Perhaps the best exit from a reality show ever.

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Rohanjeet Das : *He evolved.*

Coya Does Music : Testosterone overload

LemonOVA : The peak of human evolution

JTsuits : When she keeps licking ur toes

Dark Emperor Gamer : I feel second-hand embarassment. :(

Quaglium Quagnarr : He went full Spongedoodle at the end there.

Devon Palmer : I've never heard that noise come out of a human before

Mallorie Erin : Did.. did he just gorilla scream his way into a faint..?

TheVindictusFive : Um.. I think I'm *genuinely* afraid of this guy.

Buzz Highyear : Top 10 saddest anime endings

Pixel : props to him for how realistic it sounded like a monkey

DanielC : I think the second part was a better motivational speech

Lwandiso : Wow, I feel so inspir........ Uhmm... Oookay (●____●)

Its Crayon : He has ascended

DaFuq!?Boom! : 0:51 an important detail in this inspirational speech

Devin Hansen : Oh, that was actually pretty inspirational... oh, huh.

Azula : The speech was very good and inspirational, then it suddenly went downhill when he did that thing.

Rick Sanchez : Mastered Ultra Instinct [CAUGHT ON TAPE]

Joosua Anttila : Demon human monkey, I choose you!

Nigel Williams : That translation at the end was for the Kardashian family

Batoon : A Real Human Bean

The Goat : Man, why did this blow up out of nowhere lol?

TheVindictusFive : Translating for the apes back home.

Fortnite PS4 : 0:51 when you do 9 damage with a blue pump

お尻を食べます : Biggest plot twist in human history

specie44 : ...ooook?

Pro plots : That what happens when you are giving motivational speech and alarm goes off 0:51

Tomasi Mauby : Ladies and gentlemen rocky balboa and shia labeouf

Tariq Khalayla : This is America

The404Studios : Where humanity really begins..

BT -7274 : We are human beans

Venge : He is the next Tank for Left for Dead 3.

UnintrestingName : He need some milk

Street Wall : I watched this, happy now youtube?

Ashlen R : Anyone actually enjoyed that last part?

wav.yliving 波打つ : My mans gave the Rocky speech then drugs kicked in

SKI MASK THE SO GOD : Feel the sensation...

Savan Rajput : I didn't expect that....

Porongski1 : The first part of his speech was from Rocky and the second part was from cocaine

Abe Saucedo : So he ripped off Rocky’s speech and he makes some weird spastic noise and falls to the ground .

Triniswe : Do I need a masterball to catch this pokémon?

Carter Downs : Him > Thanos

Benjamin Mella : I was trying to process on what was going on in that scene

Im Sorry : When u done but she keeps sukin'

Algunos Cuenticos : What species is this specimen? 🤔

Nero ToXin : He is winstons primal rage

SB 50cal : He was doing fine until the orgasm hit him hard.

Alex Nascimento : Ok, now I believe in what Darwin said.

daemon sS : *It wasn’t the airplanes, it was beauty killed the beast*

Higher Tiki : Well that just forever ruined that rocky speech for me