Komodo Venom and its Effects | Earth Unplugged

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Mohamed Farouk : This is really weird. I never knew you could get into close contact with this animal.

Jadden : Super deadly yet gentle.

Spoke Fists : A Song for Monty *_"He's Muscular, He's Popular, Spectacular, He's a Bachelor, his bite would take you to the doctor"_*

Josh Carmona : If you get bit by a snake that has the venom to stop your blood from flowing just get bit by a komodo to reverse the snake’s venom effect. Life hax.


eleanor shellstrop : The poor thing hates it :((((

C North : Monty does not forgive or forget.

Rice MenaRQ : Thanks, Lex Luthor.

Celestia S : The komodo looks kinda cute...Monty's eyes are very pretty...

American : _We don't want to stress him out_ Violently shuts it's mouth for science.

Steven Lewis : Venom?! I swear we’ve flip flopped over this so much. I heard that Komodo dragons had toxic saliva, not venom. Now you’re saying that that is incorrect and they actually do have venom? Da hell man? Edit: upon further research, the bacteria thing was just a myth taken as fact for years. It was only discovered in 2009 that Komodos do in fact use venom and not bacteria. It’s pretty silly that this misinformation has been spread everywhere for so long.

knockknock itsvenom : Komodo: we are venom

Jaroslav Záruba : _"This is Monty, by far my favourite animal on Earth, so let me just go ahead and rape his mouth..."_

NaturesTemper : Look at the guns on that lizard, god damn.

Adam : *B R O M O D O* dragon

Bernhard Sonn : So cute when it closes his eyes when you stroke it

Vitalstatistix Stats : *Monty is so chillax*

Bernhard Sonn : 1:35 oh😅I thought you give the poison in you

Agustin tovar : He protec He atacc but most importantly he let you pet his bacc

Seth Young : Awww he's so freaking cute ❤️

Bruce Wayne : That bald guy looked like he's going to be a super villain

nvrwhy : What if snake venom and komodo venom add together into the blood......? Will the blood starting to cloth or not? ?

sohamv1 : 0:36 me eating greens growing up

Vanessa Tillmann : 'we have a bit of an understanding' *shoves thing forcefully in his mouth*

Kim Mathias : ALRIGHT, im TERRIFIED of blood tests, so sorry im gonna click off this video 💉🌡

ico : *JOHNY SINS ??? Is that you?*

Sameep Ghimire : Hello Monty ❤

Archangel Tyrael : How is this a new discovery? That effect was known before.

jonap1st : snake venom : clotting your blood vessels, so the blood cant transport the oxygen komodo venom : disable the blood ability to clot, so basically you're bleeding to death nature can be both terryfing and amazing..

Rose Vampire : Poor gentle boi.

James Anderson : Why does he remind me of a male Charlize Theron.

Biggus Cockus Ass Maximus : Mr. Clean? Is that you?

Gung bojog : Thats a weird looking dog..

Ben Grinter : Don't want to stress him out, he's such an a-KOMODO-tating animal

Quinntus79 : Don’t we already have anticoagulants and blood thinners? What other medical purpose could dragon venom be used for? What’s next, using spider venom to treat erectile disfunction?

Vladimir lenin : Komodo Dragon + Professor = Godzila ?

aldo_ik : Owww so cute...wait until it became hungry....and u will regret it

Jennifer Liwang : One doesn't simply "KISS THE KOMODO"

Tigee Shark : Not really related to the topic but Komodo Dragons pee really really hard

DevilButt : Good to know

harpreet singh : Kiss of death

Naufal Noorrachman : That's one weird dog

vaniljaums : cool dog

Khalisya Anjani : I'm all about finding discoveries for medicines but sure hope you can't use much of komodos venom bc I don't want them to suffer the same fate as pangolins 😭

Princess Dilly : Does being bald include no eyebrows?

ɢнøѕтвlαde : Weird dog.. It have venom too...

Fullmetal Shenron : We are Komodo venom

Nahid Jahan : These guys are in zoo comodo is really dangerous for humans .see the surrounding aisa forest me ni hota😋😊😊

Leon S Kennedy : Moral of the story: Don’t get bitten by a komodo dragon.

Iron W : Damn! He kissed it!😝