Yeezy 350 "Zebra": Does It Look Good With a Tuxedo?
Yeezy 350 Zebra Does It Look Good With a Tuxedo

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The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Zebra" looks good casually, but does it look good with formalwear? Brad Hall (me) shows you how the shoe pairs with a professionally fitted tuxedo. My Instagram: My Twitter: My Store: Thanks for watching. -Brad Hall


iupdate : You look great no matter what, Brad.

James Buchholz : Hey Brad, that Tuxedo fits you like nothing else could.

rielitty : _everything looks good on our dad brad._

Sirlepepe : When you hit 350k you should do a special video for the yeezy 350s

gunpla sheep : Most expensive shoes at the wedding also the most handsome

The Moon Babies : Where my Braddies at #notificationgang

Air Espenilla : Forget the Zebras. Now thats how you rock a tuxedo!

A T : Oh brad, you look so handsome πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

tim van den berg : Those glasses really do compliment your goregeous blue eyes. Much love, your son 😘

Ryan Gridley : Brad this may be too sexy for YouTube

ross chapman : I don’t know about the zebras but I know you do, wow

Jed Johnstone : I wonder what his expression is when editing these videos.

Thomas Enns : Finally hit 305,702 subscribers. Good job

GFEAST : Anything looks great on you Brad!!!

Ivan : You look stunning Brad.

luis acuna : you will literally be the center of attention at the wedding

Lance Gammad : Man we should start a religion praising Brad with his godly looks and attitude

Josh Chun : i highly approve of this look

π“Šˆ π€π¬π©π‘π¨ππžπ₯ π“Š‰ : looking slick, Brad the Dad

Rainer Winkler : Brad can pull off any look you throw at him

ImLotus : brad is always flexing you already know

Correriux : I would be surprised if you looked bad on something

Alex X : Brad u looking like a snack big dawg

Joonie : you look great in the Tuxedo

Shawn Parker : I almost thought this was a reviewbrah video.

LudeKrikke : I’ve never seen a guy look this stylish, my mind has been blown once again by the man himself.

JimmyWin : You look marvelous Brad!

CPalermo900 : With that music and editing I thought I was watching a music video! Wow!

wes. ? : That outfit looks stunning Brad. You make everything look good no matter what.

Isaiah Rogers : Lol I love the edits in the video along with the music! I guess they look good in a tuxedo after all!!

v2 iGO : 1:32 dis boi lookin like the nba 2003 draft

GOD : Love you, just trying to get an early like...

SNEAKER REVIEW .FRANK : It looks very lit πŸ’―

MT Kirby : Amazing as always Brad!

Harris Gent : Man this is so funny and so cringy!!!πŸ˜‚ I SERIOUSLY love my man!!!

Niels J : Yes brad, they do...

Devin Patel : Yes Brad!

Fredrik Fausa : 10/10 Brad

Cornn Flæk : Wow! 300K already! I remember when he was still at 30K subs.

Shamar. : I have to meet you in person

j.p youssef : Brad be careful not to steal the bride at the wedding your looking to fresh πŸ˜©πŸ’―πŸ˜…

Norbert Nagy : It's fucking amazing!

Garrett : The only way to come to my wedding is to wear 350s with your tux/dress. Thank you Brad for showing me the versatility of the Zebras.

Trey : Brad always looks great in anything. I wish I could be like you, you handsome devil!

David Lovato : I love you brad always looking clean!

Zane Grey : No. The tuxedo has to rock brad

OP shitface : Nice one Brad

isenseifredo : Flyest guy

Clark C : Fine, I'll be that guy because I believe Brad has been this guy... Tuxedo's have silk or satin blatantly exposed on the exterior. Nonetheless, that is a very nice oversized suit