'Asian Eyes' Are More Common Than You Think

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Kento Bento : Our next video will be Asian Borders part 2! Oh and, wtf I pronounced 'Tanza-NIA' wrong. So sorry :o ► We are currently looking for a *video editor* (familiarity with our style is crucial) and *part-time assistant* (tasks may involve preliminary research, creative input, subtitles, etc). If you're someone who's passionate about 'Asiany' topics, above the age of 21, fluent in English & with great attention to detail, send a short introductory email and examples of your relevant works to kentobentoworks@gmail.com with the position, age, & your desired start date noted in the email title. (Note: If above conditions are not met, you may not get a response) Available Subtitles so far: ENGLISH, KOREAN, GERMAN, SPANISH (click 'CC') (Credit: Jenny, seized by desire, 안안안) ★ Help us with subtitles in your language! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=WxTnVWgOGLc .

kanadajin3 : I am glad you talk about this. I am always confused when people magically think that theres 3 humans groups, black white asian. when in reality, theres everything between. Race doesn't scientifically exist, its created by us as a categorization of people based on faces. But then you run into people whom carry traits of all races, because DNA is mixed in all humans. Theres no such thing as "pure race". Its a concept that can't exist. Your mixed with father and mother, you will look like father and mother.

Rick Sanchez : I’m black and always joked about having Asian ancestry, turns out I have Polynesian & Chinese ancestry

Old Gregg : Wait till I've had 3-4 joints, I'll get an Epicanthic fold as well. 😑

Matt's Crazy Art : Then how do you explain why EVERYONE was Kung Fu fighting???

Тimur Dаvlеtshin : Come to Siberia, some regions of Kazhakhstan and you will find all shades inbetween Asian and European. Blond Asians with long nose, European looking people with Asian eyes — you're welcome!

bts who : I always feel so educated after watching one of your videos

Fun&Games : Correction...Slanted eyes come from africa. Almost all africans have it... look at them. Asian scientist proved asians come from african DNA, so they do share genetics with africans... despite what you said in vid. Correct that please. Study african DNA and youll learn why it produces slanted eyes.

SingingintheDark : answer is simple asian got their eyes from african traits

jeremy simons : So should we call them Africa eyes since they come from Africa first?

Charlotte Key : JFK was not "mostly" of Irish descent. He was entirely of Irish descent.

Anayah Harris : Africans posses every phenotype

BRUTHA WAR : Ojos de chino. people have sometimes made fun of me because my eyes are slightly slanted but that's probably cause i'm part Native. I think slanted eyes look cool.

Matt's Crazy Art : This video is so racist, I almost choked on my Kung Pow chicken...

Ls Vijay : When I smoke weed, I get Asian eyes

gaymoonbeam : lmao a lot of ignorant posters here. Even with double eyelids, Asian eyes stand out because they have different bone structures than Caucasians do. That's why whites with single eyelids still have less "Asian looking" eyes than Asians with double eyelids do.

MiraiAMV : lol I'm Mexican.. but my skin is white,I have asian eyes(or so everyone says)

Hillbilly_Bashtid : I have a fairly pronounced epicanthic fold and hooded eyelid. My mom used to tell the story that as a child in Hawaii my appearance would often prompt people to ask her (obviously white) if my father was Chinese or Japanese. My father, I'm pretty sure, was also very white! My "Chinese Eyes" were always explained as coming from my maternal grandmother who was, according to family lore, half Cherokee. So, imagine my surprise, when I did a DNA test a few years ago that reported NO native American ancestry, with the majority of my genes coming from Ireland and Northern Europe!!! Actually, eyes wise, I look a lot like Bjork! This video answers a lot of questions for me. Thanks!!!!!!

A Herbo : I am mexican, i have black, thick hair, not necessarily “brown” skinned but im not that light either, i’d say just in between, dark brown eyes ... and they are “asian-looking” ( although i do have a double lid, i still have the epicanthic fold) and people ALWAYSSSS say i look asian. However, I know that my grandpa from my mom’s side has “spanish” (from Spain) relatives but then my grandma’s relatives almost all look asian

Devlet-i Aliyye-i Türkiye : I think the only factor you missed is the Asian Huns that came to Europe in the 5th century, which probably increased the frequency of slanted eyes

Darwinian Life : I had a pal once who had an Asian complexion along with Asian eyes only he was ginger like me, I think he may have been of Mongolian decent as they have the largest variety of hair and eye colour in all of East Asia. He was British by the way, like me, yeah he was definitely a descendent of the great Khan now that I think about it.

Balta Bueno : *What if different races just so happen to have similar features?* Why has no one pointed this out yet? Anyway, I've jokingly told people in the past that I'm part Asian and they believe me every time and some people have even asked me without telling them anything lol My mom's family is from Spain and half of my dad's from there as well. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it turned out we have Asian ancestry though.

Robert Binner : 5:50 my Finnish relatives!

Meat tenderiser : Weeb. I like my own comment

Joe Blog : Still waiting for the next part of this. Are you still doing it?

Måūxïçê BSRK : Asian-eyes white dragon

GENGHIS KHAN : My children

E DeLoges : Of Course white people can have "Asian" eyes...Fins, some Nordics, Sammi peoples too

jackson7201 : I think they look sexy and exotic looking

Prince Seokjin : Maybe this explains why John Mulaney (mainly Irish ancestry) got teased for having "asian eyes"...

Diego155Gamer1 : Like bladimir putin

chingalachuga : My husband has 1 Asian eye with the epicanthal fold, my son has it on both of his eyes, we're all Mexican

Zurround100 : There are no exact dividing lines for the races its a matter of degree. I love it when KKK members find out they are part African.

Sosuke Aizen : In peru exist a lot of people with asian eyes ....

Faisal Kadal : I have "asian eyes", my childhood friends always called me kotaro minami...

djpioneer937 : I've seen way more Africans with "Asian eyes" than western Europeans.

re hash : What happened to the follow up video? Is it still coming out?

hacker russo : Alguém pulou a cerca ai hein. No Brasil essa merda não existe.

Ducati : ‘Asians looking eyes’-> Koreans, Chinese, Japanese. Other Asians ‘Big eyes’-> Indians, Malays .. .. ..

Forty-four44 : Slanted "Asian" eyes are not a Caucasoid feature. The classic Caucasoid skull has neither significant cheekbones (a feature that can cause the outer corners of the eyes to slant upwards. Melania Trump has had plastic surgery to add very prominent cheekbones to her face which in turn gave her a slanted eyed look; earlier photos show her without high cheekbones and far less slanted eyes). A feature that also offers a slanted eye look is that of a low or flat nasal bridge, which leads to epicanthic eye folds at the inner corner of the eyes. Caucasoids rarely have epicanthic eyefolds since their noses tend to have a high bridge and significantly project away from their eyes. The eyes of Caucasoid babies and young children sometimes do have epicanthic folds. However, these typically disappear with the development of nose as during adolescence. Whites who do exhibit distinctive cheekbones and slanted eyes may have unknown or even known East Asian, Native American, or North-Eastern European/Siberian ancestry. African ancestry is also a possibility since there are several African tribes which display both facial features.

Christine Grunert : Thanks! Now i know i am related ti asian people

Gareth [WR] : Great camoflage tactics, non-asians (says the guy thats asian to the non-asians with asian eyes -which is me- )

VeganCodingNovice : those slanty eyed white people- you can never trust them

C. Rivalley : I'm Swedish and I have hooded eyes/epicanthic folds! Did a 23andme DNA-test, and I have a very small amount of Eastern European DNA (3%). The rest is northern European/Scandinavian. So no clear Asian DNA.

Arletta Sloan : I know exactly why I have been accused of having "Chinese eyes". It's because I have Chinese ancestry, in part. Many people claim I am "Not at all Asian" and they are wrong. Many people claim they are similarly of no Asian extraction, whatsoever, and, they are likewise wrong. Not saying everybody, just saying many. Like, I don't know, mostly everyone in my family and anyone who is related to the "Dutch, not Chinese" Chun family, which, in point of fact, were Chinese and were lied about, later, by those who were embarrassed to be seen as being, in any part, Asian, or, more to the point, in any part different from what was socially acceptable to their neighbors. Many Irish people, who have Asian sort of eyes to some degree, are related to this allegedly fully Dutch, white (but, actually Asian) Chun family. And, many celebrities have gotten their eyes altered to look more Asian, by the way, so it does no good to point them out as examples. The Native Americans and the Samoans are highly related to the Asians. And, there are many families, like mine, where there is a great deal of Irish and Native American DNA; and, many who are related to Alaskan Natives, who are so very Asian looking, without the white or black DNA overtaking them too much, that Asian people are hired to represent them in tourist shops in Alaska, in a fit of extremely distasteful racism. Which I know, because, my Alaskan Native friend was actually hired by a tourist shop and they said they would put up with her, despite being Alaskan Native, because, she can show up on time, look good and not be drunk; but, then, they mostly kept her in the back and didn't want her to talk to customers and they paid her less and she eventually either quit or was fired due to racist attitudes against Alaskan Natives. Lots of Asian traders traveled throughout the world, you know? Lots of non-Asian traders traveled to Asia, too. That's most of the way "not at all Asian" people got Asian eyes. And, then, later on, there were many Asians not allowed to breed with their own kind in America, but, who were - even though it was equally illegal - permitted to breed with, and, sometimes even marry and pass for white while being married to, white people and the occasional black or Native American person. Don't discount racism, horniness and/or love in your equations. Thank you.

Jonadab the Unsightly One : Iceland, Britain, Ireland, and the coast of Normandy all have significant amounts of Scandinavian ancestry, since the first millennium AD. (You may have heard of the "Vikings".) Iceland was directly settled by Scandinavians. Scandinavians from places like Norway, after raiding the coasts for a couple of centuries, settled as far south as eastern Northumbria and lived originally in separate communities from the Anglo-Saxons, but as time went on there was more and more mixing. The Scandinavians in the British isles never migrated away to any great extent: they were absorbed into the local populations. Malagasy, the native language of Madagascar, is an Austronesian language, related to the languages of the south Pacific and NOT related to the geographically proximate African languages.

otherworldXotherhalf : I have "Asian-looking" eyes and I'm white. My eyes have a more cut crease though. I had 2 Chinese friends in high school who asked if I had Asian heritage (I don't). I remember when I first started learning how to use makeup when I was younger, the tutorials for "white people" weren't flattering on my eyes and made them look even smaller, but I learned about Ulzzang techniques (a Korean makeup style) and other Asian makeup styles and they were much more flattering on me. I have mostly Irish and North Western European ancestry. It's cool to finally learn about where they have come from. I used to not like my eye shape, but now I love them and think they're my best feature!

Elliot Cassell : I think the migration of seafarers out of Southwest Asia to other islands accounts for not only Madagascar but also the Khoisan of South Africa. Plus, I thought evidence of that expansion was older than 8000 years and more like 40-50,000 years ago (seems like these are the numbers I remember from Jared Diamond's Guns Germs and Steel). There is also talk of Lemuria having existed in that region of the Indian ocean between Madagascar and Polynesia, if that somehow fits into the origins of some traits, if you are into all that jazz.

shy.mochi alyssa-beth : Basically we all related somehow😂😫😫😫😍

Sofa Bed : I wish u could be my history teacher