Komodo Venom and its Effects | Earth Unplugged

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NaturesTemper : Look at the guns on that lizard, god damn.

Mohamed Farouk : This is really weird. I never knew you could get into close contact with this animal.

Ando : Waw

Toryu-Mau : ... That is one calm dragon. I expected 800% more snapping and thrashing. >)':^/

Cherish Ireland : Poor fella was not into that. Good man for not bitibg those dudes.

Roy Hess : what a beautiful reptile!

Thomas Gallman : "Me and monte have an agreement." *Says the guy forcing rubber into his mouth*

Adapted : That's interesting - I assumed the venom would be a coagulant like many snake venoms, but it's the total opposite.

sarai637 : Aw when he kissed it, that was so cute

Jan KG : what if the venom was added to the blood clot? would it turn liquid?

Kermit Worshipper : He’s a nice looking lizard 🦎 🐉

EweChewBrrr : If he's been bitten then I think the effects might be hair loss.

Dan S : I thought they didn't have venom but a bacteria in their saliva ?

Tiger V S Oreo : Weird dog.. It have venom too...

Barbara Coleman : What a sweet venomous giant scaly puppy!

yumicchi yumi : this is the first time ever i see human could pet komodo wow

Elf Monster : "No! I don't WANNA bite! I'm a PACIFIST!" - Lizard, probably.

Kishmish : i really thought he's gonna inject the venom...

Dean Macka : Good for heart problems

Daniel Rinckey : Beautiful monitor lizard there! Hopefully we can keep learning from them, they're so misunderstood.

jonap1st : snake venom : clotting your blood vessels, so the blood cant transport the oxygen komodo venom : disable the blood ability to clot, so basically you're bleeding to death nature can be both terryfing and amazing..

Vanessa Tillmann : 'we have a bit of an understanding' *shoves thing forcefully in his mouth*

B. Hagedash : Bad form, I'm fairly sure that international naming conventions state that Monty is a name constricted to snakes not lizards.

Widy Shena : isn't the bald guy's the prof in monster bug war? long time not watch him

kieren daunt : is that peter capaldi?

Arielelian Delunari : "How dare you human? I trusted you! I trusted, you dammit! Did our romance mean nothing to you?" - Monty

Mike Iglesias : Omg so komodos can be tamed like Monty? Howwww!? I see vids of them in the wild savage and hungry as hell. Alsowhy isnt he drooling? Uhmm guess that is what rich parents can do for Monty

right spyder : monty is a cute, obedient lizard

Hyuda : ehemm... super drug or chemicals weapon? it supecius

Master Therion : Wait, it's called a Komodo Dragon? I always thought it was spelled Komodo Drag-On, because their tail would Drag-On the ground. Nice, I learneded me something new today.

flowboy : Lex Luthor

Pich Choco : Creature with a deadly reputation...Magnificent !

neng_atcha : This is in zoo right? No way he could just touch and kiss komodo in komodo island..

Melur Fatima Haris : Monty is beautiful and good boy ❤

freddy vs jason : it's incredible how much talents johnny sins possess , no wonder all the girls fall for him

yumicchi yumi : this is the first time ever i see human could pet komodo wow

Luis Chavez : That thing will make a nice pair of boots

MarcusEvonblade ! : A bullet coated with that could be devastating

Allen Adolfo : I didn't knew that Vitas became a Zoologist. 🤔

Sanidhya Gupta : We are continuing to know more and more about our surroundings. That's great.

eternal love10 : his head is brighter than my future

Nilesh Bakshi : That is a very weird looking dog

Kos 291 : "A Komodo-ting animal" did he just? Really?

ArtificialSoul : Never thought a komodo dragon could be cute and friendly like a dog

Pilar Bojorquez : Amazing.

Snoop : They are such cute lizards

Mori Syarata : Lol i thought he gonna injects the vanom to his own body

Lost Shadow : The comodo's so chill

Megacephalus : Monty is kinda cute though

Evan Stephens : The guy on the thumbnail has a face that is 10% too small for his head.