Can We Clear The Highway On A 1990ish SeaDoo??

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Matsimus : *JUST GUNNA SEND IT!!*

Mark Freeman #408 : Haha that was awesome! Definitely something I would do!

CanAmXTP : Perfectly planned and executed!!!

North Country Boyz : Full frigging send 🤟🏼

C R : this has to be the best youtube video ever man ! nice people nice views nice toys ! thats life right there !!


MadRam11 : You my friend are Awesome, Absolutely nailed it!!

Rob Farrow ATV : Awesome Osta! Should've gotten Can Am XTP to do it next! Great job!

John G : Now you have to do the same jump on a snow machine when winter gets there!

Rex4x4 : Good stuff bud ... Now show the previous owner what u did

CanAmXTP : Ha ha...definition of AWESOME right there!!!

Quad Ricers : that was awesome full send for the boys!! 🤙

i7SoNx : That’s amazing btw the jump at 7:25

Michael Ed : 45 seconds into the video I had to pause it so I could hit the like👍button,because it involved a jet ski with a board serving as a ramp to clear a road, and I knew it was gonna be awesome, and quite possibly hilarious all at the same time!!

SXS TeXaN : Biggest thing to hit Canada since......that's so sweet🔥🔥🔥Bring it to Mud Nats next year! Lol

dustin : That's what i'm talking about.

Jim Thomas : Sponsored by bud light and bad ideas. Love the video osta keep them coming


Outdoor-FM : 👍👍👍👍Many weeks of professional planning 😂😂

AULTimate OUTDOORS : That was awesome man!

Rcs of the 603 : Now you need to do that with at sled this winter

atv canada : New Jackass

Hunter Inglis : This is gonna have millions of views by tonight

T N : I guess he is the local hero now and every time he goes to the local pub he drinks for free

Dominic Barr : Finally gets a boat to go in the water rather than using atv... uses it to cross land. Go figure lol I love your videos!

Geebs Kerbal : And the midlife crisis has begun lol

That Zoller guy : Gotta do a Jon boat next lmao

The Cau-Cajun : Great video breaux!!! Keep um coming!!!

Hondude -Team Mudhogs : YOU ANIMAL

fastasfox : Good lad.

Eliminator Performance : Awesome lol

Louis Costa : This is what 1990's ish seadoos are for! Awesome!

Khal Drogo : Summer version of Larry enticer!!!

Darkman0198 : Next time it'll be a 14' aluminum boat

iare19 : Balls

TheTrooper 98 : At first I anticipated an endeavor which might be, well, gay.  Upon reflection I have decided that this was not, in fact, gay. Rather, it was a manly thing to gaze upon.  I am very pleased.

4freedom now : I wonder if that's a first in the history of the world. jumping a road on a skidoo in canada in a swamp

EveryThing Outdoors : How can you walk with balls that big

Heiliger Jesus : Could have gone horribly wrong, you got some balls dude

Ant Man : Your the man

Dan Pitre : Can I like this video more than once? 😂

Conner Hazelrigg : Can u shout me out my birthday was the 12 of July in your next video been subbed for a while

slim pickens : Just send it ! Annnd he did , like a crazed mad man ! New level of respect for you my friend , ! That was epic !

Connor Garr : Ahaha that was so dope. You just sent it! Would love to try something like that!!

toordog : That one time a stunt worked

Christian Thério : Me n the girl friend watch it ...shit man the bang when it tuff sun of gun....🔥👍😎

78Mountainman : Nuckin Futs, Awesomeness man!👍🤘

Chad Burns : Now let’s see the sherp do that hahaha.

John C : Omg acting like he jumped the grand canyon, kids are doing that stuff get over it old man

Erick Money : larry enticer is smiling rn.