An American Vegan Doesn't Understand Australia

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Isaac Butterfield : Did you know that following me on Instagram - Thebuttsmarn - is undoubtedly the greatest decision you will ever make. Seriously. Life bloody changing.

Fraser Wilson : As a fellow Melbournian, I can assure you that I've never referred to it as Melbz 😂😂

NestleTheWonderCat : As an American I am so sorry that one of the dumbest (if not the dumbest) of us immigrated to your country. On the other hand I'm glad shes gone. :-)

Annie Evie : Did she say "I've been in Aussie"?? Man Aussie is not the name of a country. It's a noun when describing a person (an Aussie) or an adjective if you want to describe something Australian. Basically it's a shortening of "Australian" not of "Australia". idk I don't think this is a her thing though I think it's an American thing. or maybe other parts of Australia do it too and WA is just out of the loop. idk. But it was weird to me

A New Paige : Okay so as an Aussie here are the things that annoyed me in this video: - It’s pronounced Melbourne not MelBORNE - I’m 99.9% sure we don’t abbreviate Melbourne to Melbz or sushi to sushi - Isaac covered the sushi. - You pay in the service station for security reasons - Dryers are a thing, we just use our environment and save electricity - Well, you’ve been here for ten days. - Are you a student or… - Where the frick has she been to not find any aluminium cans??? - How the hell did she not notice anything else about Australia!!!! Sincerely, An Aussie


Healthy Emmie : Hahaha HEY!! This video was hilarious 😂 You had me laughing at myself 💕 If you come visit Melbourne we’ve gotta “catch up!” 🤘🏼 Enjoy your “arvo,” mate! 🇦🇺

Jimmy Miller : As a Texan I find you videos incredibly entertaining and I wonder if that woman got hit in the head with her luggage before boarding her plane and that's why she's so confused living in your country.

Aussie Asian Kid : No we don’t call it melbs

doirtlee : I'm glad she left the U.S, but I'm sorry she moved to Australia. She should be sent to Pakistan.

princess priya : Gas makes no sense actually,, when its actually petrol...gas is air like fluid where as petrol is light fuel oil... So does air or gas comes off the fuel pumps or fuel oil?? Americans honestly??🙄 we Indians call it as petrol here too not gas

Critical Eats Japan : Her list was painful, but you were a gentleman about it...

scissor runner : As an American🇺🇸... I apologise and do not approve her message. Smh🤦

Lynn DeRaad : WTF is unleeded gas

Jayden Bell : Vegans arent ackchually humans

jesse rallis : When I saw her photo I was like oooo that fk wit I mean she’s hot and nice but she’s got it all wrong sushi not sush

Your Mate Tom : I’ve never heard anyone refer to Melbourne as “Melbs” before lol. And if I did, they would receive a rightful slap 👋 And “sush”? Wtf? This is what we should be protesting against! :P

Trash : at 0:33 did she mean Australia?

ED-GAMING Luc Hopkins : No we do not refer Melbourne as melb, we’re not degenerates

Gacha Cami : She needs a Bunnings snag

Matthew Smith : Mate, Australians say Aluminium, Seppos say Aluminum, we rightly or wrongly have an extra i in there.

Adam Reed : We definitely don't refer to Melbourne as Melbs wtf is that about

MrSonny6155 : Stay out of Canberra, thats where the bloody politicians live. Ever watched Question Time? Don't.


Alexander The Beyblader and Nintendo Fan : We aren't in Kansas anymore we're in Cairns

KK Arts : I live in Canberra, and I gotta agree. Sydney is wayyy better. Although Canberra has a pretty landscape, Sydney is bigger, better cities and more parks and stuff. Definitely visit Sydney.

R_D_S_J : We dont call Melbourne melbs

Tamara Kelly : BAHAHA Has anyone told her about the drop bears?

That Aussie Guy : We went to Canberra on a school trip and we went to questacon

OMG I Hate you too x : WHat Is SuSh

Ashlen Mecham : u don't become an aussie if u move here, u are only a aussie if u have lived here ur whole life, ur just a immigrant

Aussie Memes For Aussie Teens : American vegan is the worst combination known to man

Rocky The destroyer : How's getting petrol confusing I mean seriously it's so easy and I'm ten and I know This

Rocky The destroyer : Who the hell calls sushi sush it's just wrong

The Golden Bunnie : Smek tic dinb Ah yes the sacred message

THE SIMPLE GROUP : The way he said "girl you crazy" 😂😂

Kakoda : Theres just like an old guy filling up his car next to her and just staring at her as she continues to fill her car up with BBQ Gas with a confused look on his face XD

Schnitta O’parmi : Dunno if America is our closest ally. Pretty far away

Jubal Early : Let's be honest, she's a leftist only hanging out with leftist Australians... and leftists aren't representative of any country they live in.

Rocky The destroyer : Just don't go to Canberra

PixlrEdn : i literally just came back from canberra

Phantom Panda : Hahaha the Melbourne thing wtf we don’t say that! And say any of that

Keiran Sankan : Isaac on behalf of Melbourne, we apologise for the misconception we do not call it melbs by the way

Alexander The Beyblader and Nintendo Fan : R u fkng kidding sushi not cut up is the actual correct way to have it LIKE THEY DO IN JAPAN

Archie Everall : I use dryers all the time omg this is so f&$#ing funny 😂

Oshay Calgaret : you a real australian when u got a makita radio

Jenna Gets Creative : Can we also take a moment to laugh at how she pronounced "un-leaded." It's "led," not "leed." It's referring to the metal, not the opposite of follow.

Comic Book Addict : You live in Newcastle!? Im literately 1 hour away from you! (Im from Singo)

JuicyDiamond 21 : Xbox live gold, monthly

Sansy The Skeleton : Ok who the heck says "melbs" it's Melbourne.