Old Gray - I Still Think About Who I Was Last Summer

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L' insomnie : "You kissed me on the forehead and told me that you'd never let go,  you told me that you'd love me 'til the end, which begs the question, 'are we now dead" ugh

Zane Fowler : i remember stumbling upon this in high school and being blown away. had never experienced music this emotional before. hit me so hard I wrote my first poem after being inspired by charlie's spoken word part at the end.

SandPitTurtle1111 : Man, this song brought up a lot of shit. I hate it but love it at the same time.

L0werthanzack : Another tear-jerking masterpiece. Love this genre to bits.

lord ant : I hate her so

John Ortega : Don't ever listen to this song well drinking,you will cry your eyes dry. Nonetheless,this song is beautiful.

manuel paz : Well, I've changed Except my heart still beats too fast And my lungs still collapse And my legs still shake I once thought love was real When we sat atop that hill and looked at cars below We used to grow You kissed me on the forehead And told me that you'd never let go You told me that you'd love me until the end Which begs the question: are we now dead? Are we now dead? The person I thought I knew must be The person I once trusted until my bones rusted over In the snow We used to grow Like the tallest tree in my backyard, I used to know Well, happiness and joy and bliss How it all disappeared so quick Well, happiness and joy and bliss How it all disappeared so quick So here's to life and here's to love I've said it before, that I fade with the setting sun So here's to life and here's to love I've said it before, that I fade away with the setting sun My ears are still ringing from the sound of your broken heart Beating faster than thought, caught in your stare, so encompassing All resolve is lost as words fall from your lips My trembling fingertips held out in question So shake hands with regret, set to slip away Your eyes crossing, rivers flowing under pale feet As the moments count down to flames Meet and greet death, he wears a cloak of your hopes and dreams Quenched like the raging fire they were once You're the breath he never found, you are the closed eyes peacefully resting while those around you, torn to pieces You're the smoke I'd pull to escape from thought of you No touch, no shadow, cast into mind Your hand fervidly held at your side as memories of you flow through mine, an empty space More lonesome for what it has lost You're the sunset smile thundering out of a careless moment You're the tightly closed fingers holding in a breath If you would stay here with me, one more minute I would steal the world

Austin weister : All my friends call me emo

Luisa Escovar : Are we now dead?

Benivi : я плачу

Jacob : My 15 year old self would play this on repeat. 2013 was a beautiful year.

brandi baria : i've been listening to this song for about 4 years now, still gives me chills

Mirka Baldan : Very beautiful, I love it..

Natasha Cramer : Music and consciousness kept me up. Relatble? Hit the like for Old Gray.

Tomyo : What is the connection between Merchant Ships and this band?

SomeonerapsTV : This is just.. perfect..

Evest89 : This band is my current obsession.

Marcus Jones : Da hell

Hunter Brewer : this song will be my anthem to my teenage years

domu 00 : Wow. Just, wow.

rainshadow39 : god damn old gray

Claudia Walker : love going through my favourites, i forgot about this song

Natasha Cramer : The Deepest Song Award goes to - Old Gray

Justin Sibley : Completely covered with goosebumps

angelfuck : Just WOW such poetry.

Sara Velázquez : damm

Caca_ Fangirl : Wow. Just wow. I didn't know I absolutely LOVED spoken word like this (is this considered spoken word? lol) I adore this song. If anybody knows songs like this, with like talking and stuff, please give me recommendations.

thebloom : he cant sing

Educated Scum : I come back to this when I need it

Falling Starcore : This is the song i have been waking up to for the last few years.

rinda rahmadania : sick:(((

Garett Adkins : you told me that you'd love me till' the end.

Ganay Thompson : I love this band! I can feel every emotion in every song every time

Omar Urtiz : this new band are really killing it... but this song does bring a lot of old memories

fallen-hearted96 : Poetry...

chelsiii whoo : Beyond beautiful for words.

Jordan Willis : Great job!

TheBlindmonster : This was removed from Spotify for some reason, alongside the hole album.

Israel Hernandez Velazquez : Demasiados gritos dirían algunos pero a veces las cosas sólo salen así...entre dolor y gritos.

chelsiii whoo : Wowizers. Looks like I can still cry.

rose reden : oh how much i cried to this song.

MrMetallover123 : this is just perfect and true and, i just travel into all my thoughts while this <3

Taylor Marsh : My favorite💙

TheHundredsBitch : i get chills everytime i hear this song

Brownie : siento demasiadas cosas con esta canción.

trunks : 1k like boy

Rachel Jenkins : Epic

gr eg : dang

The!struggle!of!bad!puns! ! : This band has a similar sound to the band brand new, what would you call this style of music?

Conor Dixon : onions