Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer - cover

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Brian Orosz : You ladies are amazing! My daughter (8) plays drums and only likes to play pop songs....I have failed as a parent....

Patrick Smalleyes : One of my favorite Slayer songs, and yes Audrey and Kate kicked butt. Again

omneil : I just woke up. Nothing like 2 girls brutally playing Slayer and having fun. More please. Thank You.

Randy America : 4 dislikes?! C'mon, you guys are heartless.This is awesome!

Génesis Daekrill : Awesome!, excelent guturals Kate!

globalgourmand : Obviously, we're all excited about more kickass women in the metal scene, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised or disappointed if Kate ended up in comedy. She's a natural.

Marco Umberto orsini : My favourite YouTube Channel!!

AnythingGoes TV : Dang! Audrey shredding to the max! And kate doing her thang! Hehehehehe...

Amhir Babaran : Kate araya and Audrey hannenman 😍😘🤘

Shineamen mbs : 5:57 Audrey, hard to see where you're hiding your's like a magic trick...but aren't you a magician. Good job Kate!

Hammer _009 : I just want to crush my fingers, just tell me you two are aliens

arifin kevin : Awesome 👍

james carter : ⚡Audrey & Kate⚡ Heavy Metal girls

Patricio Lanyon : Increible. Excelente sigan asi saludos desde Chile, Yeaaahhhhhhh

Adhe Bgal : Haii....I'm Indonesian, I Like it.

Shurid Sohom : My goodness god !! Beautiful !! I have found the right side of YouTube again.

Cho Tayzon : This is my Favorite YouTube channel so far.

worzel189 : you go girl!!! freaking awesome.....cant wait till u can play songs without the screen...but audrey ur feeling it girl! and go kate ur awesome

J Harrell : You two young ladies made me a Slayer fan.

karloz dante : I love girls kate araya and audrey hanneman 🤘🤘

A Phoenix is Rising : I enjoyed the fine shredding!

David Gómez : The only thing that this girls need to be like the female Slayer versión is the crazy headbanging

RICKY RIVERA : 😂 Kate's voice. Great video girl's

Adhitya Nugroho : Am in love with you both everyday, it so damn pretty growling Kate, and Audrey too, smart as always. Am waiting for your new single for sure. Keep on rocking girls.

aj101pf69 : KILLER! Keep rocking girls!

Adrian Lindsay : Fantastic girls. One of my favourite songs. Well done.

Scott Bryson : This is freakin awesome.. keepin it alive

Adam : Kate is not even fazed by audreys amazing playing.

I.O.I. : It's nice to hear a Slayer song with audible bass on it.

Percussivaudine : Brave, molto brave e simpatiche... quando in tour in Italia ? Ciao !!!

Xv Xv : Good song yeahhhgggg

Boris Gadjowsky : I used to listen to this song on a cassete player, years ago when I was about your age. You are both great!

gabrielmezaali : First again!😂 rock on girls!😁

My Humble Projects : can't you guys do a cover song without Rocksmith platform? would be cool if you & Kate can do a cover of Metallica's song Orion or Master of Puppets.Kate definitely will kickass!

Marcos Martinez : Love it!!!! You girls Rock!!!!!

David Gómez : Wow! Audrey nailed that solo

Rick Cotte : Awesome job girls. Slayer!!!

Henrique Ventura : 4 idiots so far

jbhme : You rule at SLAYER!!!

Angelo Alberto : The girls head bangers

Omega 64 : This kicks ass 🤘🤘🤘

z06reznor : Hell yeah!!!!! Slayer!!!!

Ernest Rimbeck : I'll be back

Daniel Evensen : Audrey nailed the solo. But Kate's bass playing dominated. These girls rock.

shoot you boo - : ☆everyday rockstar☆

T L B : If I ever have children they will be like this!!With a growl like that no boys are ever going to mess with her 🤣keep it up girls!!

Larry Shepherd : You girls are amazing..keep metal alive.

peter barwick : Pisses me off that when I was there age, Atari and arcades were in

Angelo Alberto : No cure for metal yeaaaaahhhhh

Eldrinne Clyde Atienza Leynes : Audrey you're so Cute😍