Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer - cover

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Brian Orosz : You ladies are amazing! My daughter (8) plays drums and only likes to play pop songs....I have failed as a parent....

Randy America : 4 dislikes?! C'mon, you guys are heartless.This is awesome!

Patrick Smalleyes : One of my favorite Slayer songs, and yes Audrey and Kate kicked butt. Again

omneil : I just woke up. Nothing like 2 girls brutally playing Slayer and having fun. More please. Thank You.

RICKY RIVERA : 😂 Kate's voice. Great video girl's

globalgourmand : Obviously, we're all excited about more kickass women in the metal scene, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised or disappointed if Kate ended up in comedy. She's a natural.

Marco Umberto orsini : My favourite YouTube Channel!!

Amhir Babaran : Kate araya and Audrey hannenman 😍😘🤘

Génesis Daekrill : Awesome!, excelent guturals Kate!

Foogy TV : Dang! Audrey shredding to the max! And kate doing her thang! Hehehehehe...

Brios : Awesome ! Audrey, you should keep your left fingers on the strings during arpeggios instead of killing the notes as soon as you've played them :)

Angelo Alberto : The girls head bangers

Shineamen mbs : 5:57 Audrey, hard to see where you're hiding your's like a magic trick...but aren't you a magician. Good job Kate!

My Humble Projects : can't you guys do a cover song without Rocksmith platform? would be cool if you & Kate can do a cover of Metallica's song Orion or Master of Puppets.Kate definitely will kickass!

Hammer _009 : I just want to crush my fingers, just tell me you two are aliens

james carter : ⚡Audrey & Kate⚡ Heavy Metal girls

davesaussieduster : 10/10

Adhe Bgal : Haii....I'm Indonesian, I Like it.

Adrian Lindsay : Fantastic girls. One of my favourite songs. Well done.

Henrique Ventura : 4 idiots so far

Adam : Kate is not even fazed by audreys amazing playing.

arifin kevin : Awesome 👍

shoot you boo - : ☆everyday rockstar☆

Professor André Carvalho : 素晴らしい !!! Audrey precision is always amazing and Kate's vocals are strong, pure energy!! I love when you play Metal songs \m/ これはYouTubeで最もかっこいなチャンネルです。

gabrielmezaali : First again!😂 rock on girls!😁

U.G.L.Y Ghoul : Awesome 👏

Ernest Rimbeck : I'll be back

Sapronov Z : Круто...Кто также сможет))))) ?

Ken H : enough with slayer, need more metallica and megadeth

Alogui : I love babys

Adhitya Nugroho : Am in love with you both everyday, it so damn pretty growling Kate, and Audrey too, smart as always. Am waiting for your new single for sure. Keep on rocking girls.

HawkAlum Nus : There's so much garbage on youtube...these girls deserve at least a million subs.

István Vojvoda : Cacophony-sword of the warrior

therealmacedon : SLAYEEEERRR!

javier jimenez : WoW WoW WoW amazing 🤘

Ehh Mann IV : nice

Blend Guitar : Kate is the Cutest Kid in the World :)

A Phoenix is Rising : I enjoyed the fine shredding!

aj101pf69 : KILLER! Keep rocking girls!

peter barwick : Pisses me off that when I was there age, Atari and arcades were in

Xv Xv : Good song yeahhhgggg

z06reznor : Hell yeah!!!!! Slayer!!!!

Hinana : Bassist was a bit off time. But other then that, great cover.

Fain_AMP : Don't need Metallica's cover songs, please.

Adrian Carras : Je,je.. maravillosas las dos..gran canción, me encanta Slayer..😘😘😘😘😘😘

Nur Farhana : I wanna see them play anything from Death's Symbolic album that'll be sick

scr5051 : This children, i teach rock smith. Great

arsenic sore : Damn kate is improving those growlings

TMan Tharris : I love SLAYER!!!

Keith Freeland : Kate makes The Exorcist look weak!