Perhaps the best exit from a reality show ever.

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Devon Palmer : I've never heard that noise come out of a human before

19thHour : I thought he was raising his power level so he could lift that entire gazebo full of cash and teleport out of there

Gato Cat : 0:49 when that spoiled kid in Walmart gets told "no"

Rebelle : That.....was beautiful

Netflix & Chills ASMR : Like, if the YouTube recommended page brought you here.

Abelhawk : The worst part is that he's not even making up a cool speech. It's just a quote from Rocky.

The SuperRocxz : The guy never wanted to win.. he's just wanted this moment..

Serewrangler : Dude went from rambo speech straight to Gorilla orgasm. That's some versatility right there. : He is really constipated

kazza Carolina : "cut..cut!......CUUUTT!!" *camera man keepz recording* " PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW DAVID!"

Jake Branthe : He could've made a clean exit after doing that Rocky speech. BUT SUDDENLY. *GRUNTING NOISES*

Zer0 iQ : This is the first thing you see entering the gates of hell.

John Galactus : It was all well and inspirational, almost shed a tear... until 0:51. That was when my tears re-entered my eyes.

Fullmetal Shenron : When your squad is fighting but the storm is approaching

HiIamFin : He swallowed a Lego.

Yellow 13 : Spartan Rage available (L3) + (R3)

Kishore Krishnan : Comments funnier than the video

akshay kadam : 1:03 Program.exe has stopped working

MacDaddy : wat show is this

Moktar : 0:36 his friends smiling like they were waiting for it! lol

PowahSlap Entertainmint : *Plot twist:* He was posessed by the ghost of Rocky and was trying to fight for control of his brain.

SKI MASK THE SO GOD : Hey , the sun is getting low big guy.

SplatterTv #000 : When you get your first victory on fortnite.

I'LL BE LOW : Best sylvester stallone impersonator ever. 10/10 100% accuracy

Demigods CPPS : steals that shit from rocky then turns into caeser

LemonOVA : The peak of human evolution

Aaron F : 0:52 quote from Donkey Kong from Mario on the Atari

Shelby James : Is this the power of Ultra Instinct?

Venus Luciferatta : It was already weird before the final part anyways.

Sparc Mac : LOL

inspirepaul : I really didn’t expect the end 😂

sexyMikey7111 : Tarzan meets Rocky in a drug lab. WTF???

dipyaman Uzir : *He evolved*

Nika : You dont want to meet this guy in your nightmare

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Category:Entertainment I m not at all entertain this is the next level of humanity.It's scary as hell.

McSuperfly : He tried doing the Rocky quote but didn’t get a round of applause... So I guess _that_ was plan B.

Tumasyan : i think he just warped out of the milky way galaxy

Nny : 0:52 *School shooter mode activated.*

Dominic M. : I came here expecting him to tell everyone how much he hated them... Instead i got something *far* better

Nogah Lerman : "top 10 anime exit"

Ron Jet : *He evolved.*

M.K.D. : *Gives a speech about getting up after falling and then gets floored!*

DubDanTV : I so hope to god he was just trolling...

Carlos Ace : *JUST DO IT*

Mr Mustache : First I was like wow this guy has a point! Then he started doing his thing and I was like okayyy wtf

Coya Does Music : Testosterone overload

SlimePack : Wow he had a freaking aneurism

SΔMUEL ᏒᎾᎶᎬᏒs S.R : Shia leboufe has compition.

Varun sharma : Exit from reality show can be dangerous to consciousness

Spartacus Aka How that gold taste Aka Fuck crassus : The speach was not that bad tho