Trapped in the closet.

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Comments from Youtube

Jared Stringfellow : parker so thicc now

Variety Mode : Parker would make a great United Airlines employee.


JOA : I'm jealous of people that are just finding this channel now as they get to binge watch. Also being British, James Buckley as Jay literally coined 90 percent of the jokes we quoted in school

Alex Dai : Pretty sure cib is about to die but yknow, boats are cool, Parker also more important

Amanda Rose Salva : was gonna say "good thing cib wasn't there or else he'd probably get mugged by that girl" then i remembered he's been cibnapped so.

Najin Ceil : Parker was hilarious this episode. I love it.

JJ Keller : Buckley might be my favorite character...

Taher Dragneel : Real talk, Parker is still my favourite part of SP7, this video was the first time I've laughed out loud watching one of their videos in ages


lauren94 : When did Parker get steroid-y?

That1Guy : Buckley is so damn charming

elzeus13 : So instead of peeing on us like R Kelly, Autumn will pee in our cups?

coned : cib is kidnapped and close to death but...who cares? we've got parker and a paper boat race to get to!

BrandonDNH2 : Parker got swole jeez

tallasianchick : Woah, Parker got bUFF.

Samidoesstuff : Look at Parker being a good boyfriend and promoting Shelby's merch. I still want a bye hoodie but I'm broke.

Kosher Foods : I still find it so cool how James Buckley is on this now, I used to love him in The Inbetweeners

Anibal Palma : Trapped in the closet? What is this steve's autobiography?

Ashley Robles : Preemptive RIP Fasty, only ParkerPlays season 2 and a Disney money boost can save you now 🙏

Philipp ­ : 0:57 waait a minute scince when do americans use units the whole world understands?

Kristen Howard : Parker: just there to make everyone else feel a little better about themselves.

Pillysrule : Lifestyle classics are my favorite.

Not Just Donny But Other People Too : Parkers house is like that suite life of zack and Cody episode where zack moves into the closet and throws a house warming party

Yikes : What if Parker cibnapped Cib so that he could be on the main cast 👀👀

Avalon : wtf thats james from the inbetweeners!! Confused.

Ben Stone : Jeremy is so perfect. 😍

Luco Pierre-Louis : Buckley is such a great addition

Ambss : when did parker get thicc?

David Kasomov : parker be looking THICC

Killingglorie : its so strange to see Buckley driving these gits around like hes their bloody chauffeur

Nicholas Agneta : Woah Parker got ripped

Violentthinmints Twitch : PARKERRR OMG SHELBY'S FISH

Lil Fun Guy : So early the video doesn't show up in their videos tab

kevin coots : Parker is great. There, I said it. That's the only compliment he gets for another, uh, well, ever. That's the only one ever. Yeah.

Pr0fila : Now I know whom Parker reminds me off! He is the same character as Stuart from the big bang theory

J335H : RIP Turtle, home but not forgotten. Also, was that A Real Hero by Electric Youth playing over the clip?

ExplosiveLemonz : Parker episodes are always amazing. James Buckley was also great, as per. This is such a season 1-esque episode where it's just funny and doesn't revolve around the story

Eyal Yemini : you know color correction is a thing right?

KindOfGood : Steve is the only one still in the closet

quintonis1 : We call him "Fasty" because.... Ah... Well, I don't feed him.

Evi Tampold : PARKER MY BOY

caleb : The lifestyle classic vids are getting better and better! This one really reminded me of season one!

coned : parker always makes everything better.

Nate : 6:41 anyone else replay this like 20 times xDD

Captain Salty : Steven let Parker used Cib room, he not using it now for some reason

HabitProductions : I thought "trapped in the closet" was referring to Steven's sexuality

Chase D : So yall are racing boats while Cib is out there, scared and taken hostage? Good friends. Good friends.

Nicolas Boissiere : Great episode (AND I'M LOVING NEW JAMES)