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http://www.redlettermedia.com Jay has been watching James Gunn's films for a long time and is a fan. He shares a little insight during an episode of Half in the Bag episode.

Comments from Youtube

J Victor : You guys hit the nail on the head. There's no way Disney didn't know about Gunn's stupid edgy behavior on Twitter back when they hired him. It's only a problem now because it's become public knowledge.

Scipio Africhungus : I subscribed for high quality content like this

analogkid01 : Somewhere, Jenna Fischer just stared into a camera lens.

donut : rlm ultimate shitposting

Sloid : James Gunn is probably thinking right now: "I may have gone too far in a few places."

Jason Explains Things! : I'm glad social media didn't exist in the 90's. My terrible high school movies shall forever stay on VHS where they belong!

Member When : There’s nothing funny about child molestation...unless it’s Rich Evans.

Titanium Rain : Looks like Disney is a Gunn free zone. Looks like Disney knows how to fire a Gunn. etc etc etc

roberthor : THIS is why RLM should be in the millions of subs right now. I just don't understand. Every single joke or comment from these guys are pure foresight-prophetising gold.

James Carmichael : There's a Gunn for hire.

Clayton V : Len Kabasinski should direct the next Guardians of the Galaxy

Sammy Martin : _slide whistle_

UberNeuman : To be replaced by Ron Howard. It's in his contract to replace all directors fired by Disney.

Lila Italian Last Name : Lmaooo I forgot about this

Jason Murillo : Breaking News: Mildly famous youtuber Jay Bauman of Red Letter Media tapped to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3! Pewdie Pie scheduled to produce...

J : give the guardians of the galaxy franchise to uwe boll

Dick Dastardly : You all laughed when Jay used his movie nerd powers to reference obscure movies, well whose laughing now!

hyle : Jay “The Prophet” Bauman

Shuma Gorath : Disney: "I don't know what I was especting". Seriously though, they knew about his tweets, this just makes them look more superficial and false..

Buraz93 : James Gunn? More like James Gunna need a new job! *badum tsssss

Punkster : This is what he gets for stealing "His," ' Gardens of the Galaxy' joke from RLM.

MrBettsClass : It's gonna be great.

ATH : RLM predicts future events like The Simpsons did in its prime


Dasveiner : Don't let these two funyuns distract you from the fact that Flint, Michigan still doesn't have clean water.

Liquidice : Oh Twitter, Achilles heel for literally everyone.

What a Weirdo. : Guardians of the galaxy is dead.

Habadashery Jones : It's true. Somebody at Disney seriously botched their research when they hired James Gunn. They fired him because "his values don't allign with ours." His values have never alligned with Disney's. He deleted the tweets, sure. But his filmography has always been there. It's frustrating that the camel's back is broken now. Gunn might be fired, but in my mind Disney is the real loser here. Good luck finding someone wacky enough to helm the 3rd Guardians film. Your best hope is to throw shit tons of money at Taika Watiti.

Andrew : I made sure to watch this real fast before youtube pulled it.

Goodvillain 101 : James Gunn may have gone too far in a few places

Peanut Turner : Or "hey, let's get that Tromeo & Juliet guy!"..... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Hooked on Phoenix : Disney doesn't need your help. They've already taken on Roman Polanski to head up the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' series. His well known filmography and work in society speak for themselves!

REAL EYES OPEN : I clapped when I saw Mike and Jay! I did, I did!

Turbo Button : More like James Gone.

TKinfinity : Was James Gunn confirmed for Smash?

TheKnightBlade4 : Looks like Disney is a Gunn free zone.

J.D.1989 : Is Red Letter Media replacing James Gunn?

Big Ronnie : I'm arcing ropes of anticipation for the Mr. Plinkett Last Jedi review

COUNT THE MOON : Welcome to the age of hypocrisy, where everyone is a saint until someone scrolls through their twitter feed. I think it’s time to push the reset button on this whole internet thing, this shit is getting out of hand.

Nicholas Silva : James Gunn is Defeatable

Luke Clements : Is Kathleen Kennedy still employed?

MonkeyspankO : The first one was awesome, the second pretty good...now, we have an excuse for the 3rd one to suck!

Skeptic Film Buff : I was thinking of this exact quote when James Gunn got fired

JasonisnotaRobot : They arent reviewers, they're prophets.

Evelina : Wait til someone at Disney finds some old magazine and realizes that Robert Downey Jr. was sentenced to 3 years in jail for multiple drug and gun possession charges. If a shitty joke was enough to fire James Gunn, actual prison time will cancel the entire MCU.

Frat Daddy and Bjorn : Rip James Gunn gone but not forgotten

TommyTwo Tone : Why didn't he delete the tweets after his 2012 mea culpa?

Thomas Cortado : Who is this guy who looks like Captain America action figure?

SpaceJockey : James Gunn? More like James' gone..