Chappelle's Show - The Wayne Brady Show - Uncensored

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Robert Gray : This has to be the most underrated skit the show ever did!

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot : To this day, the most brilliant thing they did. Turning Wayne Brady, AFTER they made fun of him for being safe and friendly, in to a version of Alonzo Harris from Training Day. With Brady all the way in on it. Genius and awesome of Wayne, who has been unfairly labeled an Uncle Tom for no other reason than he doesn't act like he's hard or hood, to be a part of it. He could've easily told Dave to kiss his ass. But he didn't.

Alan J : "Hoes... Dave. Dave... hoes". "Evenin', bitches"

Tone Riggz : "Oh shit, it's Wayne Brady, son!!!" Still funny as hell all these years later 😂

Chantz Kacey : Damn they should have posted this in its entirety! The part where he makes Dave give him his sandwhich had me in tears lol! 🙄They probably cut it short cause of the part where Wayne breaks the cops neck,lol.

Sense The Villen : Evening bitches 😂😂😂😂

jack thao : “Riverside MothaFucka!”

Mav R : Top 5 Skits for Me: 1. Rick James 2. Wayne Brady 3. Prince 4. Clayton Bigsby 5. Mad Real World

Aishia Bello : Dave: “I think you passed our turn” Wayne: “It’s ok... relax” Best line ever!!

Supervisor404 Atlanta : Lol.... "Oh Shit!!!...It's Wayne Brady son!!!!"""...LMAO

Mr. Mango : This was the first time I was actually afraid of Wayne Brandy

New Guy : When I was a kid I used to trip tf out every time Darnell stared swingin on the fence 🤣🤣🤣lmfao

AJ Johnson : Great quality. Too bad it's not the entire thing. It doesn't have Wayne eating Dave's sandwich or Wayne shooting Dave in the leg. Still great quality tho.

Marz Robinson : I’ll get some money lmfao

Casey Ryan : I think this sketch is supposed to be longer. Doesn't Wayne drug Dave at some point? Answer for your crimes CC!


I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg : To The People Scrolling Down Reading Comments GOOD EVENING BITCHES :D


Average Genius : You better thank Dave Chappelle

Dualshock Entertainment : "Oh shit it's Wayne Brady, son!"😂

TSpancer80 : Man Wayne Brady acts incredible good. They should had make the whole episode like this ^_^

Jacob Richardson : I remember this one i was dying laughing so hard when i was young

Abel Gonzalez : This is legendary.

Tyler's world : Wayne brady is scary when hes mad lol

B : Riverside Mutahfuka!!!!

MrUrkel0730 : Evening bitches 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

bedub 45 : Eat the sandwich Dave

Brandon Lozano : I remember seeing this back in the day and just being in tears because I was laughing so damn hard.

Bucks Bunny : Whats this? Mister franklin is lonely🤣😂

LonghornsLegend : This skit was absolutely legendary when it dropped and still is. Much respect to Wayne Brady for deciding to do this seeing him in this setting was hilarious

Sheldon Boyce-Payne : They need to bring him back.. miss these lmao

Lord Frieza : When you realize your friend is a psychopath

Gear to Ear Car Audio : “Eat your sandwich Dave.”

stancexpunks : It’s really hard to pick a favorite skit but I think this is my favorite. Can’t remember a time I was laughing as hard as I was while first watching this.

Hazardousflow757 : Dude they cut this short af!

Glen Harris : Uncensored and I still hear beeps?

Josh Shellenberger : He has a Daytime Emmy he's not supposed to be doing that kind of stuff.

Darnell Harris : To the 5 people who disliked ur whack

edin sajche : Good old days...when comedy just made you're heart warm.

Monique Hill : RUN B**** RUN FO YO LIFE, GET SOME HELP!! LOL!!😂😂😂😂😂

Sylvester Scott : Evening bitches

Dee Chambers : Ahh shit it's Wayne Brady son.!!

Cheap Car Guy : Id pay cash money for them to make another Dave and Brady skit pt.2

Gerardo Reyes : My top 5 sketches 1. Wayne Brady 2. Rick James 3. Racial Draft 4. Playa Haters Ball 5. Prince

HUSTLER1346 : "Nah it's alright relax." I'd honestly be like what the hell is this guy up to already 😂

Timothy Clark : BREAK YO’SELF FOO!!!

Frank Horton IV : Outside of the rick James skit this is the best one

chuck ennis : You have a day time Emmy

Sean Fulgham : Eat ya sandwich Dave............ Give me ya sandwich Dave, I said give me ya dam sandwich!!!!

drewdogg513 : I'll get some money