'Asian Eyes' Are More Common Than You Think
An interesting look into where people get their epicanthic folds from

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GENGHIS KHAN : My children

näkkileipä reikäläppi : My classmate thought I was an asian because of my eyes and when I told him I’m not, he said ”Well, Half-asian” I was like bruh. I’m a finn.

Turkish Viking : I'm half turkish half swedish and I have asian eyes, people joke and say I look chinese -.- very ignorant but well..

wpgjob connect : I’m Chinese, the percentage of squinty eyes and high cheek bones is much higher among northern Chinese than in southern Chinese

Miss_Kisa94 : I have hooded eyes with an epicanthic fold and honestly I've always hated them. Not so much the fold but they fact that they are hooded. I constantly think a getting plastic surgery. But maybe I won't. For some strange reason this video made me feel a little better about my eyes.

Rick Sanchez : I’m black and always joked about having Asian ancestry, turns out I have Polynesian & Chinese ancestry

arizona piss : i KNEW Björk was going to be an example

MélissaEnvy : The Khoi and San people are pretty much the blueprint human. Africans in general have more genetic diversity, hair texture, eyes shape and colour, skin pigmentation can really vary from one place to another and I'm speaking without any admixture it should therefore never be surprising to find the epithantic fold in Africa. It's a common trait in my family and we're Congolese who are not Nilotic nor anywhere near Sudan or South Africa.

Masahiro Sakurai : *Everyone is secretly Asian confirmed!?*

TryHardz Entertainment : "asian eyes are more common than you think" MAYBE CUZ WE ARE THE MINORITY AND MOST OF THE WORLD IS ASIAN?

Fatima Elessar : not even a word about Kazakhs, who also are Asian-European

GG Yas : Me: *stares at eyelids the entire video*

Bisquit : Aaw is that why finns are so obsessed with japan and their culture? We are just home sick?

Sheilla migan migan : I love Asian eyes Looks cute and makes their faces look younger and innocent 🥰 People will always hate nice things

flyback 2me : That's because we are CAUC-ASIAN.

Cate _Bubbly : At this point, i feel like people are so mixed it’s hard to tell just by looking at people. When you think ur not asian... you might be~ XD Idk just what I think lol

Jojo Mathew : Say east asians only Because Asia also includes middle east , India and Russia

Sam Parker : Srsly I knew this.... there are white people with smaller eyes than me lol

Melanie Boots : Swedish person here. I was bullied for having slanted eyes as a kid. Looking back at photos of me as a child i don't even look "European". A bit funny looking back at it now though as most in my family have this feature. Bleak skin, tall, European nose, high cheek bones and slanted eyes. An odd combination. Strangely, i remember being better friends with people with the same features i have, my three best friends as a kid all had slanted eyes. I only realized this now. Though, it might not even have a correllation. But it makes me think.

Awkward Silence : I am not Asian or white nor do I care about shape of eyes but YouTube kept bullying me into watching this video for more than a year I kept seeing this in my recommended 😭 YouTube I have watched it are you happy now? 😒

Kelvin Huawei p smart : Asian eyes or not, it doesn't matter. I'll still c um on your face lol

doro626 : When I saw Bjork with the goose dress, I thought she was an Asian woman.

clod8 : Bjork is half Japanese, 100% Icelandic

Shawn Laurent : I’m black and have “Asian styled eyes” I often get compliments and it’s one of my most distinct features

MiraiAMV : lol I'm Mexican.. but my skin is white,I have asian eyes(or so everyone says)

서점사장Bookstoremaster : Why do people who don't study world history or geography always know East Asia as a whole? If Weeaboo don't even have a country job in Uzbekistan, my friend goes mad....

Icyclear : I've been asked many times if I'm half Asian. I'm very white.

Music Sketcher : Ive been watching you For some time Cant stop staring At those _ASIAN_ EYES~ Tell me if any of you get it XD

Moon Knight Productions : Thanks for this video I'm always constantly told I'm Asian because of my eyes but I'm really Native American.

bts who : I always feel so educated after watching one of your videos

Jamie Mullins : my eyes is northern European hooded eyes

Amber J : Ok this makes so much sense. I'm white but my grandpa's full Native American so there's something about my jawline/ face shape, that's like?? White but not white?? When I started to be more aware of it at first I didn't know what to think and I've kind of always known about the natives' history with the islanders and thus east asians but it was nice to hear it, with so much research & information, from someone else

Latti : I'm 1/4 Native American, 1/4 black, 1/4 white and 1/4 Asian... I just realized I have the fold...

rimsha : i am from asia and don't have monolids bcs i am from india

Susanna M : now that I think about it I do know polish people with epicanthic folds. It's interesting that I didn't notice before! AND I've just learned what hooded eyes are, why did I not know that

Barça k19 : Western Australian Abirigianals also have some genetic influxes from Indians

bikinggal1 : interesting...so Gina Rodriguez who is Puerto Rican has this feature

Rasta Buritos : my genetics are mostly mediterranian but a couple people thought i had some asian in me cus i have some hooded eyes, the shits look cool tho

britany johnson : im black and half of my family has "asian" eyes... its freaky...i was in china town last week and i saw so many people who look like family members. it was funny and shocking.

Original Moana : Those eyes are so beautiful

Ice Bear : Maybe, we Technically are all africans, since the ancestor of all humans living today originated from africa.

PORCELAIN SLUDGE : Look at Leonardo DiCaprio when he was a bit younger

boi god : am a mix of 4 race English French Japanese Arab I gain more of the asian body trait But not there eye's....

Guillaume GENETET : Sharing a common trait doesn't necessarily mean you have a common ancestor. There's also convergent evolution, which means two species (or groups) will develop the same feature because their environment is basically similar.

Joy T. : 95% people has small eyes in Thailand, Emigrated from China

이승원 : I am Korean and in fact... I think in western media, they tend to express asian appearence as you know-narrow eyes, prominent cheekbones, flat nose... But i have hardly met that perfect "asian-like" person. How they find such "asian-like" people? So interesting🤔

jamesuyt : I found this very interesting and incredibly well-researched. Great job!

Darkness aka ELT0077 : why i stay in Asia

Faust_8D TTV : im white with freckles and red hair and have asian eyes like my grandma edit: and no eyelashes xD when Im smiling it looks like my eyes are closed lol. Edit: I’m in the US my eyes are less “Asian” but they are Asian looking.