An American Vegan Doesn't Understand Australia

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Isaac Butterfield : Did you know that following me on Instagram - Thebuttsmarn - is undoubtedly the greatest decision you will ever make. Seriously. Life bloody changing.

Fraser Wilson : As a fellow Melbournian, I can assure you that I've never referred to it as Melbz 😂😂

randomly kids : Anyone want to get some sush in the arvo or yeah nah

Jimbo nGr : How to trigger an American; Ask them if they pay for their health insurance monthly or weekly.

Ike Greil : To be fair, American's don't really seem to understand anything unless it involves invading other countries, taking their natural resources, explosions and school shootings.

Guccixd _ : Who ever is Australian like this bc I’m Australian

Your Mate Tom : I’ve never heard anyone refer to Melbourne as “Melbs” before lol. And if I did, they would receive a rightful slap 👋 And “sush”? Wtf? This is what we should be protesting against! :P

Curtis BEAN : I live in “melbs” and we do no abriviate

Savana-Lily Anderson-Matthews : She has angered everyone in NZ and Aussie.

Kawai Corn : Who The Hell Calls Sushi Sush And who calls Melbourne Melbs


Healthy Emmie : Hahaha HEY!! This video was hilarious 😂 You had me laughing at myself 💕 If you come visit Melbourne we’ve gotta “catch up!” 🤘🏼 Enjoy your “arvo,” mate! 🇦🇺

Cleaver#351 : You physically cant put autogas in a petrol car or vice versa, bloody mong.

Savana Sings : I live in Melbourne and I have never heard anyone ever say Melbs in my entire life, and, WHO THE HELL CALLS MELBOURNE MELBS?!

TechnicPlayz : no one gonna mention she called unleaded, *unleeeded*

Toprakking 2 : no we dont call melbournians as melbs that IS disguasting.

Michael James : “Weird things that Australians do that Americans don’t understand...” Speak English?

The Panda : Just go to sushi train they have cut up sush

Amber Anderson : This is why I don't watch the news 😑

Funn Fush : nobody in Melbourne says melbz

Multi Theme : When he said sush I tried my hardest not to laugh like a lunatic cause it’s 2am

Critical Eats Japan : Her list was painful, but you were a gentleman about it...

Katina White : Mate,Your not a Aussie until your thongs have melted to the ground

Rhys Mitchell : Isn’t sushi not vegan but shewent to get some lmao

PianoMaster 6000 : Wait wtf I live in Melbourne and I have NEVER EVER heard someone say Melbs... until now

Dumbshit Scientists : Mate I live in Australia and we all ways bagged the shit out the subsatute teachers

Aussie Memes For Aussie Teens : American vegan is the worst combination known to man

Gracie : Finally some one mentioned Perth!! I have been waiting my whole life for someone famous to mention my home city!!!

Lucy Claire : I love how he makes videos just bagging out other people 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

tyrannus Targaryen : Newcastle 😎👍

Bora Kızılbudak : She kinda looks like jacksfilms

Kakoda : Theres just like an old guy filling up his car next to her and just staring at her as she continues to fill her car up with BBQ Gas with a confused look on his face XD

m.erveille on yt : wait what isaac lives in newcastle?

luke jamieson : 12:25 how he tryed to put it back on theother can but failed

Mia Duarte : This video is so relatable!! I'm literally dying 😂

CycloneSeven : Im from melbourne, i’ve never called it mels also its so true that there is so many protests (annoying(

R_D_S_J : We dont call Melbourne melbs

Cameron Jeavons : C'mon Adelaide

ruby weitering : We don't say melbs

Kronos : I have not heard the terms "sush" or "Melbz" in my life until now

Parallel xCacHz Yeah Yeah : Hey my name is Andy and I like milo

Adam Reed : We definitely don't refer to Melbourne as Melbs wtf is that about

DankOtaku ! : I'm aussie and when it rains I put my clothes on a clothes rack inside

AydenMan Studios : We don’t even say Melbz Edit: Not even sus Edit : The only time I have had shrimp was at a seafood restaurant

Arica WRGH : I’m Australian and don’t have that god damn accent every one else has ,everyone thinks Im Canadian

Connor Secrette : Sue me but avocados and tomatoes r fruit I’m from Melbourne and no one ever says soosh/sush or Melbs The icon is an old meme

Phantom Panda : Hahaha the Melbourne thing wtf we don’t say that! And say any of that

Theweavo YT : Newcastle boys

TheUnordinaryOne YT : I died 4:20-4:23

ezra. : S O O S H