Komodo Venom and its Effects | Earth Unplugged

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Mohamed Farouk : This is really weird. I never knew you could get into close contact with this animal.

Agustin tovar : He protec He atacc but most importantly he let you pet his bacc

jonap1st : snake venom : clotting your blood vessels, so the blood cant transport the oxygen komodo venom : disable the blood ability to clot, so basically you're bleeding to death nature can be both terryfing and amazing..

freddy vs jason : it's incredible how much talents johnny sins possess , no wonder all the girls fall for him

eleanor shellstrop : The poor thing hates it :((((

NaturesTemper : Look at the guns on that lizard, god damn.

Nickhead87 : I imagine the FDA is interested in this venom for the creation of "superdrugs".

MRBIGBOUY : Sorry Monty. Monty if he could talk “it’s ok” later after the camera is gone “Boy if I didn’t know you for so long I would’ve bit your bald ass” lol jk they have to do it to teach I know it’s hard for the animal but this one seems to get along with this keeper so sweet ❤️

Dylan Heem : awwww i think Monty is a cutie .... despite his venomous bite

Steven Lewis : Venom?! I swear we’ve flip flopped over this so much. I heard that Komodo dragons had toxic saliva, not venom. Now you’re saying that that is incorrect and they actually do have venom? Da hell man? Edit: upon further research, the bacteria thing was just a myth taken as fact for years. It was only discovered in 2009 that Komodos do in fact use venom and not bacteria. It’s pretty silly that this misinformation has been spread everywhere for so long.

Vanessa Tillmann : 'we have a bit of an understanding' *shoves thing forcefully in his mouth*

Mori Syarata : Lol i thought he gonna injects the vanom to his own body

theDARK Pototoy : My bearded dragon acts the same way.

nvrwhy : What if snake venom and komodo venom add together into the blood......? Will the blood starting to cloth or not? ?

Skelebob : Now this is some quality spit


Spoke Fists : A Song for Monty *_"He's Muscular, He's Popular, Spectacular, He's a Bachelor, his bite would take you to the doctor"_*

flowboy : Lex Luthor

MarcusEvonblade ! : A bullet coated with that could be devastating

Adam : *B R O M O D O* dragon

Saeed Ranjbari : Is it me or this dragon likes it when his owner pets him Pretty cool dragon

Musim Hujan : He looks like a polite reptile

Ryan Wolver : Did he just kiss a komodo dragon??

MacDonalds : Weird dog.. It have venom too...

Josh Carmona : If you get bit by a snake that has the venom to stop your blood from flowing just get bit by a komodo to reverse the snake’s venom effect. Life hax.

Celina Arroz : I think we have this kind of animals in my province and we called it halu and also we eat this,and the egg is so soft...hehe im not really sure if it is the same but they look like thesame..

Vitalstatistix Stats : *Monty is so chillax*

Seth Young : Awww he's so freaking cute ❤️

Thomas Gallman : "Me and monte have an agreement." *Says the guy forcing rubber into his mouth*

Hey Sala : "the research could lead to new medicines". NO, please don't. Komodo is a endangered animal. We don't want our precious lizard end up like dodo birds

Jaroslav Záruba : _"This is Monty, by far my favourite animal on Earth, so let me just go ahead and rape his mouth..."_

Rice MenaRQ : Thanks, Lex Luthor.

Tony S : How much BBC natural world content is staged fakery?

Vladimir : Where can I watch full series?? Please

Kos 291 : "A Komodo-ting animal" did he just? Really?

Illuminati Dream : Omg he is so cute. Love reptiles!

James Anderson : Why does he remind me of a male Charlize Theron.

Toryu-Mau : ... That is one calm dragon. I expected 800% more snapping and thrashing. >)':^/

Agung Prakoso : Johnny Sins, is that you???

C North : Monty does not forgive or forget.

Jacob : What a chill lizard, i want one as a pet now

Ice Age series : Lizard monitor!:(

Adapted : That's interesting - I assumed the venom would be a coagulant like many snake venoms, but it's the total opposite.

Aspern Park : I'd like to let him lick my hand

Jesse Cheney : i'm very surprised to see this vid bc never i expect a komodo can act like this. for i am from Labuan Bajo and i've heard about the tales and story all my life lol. this is from a captivity i see and surely this is not in Komodo Island, neither Flores or East Nusa Tenggara to be precise. idk tho but im quite sure about that. sure, the villagers in the island live alongside with the komodos but not so friendly like this one so this komodo must've been raised in the captivity all its life

Patriot : _We don't want to stress him out_ Violently shuts it's mouth for science.

Rampage Gaming : My beatiful country indonesia full of poison animal :v

Dan S : I thought they didn't have venom but a bacteria in their saliva ?

Archangel Tyrael : How is this a new discovery? That effect was known before.

paolo maramba : I think this reptile maybe smart, he’s letting the man get his venom, and letting the dude put it in a vile of his own blood to see how fast his venom can kill him...