'Asian Eyes' Are More Common Than You Think

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Kento Bento : Our next video will be Asian Borders part 2! Oh and, wtf I pronounced 'Tanza-NIA' wrong. So sorry :o Available Subtitles so far: ENGLISH, KOREAN, GERMAN, SPANISH, FRENCH (click 'CC') ★ Help us with subtitles in your language! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=WxTnVWgOGLc

kanadajin3 : I am glad you talk about this. I am always confused when people magically think that theres 3 humans groups, black white asian. when in reality, theres everything between. Race doesn't scientifically exist, its created by us as a categorization of people based on faces. But then you run into people whom carry traits of all races, because DNA is mixed in all humans. Theres no such thing as "pure race". Its a concept that can't exist. Your mixed with father and mother, you will look like father and mother.

Rick Sanchez : I’m black and always joked about having Asian ancestry, turns out I have Polynesian & Chinese ancestry

Old Gregg : Wait till I've had 3-4 joints, I'll get an Epicanthic fold as well. 😑

Тimur Dаvlеtshin : Come to Siberia, some regions of Kazhakhstan and you will find all shades inbetween Asian and European. Blond Asians with long nose, European looking people with Asian eyes — you're welcome!

moricantos : It would be really interesting if you explored why Japan has less people with "asian eyes" than its neighbors

bts who : I always feel so educated after watching one of your videos

britany johnson : im black and half of my family has "asian" eyes... its freaky...i was in china town last week and i saw so many people who look like family members. it was funny and shocking.

BRUTHA WAR : Ojos de chino. people have sometimes made fun of me because my eyes are slightly slanted but that's probably cause i'm part Native. I think slanted eyes look cool.

otherworldXotherhalf : I have "Asian-looking" eyes and I'm white. My eyes have a more cut crease though. I had 2 Chinese friends in high school who asked if I had Asian heritage (I don't). I remember when I first started learning how to use makeup when I was younger, the tutorials for "white people" weren't flattering on my eyes and made them look even smaller, but I learned about Ulzzang techniques (a Korean makeup style) and other Asian makeup styles and they were much more flattering on me. I have mostly Irish and North Western European ancestry. It's cool to finally learn about where they have come from. I used to not like my eye shape, but now I love them and think they're my best feature!

gaymoonbeam : lmao a lot of ignorant posters here. Even with double eyelids, Asian eyes stand out because they have different bone structures than Caucasians do. That's why whites with single eyelids still have less "Asian looking" eyes than Asians with double eyelids do.

MiraiAMV : lol I'm Mexican.. but my skin is white,I have asian eyes(or so everyone says)

Ls Vijay : When I smoke weed, I get Asian eyes

C. Rivalley : I'm Swedish and I have hooded eyes/epicanthic folds! Did a 23andme DNA-test, and I have a very small amount of Eastern European DNA (3%). The rest is northern European/Scandinavian. So no clear Asian DNA.

Tyynymyy : In Finland many people also have small epicanthic folds - myself included. Although in my case they are almost unnoticeable.

Akeem Allwood : I'm a sucker for girls with asian eyes 😍 damn they cute

Anayah Harris : Africans posses every phenotype

Flamdring : So many comments from South and Central Americans seemingly being surprised by their Asian features. Guys, your ancestors were people from Siberian tribes, Asians, who crossed the Bering Strait and colonised North and later South America about 20 000 years ago. You have Asian features, because your Asian ancestors lived in total isolation until the arrival of the Europeans to both Americas a few centuries ago. Obviously at the time when your ancestors crossed the Bering Strait there were no such concepts as Asians, Europeans or Africans... Hell, at the time even "Europeans" were dark-skinned, because "white" skin came from what we now call Middle East much later.

Nasi Petrova : Bulgarians have this Asian eye feature because the founders of the country were tartars/mongoloid people. They were the bolgar people (the tartars who founded Bulgaria) who were actually very small in number compared to the Bulgarian Slavs (a mix between Thracian and Slavs but I think there were tiny bit more Slavs than Thracians but lets say that the number was 50/50). This is one definite and true reason.

jackson7201 : I think they look sexy and exotic looking

Charlotte Key : JFK was not "mostly" of Irish descent. He was entirely of Irish descent.

Balta Bueno : *What if different races just so happen to have similar features?* Why has no one pointed this out yet? Anyway, I've jokingly told people in the past that I'm part Asian and they believe me every time and some people have even asked me without telling them anything lol My mom's family is from Spain and half of my dad's from there as well. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it turned out we have Asian ancestry though.

Sosuke Aizen : In peru exist a lot of people with asian eyes ....

Devlet-i Aliyye-i Türkiye : I think the only factor you missed is the Asian Huns that came to Europe in the 5th century, which probably increased the frequency of slanted eyes

Ducati : ‘Asians looking eyes’-> Koreans, Chinese, Japanese. Other Asians ‘Big eyes’-> Indians, Malays .. .. ..

re hash : What happened to the follow up video? Is it still coming out?

lestatmac way : Joseph gordon levitt have asian eyes

Philo Jones : Personally, I prefer "Betty Davis Eyes."

oak : As a caucasian male, I can say that many of us find asian women very attractive, and especially the eyes...

Nisha Pee : I was always told I had asian eyes my boss is Korean and everyone thinks im her daughter

GENGHIS KHAN : My children

Hillbilly_Bashtid : I have a fairly pronounced epicanthic fold and hooded eyelid. My mom used to tell the story that as a child in Hawaii my appearance would often prompt people to ask her (obviously white) if my father was Chinese or Japanese. My father, I'm pretty sure, was also very white! My "Chinese Eyes" were always explained as coming from my maternal grandmother who was, according to family lore, half Cherokee. So, imagine my surprise, when I did a DNA test a few years ago that reported NO native American ancestry, with the majority of my genes coming from Ireland and Northern Europe!!! Actually, eyes wise, I look a lot like Bjork! This video answers a lot of questions for me. Thanks!!!!!!

Heather Byerly : I'm of Hispanic,Blackfoot Indian from Canada, Irish and Scottish decent. I have "asian eyes". Even the Japanese people that work at Disney World didn't believe me when I told them that I wasn't Japanese. Lol! They just kept asking me if I was sure. They were so sweet. They can adopt me anytime.

John Wayne : I'm always was sure that Africans have Asian roots: both look like Anime :)

Gille87 : Lol I’m 100% full blooded Filipino and I don’t have that fold you speak of but hooded eyes. No mono lids. As a MUA I can tell you that hooded eyes are the most common eye shape regardless of race. I have high cheek bones, but not a flat nose. People tend to forget that Asia is s continent, not one country. North East Asians are different than South East Asians. We are not Sino Tibetan. Asia is more diverse than Europe, and Africa put together. I’m also Norwegian by nationality, and since adopted, and grew up here, my family is white. My cousin’s daughter have Asiatic looking eyes, and even though my mom denies it, she may have Sami ancestry due to her dad being from Northern Norway. Why you say Scandinavians can have Asiatic feautures because our indiginous population the Sami, but also the Fins migrated from beyond the Ural mountains after the last Ice Age. They where once one people, until a group broke off and became the Sami.

PK Cazadores : This video completely ignores convergent evolution. Just because a feature shows up in multiple population groups, does not mean they are from the same genes. Bats have wings, but we know they are not birds. There are many environmental influences on eye shape, and two similar types of eyes can develop independently.

i : Suomi Finland torille perkele!!

The Rock : One reason for having "Asian eyes" is being half-Asian, usually a product of one European and one Asian parent. Some Asian populations, which have not mixed with ethnic Chinese have eyes similar to Europeans and Indians. These include ethnic Cambodians (Khmers) who make up a reported 95% of the population, as well as Indonesians from eastern provinces especially ethnic Papuans and Timorese. Papuans look very distinct from the rest of the Indonesian population and might as well be foreigners. I assume a Papuan who happens to be in another part of Indonesia is probably assumed to be a foreigner by the local population.

Zurround100 : There are no exact dividing lines for the races its a matter of degree. I love it when KKK members find out they are part African.

Elyas Yusuf : There’s an Asian in Europe in the Past. Huns, Kutigur, Utigur, Sabir, Avar, Pecheneg, Bulgar, Cuman, Kipchak, and then the Mongol Uralic People Native To Eastern and Northern Europe too. Vikings often wagging war with native Uralic tribes in the north and taken them as slave. They also invade Britain. They probably brought them there.

Joe Blog : Still waiting for the next part of this. Are you still doing it?

Forty-four44 : Slanted "Asian" eyes are not a white/European/Caucasoid feature. The classic Caucasoid skull has neither significant cheekbones (a feature that can cause the outer corners of the eyes to slant upwards. Melania Trump has had plastic surgery to add very prominent cheekbones to her face, which in turn gave her a slanted eyed look; earlier photos show her without high cheekbones and far less slanted eyes). A feature that also offers a slanted eye look is that of a low or flat nasal bridge, which leads to epicanthic eye folds at the inner corner of the eyes. Caucasoids rarely have epicanthic eyefolds since their noses tend to have a high bridge and significantly project away from their eyes. The eyes of white babies and young children sometimes do have epicanthic folds. However, these typically disappear with the development of nose as during adolescence. Whites who do exhibit distinctive cheekbones and slanted eyes may have unknown or even known East Asian, Native American, or North-Eastern European or Siberian ancestry. African ancestry is also a possibility since there are several African tribes which display both facial features.

adam west : Imagine thinking Y-Dna which is less than 0.1% of a persons DNA and doesn't lead to the expression of phenotypes is responsible for thinner eyes. This is the most vapid video I've ever seen in my life, hooded eyes are not asian eyes and autosomal east asian admixture within Europeans is so small its not even significant but keep promulgating you obscurantism

The Living Embodiment WEIRD! : I have all of those Asian traits except I have green eyes and a larger nose bridge

MGK : I have a friend from Austria (I am Austrian, too) with Asian looking eyes. Both parents are Austrian. Also he has a yellow-ish skin

Bink Olney : the epicanthic fold is a remnant of Homo sapiens interbreeding with Homo erectus ... this would also explain the Koisan ... they have the oldest geneology of any human group - hence closer to our Homo erectus ancestors - remember Homo erectus was in China by 1.7 Mya and stayed up until 70,000 years ago ... at least this is my theory ... fits in with Melanesians having Denisovan genes and Europeans having Neanderthaal genes ... we are a promiscuous species

Måūxïçê BSRK : Asian-eyes white dragon

Spookeh Honey : The awkward moment when you realise that you have big eyes and you are asian....

Ahmed Seckinov : I'm Turkmen and I have squinty eyes but I also have Caucasian features (So I have all the 'asian' traits apart from the nose bridge thing and I have more tanned skin, not red or yellow).

djpioneer937 : I've seen way more Africans with "Asian eyes" than western Europeans.