An American Vegan Doesn't Understand Australia

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Australia is very different to America, But this list is ridiculous, it couldn't be more wrong. it's time to stand up for Australia. Become a part of my Patreon - Australian Tour - Twitch Live Stream - Merch - PO Box - 343 Charlestown 2290, NSW, Australia Follow me Facebook - Insta - Snapchat - Thebuttsmarn Email -


BGerbs66 : "America is Australia's closest ally" *New Zealand cries*

hamad5885 : Melbourne? Melbs. Sushi? sush. Weed? Kush. Hotel? Trivago.

Georgia Bennett : Ahh, America. The land of the free! *School shootings*

Juliet Phillips : Melbs? Sush?!? If u say that then u can just.....just leave like now

NEXO BOOM : From Melbourne Can confirm Melb’s made me throw up

Healthy Emmie : Hahaha HEY!! This video was hilarious 😂 You had me laughing at myself 💕 If you come visit Melbourne we’ve gotta “catch up!” 🤘🏼 Enjoy your “arvo,” mate! 🇦🇺

Harry Papadopoulos : Just to confirm Melbournians do NOT call Melbourne melbs nor do we call sushi sush🤦‍♀️

Sirharry Plz : Calls Melbourne Melbs *grabs gun* Calls sushi sush *points in mouth* Says that sushi is not cut up *pulls trigger*

Cykatic TheWorldBreaker : As an American I thank you for taking this one off our hands.

Dan Acor : Watching her talk pissed me off...watching you make fun of her and call her out, made me laugh out loud ( I never do that)

nam vu : "There's no aluminium cans" Me: *is literally drinking from a can of Fanta and stops to stare at it*

TheGamingSailor A : I guess I am a good Australia because I and my friends made my main teacher quit, and also yeah I live in Canberra and it is shit.

Velvet Spirit : ‘Nobody uses dryers!’ Me: WHY!? I have a f*cking dryer! I use it a f*cking lot.

Xad121 : We don't call anything any different names, shes just American

Jay.c19 : “Hey mum, can you get me some 2 minute noods!”

__Megs__ : 1. The way she said “Aussie” at the start needs to stop 2. I went up to Canberra for 3 days, if that, I got bored after the first day 3. I lived in “Melbs” for 8 years & that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone say Melbourne like that, & “sush”? 4. I have a dryer in my garage & use it all the time because Victoria’s weather is so unpredictable 5. Gotta love having a sub teacher because you do shit all 6. A veggie... for breakfast? ...She needs to be deported back to America

Faith Masina : I friken love this guy🤣🤣🤣love the sushi part😂🍣 Aslo you are so right about the substitute teacher part😂💯 My class made my substitute teacher cry and then she left in the middle session and she never came back. Unfortunately our principal came🤣🤣 so our class are some true aussies😂💯🇦🇺

MaccoD : Sush? *curtis stone left the chat* Only Australians know who he is Maybe

Crayz Raccoon : YEE NEWCASTLE!!! Also I go to a sushi - sorry, SUSH - shop that sells BOTH chopped and rolls of “SUSH” also WHO CALLS IT SUSH?!

Lily Loves : "Girl you're crazy!" ~ Isaac Butterfield 2018

Night Skyler : His accent is amazing especially every time he says bastard XD

Lydie Wainhouse : I protest against people calling Melbourne “Melbz” and protesting. Oh sh-

Tammy Maskiell : My family uses a dryer and we put them outside on a line. It makes it quicker...

Becki ASMR : If old mate has never seen cut up sushi, maybe she should stop going to the sushi shops in shopping centres and find an actual Japanese restaurant lmao

FreeCityOfGdansk : Wow, people from other countries have different cultures? *W h a t*

BITC lasagna : All I have for breakfast is a nuttella samwitch or just weet bix

Izzi : Lots of places say brekky what england says brekky im angry in british

SherloidMaster 75 : The fact that he know how ya Australians like to annoy substitute teacher is awesome😂

Felicity Reichle : ew I'm from Melbourne and I've NEVER EVER heard anyone say melbs🤢

Means Boy : That lady is crushing my flipping heart she is DuMB aS hElL

tao green : I'm from Canberra and im subbed with post notifications on

Hannah Highness : I always make a sub mad our class teams up on them we write faces on the board we talk so loud and make weird noises on the floor she told a joke and we brought a cricket ringtone and she was looking in the plants for 30 mins AAAAAAHHHHH AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺

XIconic_StarX : aND YOU CAN VIST CAIRNS edit:Just realised that i did it in caps lol

Majin Buu : Showed your vegan videos to my vegan girlfriend Now we have beef Edit: Dam didn't realize people would like my comment Another edit: thanks everyone I think this is the most likes I've had on a comment before

Snoorlacks : This is the first video I’ve seen from you bro, and I actually died! 😂 You’re just so enthusiastic about everything! It’s actually crazy! Keep doin’ you bro! You are hilarious! 😂😂😂

Jeremy Howard : Trust me I live in Melbourne and in my 14 years of life I have never heard anyone call it “melbs”

Time LAG Studio : No person in Australia calls Melbourne Melb and no person calls it sush

The grand holy bagel - Zigzagzip : On behalf of all Americans, we are sorry for this vegan tourist.

Jze : Canberra was literally a city created so Sydney and Melbourne dont start a war.

Alyza Conlan : Me and my cousin sitting watching this with an ALUMINUM CAN if coke. TRIGGERED

Sophia Christopoulos : Lady you aren't in Kansas anymore, you're over the rainbow

Brie Huenerberg : *Drinking sunkised out of a can while waiting for my washing to dry in my dryer* 😂

Panda Coma : My parents were sleeping and I forgot to plug my headphones in and I clicked on the vid and, the intro played, lucky they didn't hear tho

brooksie9999999999 : from Melbourne, almost everything she has said is a straight lie lmfao

WILDYOUTHGANG : Hello from Melbourne we don’t cal Melbourne mel We don’t call sushi sush

Perdido Atlantic : Fact: veganism causes yeast infections and brain damage and it leads to liberal thoughts.

Animelover 1106 : Last public school I went to sushi was cut into small peicec so yeah

bmwjoey25 : I cringed when she said "un-leeded" gas

The Gangsta Dounut : melbourne ain't nothin but hipsters and pommy fruit cakes. if you come to Australia, come to BRIZZY!