Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Bill Burr: the BS of Hollywood Meetings

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KASMA : Bill burr. The reason I clicked.

Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft : Do Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon have the same fake-laughing-coach?

the baus : Seinfelds fake laugh is almost as bad as fallons

Lone Wolf : Kevin can't see over the table

Pat Tanackered : Jerry should have had a really grumpy talk show. It would have been awesome compared to the fake niceness on today's chat shows.

ShallowDepression : Ironically, I fake laughed at this.

Oghuz Somali : Wow this was brutal to watch. I only clicked because of Bill Burr.

deadnerves : as a huge Seinfeld show fan, i was so disappointed that i couldnt find anything funny from him beside the show...i dont know why they call him a comedian

ThrobbinHood : Jerry's constant fake laughing is really annoying.

Robert Herrera : I seriously believe the car is on a flatbed being pulled by a truck.

R S : Jerry is a drag. Love the concept of the show, just don't like the host.

The BlueBonnet Bomber : Everyone subconsciously talks like Jerry to Jerry.

Mike Morbuk : Bill Burr, THE best!

West Idaho Mountain Man : I faked laughed so hard to this!

will crow : These are some the funniest men out there, and you can see how much Jerry likes being around other comedians. One of the best things i ever heard him say is that as a beginner growing up, he looked at comedians and said to himself, not so much 'I need to make it.' but "I want to be one of those guys." If i can do that i'll have 'made it.'

Ewin the Mahoutsukai : Needed more Bill Burr

kyle dolan : There is a list of all the people who find Jerry Seinfeld funny within this sentence.

Jay Cuzzie : Never watching another bs Jerry video again

Ender Gomez : Will Ferrell is one of, if not the most professional, and entertaining comedic actor to ever have lived.

Adrian b : Matt Lauer seems pretty happy post The Today Show

Steven Kerns : In California, isn't the failure to wear a seatbelt a capital offense?

Pete Ruiz : Jerry is mediocre, at best as a Comedian

Anthony Martinez : "Jerry is a little cunty" - bill burr

KEITH MORGAN : Seatbelts, gentlemen. Seatbelts.

TeacherTeacher : Love Will Ferrell!

Deette Kearns : Wil Farrell is dead on with his impression of the people who run focus groups.

jozafax : Burr is great but the others are just painful to watch.

Bishop bro : That laugh, cringworthy

Lukia Bl : Kevin hart is funny ?

Ronnie Martillo : Jerry in my childhood and as an adult has never been funny. I can’t fathom why he’s famous.

The Chilled Gamer : Seatbelts

Paul C. : No seat-belts!!!

Peter : Man what a depressing comment section. Jerry is laughing because they are making fun of the absurdity of real life situations that them as comedians have to go through. This isn't a comedy show, it's two comedians talking about the an occupation that they both share over coffee.

Rico Conti : What a waste of time ..... I lost a pice of my life watching this BS

Mario Valdez : BS in Hollywood: Jerry Seinfeld's fake laugh talking to Bill

shawnfella : Jerry should redrum Kevin Hart before he even thinks of redruming Will Ferrell. It's so obvious.

Brian Waters : Blah blah blah.... douche bags using mouth holes to say nothing.

ALEX MASON : Billy "butter face "burr

Tom S : Will Ferrell is #1/MVP

Kruppt808 : Choke u out, put me down for a 10.

Intergalactic Interviews : The only thing worse than those meetings is when no one calls -ii

Slow&Low : Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee...without seatbelts.

PISTOL PETE : Billy boy !!!

TJG : 1-10 How racist is Jerry?

Godspeed : Probably my top 3 comedians right here. I feel like their missing one tho. Who??

I AM YOUR SISTERS PIMP : Jerry fake laughing is worse than Jimmy Fallon..

Javi Soprano : Jerry Seinfeld is one goofy looking dude .

Purple Haze : Honesty .... how awesome ... from men too 😱did I just say that .... lol🤣

Lawson One : Why aren’t they wearing their gat dang seatbelts?

Dave Gass : Bill Burr is the man !!!