'Asian Eyes' Are More Common Than You Think

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kanadajin3 : I am glad you talk about this. I am always confused when people magically think that theres 3 humans groups, black white asian. when in reality, theres everything between. Race doesn't scientifically exist, its created by us as a categorization of people based on faces. But then you run into people whom carry traits of all races, because DNA is mixed in all humans. Theres no such thing as "pure race". Its a concept that can't exist. Your mixed with father and mother, you will look like father and mother.

flyback 2me : That's because we are CAUC-ASIAN.

Awkward Silence : I am not Asian or white nor do I care about shape of eyes but YouTube kept bullying me into watching this video for more than a year I kept seeing this in my recommended 😭 YouTube I have watched it are you happy now? 😒

王王杰 : Not every Asian has small eyas

CHIGGS 58TH : So-called Asian eyes are also fairly common amongst black Jamaicans.

bts who : I always feel so educated after watching one of your videos

TryHardz Entertainment : "asian eyes are more common than you think" MAYBE CUZ WE ARE THE MINORITY AND MOST OF THE WORLD IS ASIAN?

moricantos : It would be really interesting if you explored why Japan has less people with "asian eyes" than its neighbors

Bozkurt : I'm half turkish half swedish and I have asian eyes, people joke and say I look chinese -.- very ignorant but well..

Seagulllz : I'm Asian But I don't have the fold... Or I'm not Asian at all

Anayah Harris : Africans posses every phenotype

Reclusive Sloth : Everyone has Asian looking eyes after a few bong rips.

xašāyār : Many women in Germany also seem to have „Asian eyes“. If find this mix to be really attractive.

Carmen Molina : EVERY "race" came out of Africa. So your "Asian" eyes came from there.

GG Yas : Me: *stares at eyelids the entire video*

MiraiAMV : lol I'm Mexican.. but my skin is white,I have asian eyes(or so everyone says)

wrybreadspread : 7:24 Agreed. Renée Zellweger was an utter babe with those mysterious eyes of hers. An even worse crime against beauty than Jennifer Gray's nose getting fixed

the living army bias wreaker : Oh my gosh. I'm a black South African with asiatic eyes and a flat nose bridge. 😂😂 Weird. At least I am not the only one

Yuwei Liu : Asians have more shallow eye sockets because their ancestors had stayed in Northern Asia for long time and the cold climate there promoted the change from deep eye sockets to shallow eye sockets so as to protect eyes from coldness. I don't think people lived in the northern Scandinavia for 5000 years could be traced back to Asia--they developed hooded eyes mainly because their habitat was extremely cold, and people in southern and western Europe don't have hooded eyes because their habitat was much warmer owing to the warm currents in the sea.

oak : As a caucasian male, I can say that many of us find asian women very attractive, and especially the eyes...

Balta Bueno : *What if different races just so happen to have similar features?* Why has no one pointed this out yet? Anyway, I've jokingly told people in the past that I'm part Asian and they believe me every time and some people have even asked me without telling them anything lol My mom's family is from Spain and half of my dad's from there as well. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it turned out we have Asian ancestry though.

HYDRA DYNAMIC : I think Europeans with Asian eyes are the most beautiful!

Serrell Tafari : Why do Asians have it. Its not such a suprise. East Asians have direct ansestry to the Original African people. Humans migrated from Africa 65kya so “east asian eyes” came from Africa. Why do you think most east asians have similar noses, cheeckbones, epicanthic folds and skin types to many Africans. And share a lot of the same genes. Africa= Humans.e.g Asians etc... They say that they have no link to Asians but thats wrong. Asians have links to them. Thats one theory.

Real world : India is part of east asia but Indian's don't have asian type of eyes???????

Pure Disappointment : What about arabs, perisans,Pakistanis and Saudis

GENGHIS KHAN : My children

Fleur Pétillante Phoenix : Look at Leonardo DiCaprio when he was a bit younger

Grete Menge : Don't Donald Trump and Mandela have "asian eyes"

Jarden Tisson : In the north there are more asiatic eyes because its cold and windy and you have to cover your eyes 😂

lestatmac way : Joseph gordon levitt have asian eyes

Miss_Kisa94 : I have hooded eyes with an epicanthic fold and honestly I've always hated them. Not so much the fold but they fact that they are hooded. I constantly think a getting plastic surgery. But maybe I won't. For some strange reason this video made me feel a little better about my eyes.

Advait Mathur : So basically anyone with Asian eyes migrated from east Asia?

Ahmed Seckinov : I'm Turkmen and I have squinty eyes but I also have Caucasian features (So I have all the 'asian' traits apart from the nose bridge thing and I have more tanned skin, not red or yellow).

Marley Ex : I grew up seeing alot of black folks with "Asian type eyes" I remember how pretty I thought it was and how I wish I had eyes like that. I used to try to stretch out my eyes and hoping they would stay that way. lol

MGK : I have a friend from Austria (I am Austrian, too) with Asian looking eyes. Both parents are Austrian. Also he has a yellow-ish skin

elephantintheroom : I have these eyes and i Love it

lobiapolo2012 : Because Finns are not genetically or linguistically white neither are Hungarians or Estonians

Hanna Figiel : Very interesting to watch! There's one thing though, Poland and Czech Republic are no way eastern Europe! I feel like Americans never trouble themselves to look at the map and constantly call us "eastern" while these countries are placed in central Europe. And a mistake like that wouldn't be a big deal if we didn't suffer from eastern - Russian authority for such a long time...Because of that it would be nice if people stopped seeing us as one and the same thing.

Osmosis Jones : Some case's could be convenient evolution

Paula Jiménez : Wooww that’s true. I’m half Spanish and half Ecuadorean but everyone thinks I have Filipino heritage 😂😂😂

Sweet Thang : If you haven't had your DNA checked, you really don't know if you have Asian ancestry at all, now do you?

Dave Lee : We Asians humped across the earth : ) No war!

Rolston Mayers : Not uncommon with people of African origin.

Victoria : *everyone must have a little bit of Asian in them somewhere*

gazy Gacha : What does asain even means lol

Barry Seabass : My racial complexity consists of pure European. However, I do come from a line of 56% Swedish, Israeli, Anglo-Saxon, Native American, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Mongolian and Antarctican ancestry.

Almir Duli : My dad's family side has estern European Asian eyes and I have them a bit but my dad branch has it way more but he isn't Asian he and his family branch have always lived in West of the ballkans in Europe so have i.

Sebo M : I’ve been told all my life that I have Asian looking eyes

Old Gregg : Wait till I've had 3-4 joints, I'll get an Epicanthic fold as well. 😑