Chappelle's Show - The Wayne Brady Show - Uncensored

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Robert Gray : This has to be the most underrated skit the show ever did!

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot : To this day, the most brilliant thing they did. Turning Wayne Brady, AFTER they made fun of him for being safe and friendly, in to a version of Alonzo Harris from Training Day. With Brady all the way in on it. Genius and awesome of Wayne, who has been unfairly labeled an Uncle Tom for no other reason than he doesn't act like he's hard or hood, to be a part of it. He could've easily told Dave to kiss his ass. But he didn't.

Alan J : "Hoes... Dave. Dave... hoes". "Evenin', bitches"

Monique Hill : RUN B**** RUN FO YO LIFE, GET SOME HELP!! LOL!!😂😂😂😂😂

Supervisor404 Atlanta : Lol.... "Oh Shit!!!...It's Wayne Brady son!!!!"""...LMAO


Dualshock Entertainment : "Oh shit it's Wayne Brady, son!"😂

Lord Frieza : When you realize your friend is a psychopath

Cheap Car Guy : Id pay cash money for them to make another Dave and Brady skit pt.2

LonghornsLegend : This skit was absolutely legendary when it dropped and still is. Much respect to Wayne Brady for deciding to do this seeing him in this setting was hilarious

everything is connected : "We Black actors. We have gotta stick together."

Joe King : Who's watching this in 2019?! 😎👀👀

Josh Shellenberger : He has a Daytime Emmy he's not supposed to be doing that kind of stuff.

TSpancer80 : Man Wayne Brady acts incredible good. They should had make the whole episode like this ^_^

Bucks Bunny : Whats this? Mister franklin is lonely🤣😂


justin williams : That horn kills me each time

Kim Turro : Still one of the greatest comedy sketches EVER!! 😅 I remember the night I saw this falling out the bed I laughed so hard--for days!! Years later it still cracks me up!!

Gerardo Reyes : My top 5 sketches 1. Wayne Brady 2. Rick James 3. Racial Draft 4. Playa Haters Ball 5. Prince

Maurice Brodie : I guess Comedy Central didn't want to show Wayne Brady breaking the White Cops Neck on purpose.. Drops the 🎤🎤

Edin Sajche : Good old days...when comedy just made you're heart warm.

Brandon Lozano : I remember seeing this back in the day and just being in tears because I was laughing so damn hard.

Tone Riggz : "Oh shit, it's Wayne Brady, son!!!" Still funny as hell all these years later 😂

DarthSquidward : 2:26 best words to ever exist

Nashia McDaniel : Where’s the rest of it? Come on!!!

Joarna Gaming : Title says uncensored, yet clearly censored. Clickbait...

Dee Chambers : Ahh shit it's Wayne Brady son.!!

Michael Ward : Good evening "Bitches".😀😀. One of the best to Ever do it. Aint scared to push the envelope. No.1 in my book. Not movies, but skits and stand-ups, this man is the BEST...EVER!!!!!😂😂😂😂

Sean Fulgham : Eat ya sandwich Dave............ Give me ya sandwich Dave, I said give me ya dam sandwich!!!!

DAN LAROCA : When Comedy Central showed real comedy. Now it’s full of political comedy hacks.

Jae The Introvert : This whole skit has quotes for days 😂

Sense The Villen : Evening bitches 😂😂😂😂

spartygrad89 : By far my favorite of all time just because Wayne was afraid after he did it that it could affect his clean image. Prince, Rick James, Charley Murphy, Tyrone Biggums. All classics.

Sid Miller : Classic. There will never be another Dave is the g.o.a.t and big ups to Wayne.

Charlie Fox : The young female who acted as Raquel the hooker was also good in her part

J Rodriguez : An underrated line is when Dave goes, "You got a day time emmy ni@@a you ain't supposed to be doing $hit like this!" I laugh every time i hear it

Chantz Kacey : Damn they should have posted this in its entirety! The part where he makes Dave give him his sandwhich had me in tears lol! 🙄They probably cut it short cause of the part where Wayne breaks the cops neck,lol.

Darth Vix : So dumb how Ashy Larry hangs from the window 😂😂😂😂😂

no name : I make Brian Gumble look like Malcom X huh?

Janice Harris : Raquel, Ben Franklin is a little lonely.😂😂😂😂

Thierry Almeida : *BREAK YO SELF, FOOL*

HankyDank : Oh shit! It's Wayne Brady son!

Jon Richardson : Who tf disliked this? I can't watch it without laughing everytime

crayzmoe : A once in a generation show

kittenpawsbb : This is the episode that turned me on to the Chappelle Show. I knew of Wayne Brady clean cut funny guy, and my mind was blown when I saw this. Has to be in the top ten best show they ever written. Thank you

New Guy : When I was a kid I used to trip tf out every time Darnell stared swingin on the fence 🤣🤣🤣lmfao

Rey Macías : We black actors

Kryptonite : this skit brought so much respect to wayne brady lol chappelle show had that much pull

Darrell Rolle Jr. : Eat your sandwich Dave.......... Gimme ya sandwich Dave, I said gimme ya damn sandwich lmfao! Clearly one of the best skits ever on Chappelle Show.

Mac Dre : Wayne Brady is a hella good actor