge to drive a cross town in rush hour traffic? Once arrived, how much should one charge for his skills and knowledge. They should do an undercover investigation on hospitals for charging 60 dollars for an Aspirin.

AMarie1501 : They forgot to mention that it is a national israeli rip off ring doing most of the locksmith swindles in the USA.The Israelis have all kinds of rip off rings the locksmith ring is just the tip of the iceberg. When you have allies like that who needs enemies?

Efrain Ramirez : Their’s lots of Armenians charging lots of money and also there in the garage door business charging lots and lots of money

Desert Rat : This Titan lock that was drilled by the locksmith is made by Kwikset, a well known manufacturer of residential locksets. It is a 6 pin lock. . Most residential locksets have 5 pins. A 6 pin lock is more difficult to pick but can be done. Any lock with a keyway can be picked.

George Velasquez : Man this journalist needs to go back to journalism school. She AGREED to pay and is reluctant to pay afterwards? How come she didn’t meantiom the cost at calling

TooShortToTurn SS3 : I'm a locksmith and I also do wet work

taledarkside : fawk, i'll charge you 20 bucks to put a lock in

ihatecrackhead : Lol, third guy doesn't know how to pick a lock

Alex Teagle : As a locksmith... I can say that there are a lot of locksmiths who are unfair and change prices mid job, saying some bs like “this was a special Kind of deadbolt that is unpickable so I had to drill” but majority of us are very honest tradesmen. After all, we are trusted with security. As far as drilling, sometimes you need to drill a lock in emergencies or if you simply can’t pick it. For example, if someone went outside and left their kid inside and they were locked out, tension is high and you may be too nervous and have trouble picking. Then you’d have to get out the drill

Interesting Intercepts - Past, Present, and Future : That guy was burglarized and payed someone to change a couple of locks?! Only a hundred bucks for a couple of high end locks and less than an hour of work. 🤦‍♂️

Pyroman / : Quiksets are so easy to pick I can pick them I'm not a hobby picker or anything I picked one in under a min

Daniel Brown : Pathetic. Curtis Ming is a joke. Screwing over business. Your paying for the knowledge. Can they fix it themselves no. Agreed on the price, pay it. This guy is a joke.

Matthew Campoli : They all agreed! They made their own choices! Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law? These are legal working Americans who have infringed on no-one so to throw them in a jail would be unconstitutional. Comment below. : how in the world did I just end up watching a video on locksmiths?

Keye T : 1:20 $952!!! It would've been cheaper to break your own damn window

Efrain Ramirez : They are in the Yellow Pages with plenty hundreds of numbers and they’re all fake

Thomas Bustelo : Wealthy twats pissed about a 180 dollar open door ? It probably takes the guy 30 dollars in gas to get there. How about a special on our government employees ( from politicians to our "police"). I've fallen down and can't reach my checkbook ! But with that said, the true working class don't rip each other off. Job security or not

Albert Ramirez : Even if the state shuts them down they'll open up again under another name and a different persons name on the business license

Mohamed Abdo : It's so easy Do the job yourself and save $185 idiot's I would've did that myself